Gabriela McBride Is The New American Girl Doll of the Year for 2017

Gabriela McBride American Girl Doll
Mattel / American Girl
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    Gabriela McBride Is the New American Girl Doll of the Year for 2017

    Gabriela McBride New American Girl Doll of the Year
    American Girl / Mattel

    American Girl Dolls are popular 18 inch dolls that children love to collect, play and interact with.  American Girl Dolls of the Year feature a modern day girl with a unique talent, who will also overcome a challenge or obstacle. Gabriela McBride is the American Girl Doll of the Year for 2017.

    Gabriela is a creative dancer with a love for poetry, but is unable to speak her thoughts clearly due to a stutter. All American Girl dolls arrive with a chapter book that tells their personal story....MORE Gabriela's story, like many other stories that feature American Girl dolls, will inspire young children to persevere in order to build confidence and achieve success. 

    American Girl Dolls of the Year in the past have included Lea Clark, and Grace Thomas.



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    Gabriela McBride American Girl Doll Toys and Accessories

    Gabriela McBride American Girl Doll Creative Studio
    Mattel / American Girl

    Young children will connect with Gabriela McBride's talents as a dancer and creative young girl. Aside from reading about Gabriela in books, girls also enjoy collecting the doll, new outfits and many other special clothing and toy accessories.

    Gabriela's accessories include dancing outfits, a barre to practice her dance moves, as well as pretend headphones and a microphone for speaking and reciting poetry and songs. 

    Children who collect American Girl dolls not only like to dress up their...MORE dolls, but many like to wear matching clothes and pajamas. The toys and outfits featured in the stores and catalogs are not the only American Girl doll toys. 

    Children who like to build with hands-on toys may like the American Girl themed construction toy sets from Mattel.  These construction toys feature all of the Doll of the Year girls, from past and present, with their individual accessories, like horse stables, pastry carts, and dollhouses.

    Kids that like to craft and design jewelry or decorations may also like one of the many American Girl arts and crafts sets. 

    Both American girl construction toys and American Girl craft kits are available on Amazon.




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    Gabriela McBride Encourages Kids to Read

    Gabriela McBride American Girl Doll
    Mattel / American Girl

    The American Girl chapter books not only tell the story of the character, but they encourage girls to learn about different personality traits like perseverance and how to make an impact in their own community. The stories revolve around modern day issues and events. The books featuring Gabriela McBride are written by author Teresa E. Harris. 

    Girls who enjoy learning about history may also like collecting American Girl Dolls that are part of the BeForever historical line.  American Girl dolls...MORE can be purchased online, phoning into the catalog, or in an American Girl retail store. For those willing to wait a few months after the  January 2017 release of the doll, Gabriela American Girl dolls will also be available at Toys "R" Us stores.

    Unlike other American Girl Dolls of the Year who are only available for purchase throughout that particular year, or until supplies last, Gabriela will be available through 2017 and into the indefinite future.

    In addition to the chapter books that are available, American Girl, in partnership with Scholastic, has created the Express Yourself curriculum. Children, both boys and girls in the 3rd-5th grade, will be encouraged to use poetry as a means of self-expression. The tools will be available for free online at


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    Kids Love Visiting American Girl Stores

    American Girl

    For girls looking to experience more activities with their dolls, it is fun to visit the American Girl Retail store in their area. In the store, girls can see all of the dolls available, as well as toys, accessories and new outfits. Many children like getting their dolls ears pierced and their hair styled. Store locations also offer restaurant for meals or to sip tea.

    Around the release of a new doll, there are many fun events that occur in stores, too. The stores may feature giveaways, crafts,...MORE coloring activities, and photo opportunities. Families should check with a local retail location for events and more details.  

    For families who do not live near a location, there are games available to play online, as well as videos to watch and activities on