Tools of the Trade: Fun Gadgets from the Cross Stitching World

Fun Gadgets for Your Next Cross Stitch Project

There are so many reasons to cross stitch. It is relaxing, you create beautiful pieces of art, and it is just fun! We all know the tools of the trade: a needle, floss and fabric, but did you know that there is so much more out there? So many fun baubles to add to our collection of tools. Below is a sampling of some tools that you might need to have for your next project.  

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    Stitchery Tape

      After you finish stitching your amazing piece of work, you will want to frame it. It can be very frustrating trying to frame fabric. It will get bunched up in the frame. Stitchery Tape is a double sided that that allows you to mount your project onto core board. The great thing about this tape is that it will not bleed or wear onto the fabric. You do need to take care of the tape by preserving it in a plastic container or ziploc so it doesn't dry out. You can iron your project with this...MORE tape on the back but do not overheat it. You can purchase it HERE. 

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    Bright and Shiny

     Are gold needles really better? It is said that they glide through fabric better, that they don't tarnish and are great for people with allergies to metal. Gold needles are more expensive than the average needle but people that use them swear by them. They refuse to use anything else. The needle is also resistant to humidity, oil and rust. So, while they are more expensive up front, they will last longer than your average needle and save you money and time. Even though the needles have gold...MORE in them (or on them) they will not bend easily and hold up well. You can find these needles at most craft and fabric stores. You can even find them at Amazon. 

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    Tiger by the Tail

     Do you know what is hard to get exactly right? A blanket stitch. No matter how much you try, it is always slightly off. Either too wide or too tall. Thank heavens for Tiger Tape. This stuff is great and will give you the perfect blanket stitch every time. It comes in a roll and you simply put it onto your fabric and stitch. You do have to be careful of the "glue" on the tape so it doesn't mess up your stitching or the needle. You can see the different types of Tiger Tape on the...MORE their website. 

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    Drawn to You

     Does this happen to you? You misplace your cross stitch pattern because you don't have it secured anywhere. Or maybe you have it next to you but stitching and looking down at the pattern is a bit time consuming.You can solve that problem with a Big Magnetic Board. This board is perfect for setting up and keeping track of your pattern. When you are not using it, it folds up to store out of the way. Keep the board right in front of you for easy access while you stitch. Now you will never lose...MORE your cross stitch pattern and everything will be nice and neat. There are many variations of this idea. Check out a common variety here. 

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    Revamp Your Project

     As a collector and restorer of vintage patterns and pieces this next product is the essential tool to have in my arsenal. Restoration is the perfect restorer/detergent for vintage linens. It is chlorine free and safe for almost any fabric. While it is gentle, it will take out almost any stain or yellowing from your vintage needlework. A little goes a long way so a 2 pound jar will last you some time. You can purchase it at fabric stores and at antique stores. It is in stock here. 

While you might not need all of these fun gadgets, they are definitely worth checking out. From gold needles to mounting tape to restoring vintage projects, these tools will make your cross stitch experience a bit easier and a lot more fun.