10 Inspirational Red and Pink Houses

Salmon-pink is a common color on the Art Deco apartments of South Miami Beach, Florida

Dennis K. Johnson / Getty Images

Here's a selection of homes with pink and red exteriors that showcase how to best use these lovely colors.

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    Will Pink Be the Dominant Color?

    Ornate porch detail in white, white shutters, pink house siding

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    A house painted pink can seem feminine and playful, but darken the color and the pink becomes a dramatic shade of rose or coral. Add a touch of yellow, and the pink will turn a sunny shade of salmon or peach.

    Pink colors are often paired with white, but off-whites, pale yellows, dusty greens, grays, and fawn colors can also work well with pink. The pictures in this gallery suggest ways you can use pink colors in your house painting project.

    The Eastlake Victorian houses in communities such as Cape May, New Jersey point out that a home's siding is not always the most important surface. In the house shown here, the pink color of the siding is nearly lost by the shutters and the ornate porch painted white.

    When choosing a paint color, first think about what style your house is.

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    What Is the Contrasting Color to Pink Siding?

    Pink bungalow with blue shutters in Delray Beach, Florida

    The Spruce / Jackie Craven

    This bright pink bungalow with dusty blue shutters might be out of place in New England, but it fits right into the Florida landscape. The flowering vegetation subdues the vibrant pink, as a covering of white snow might not.

    Think of your house in all seasons. What will your rose-colored house look like in an environment you cannot control? What color siding would create harmony between your house and the landscape?

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    Shocking Pink Bungalow

    A Large Stone Chimney Is the Dominant Feature on This Rose-Colored Bungalow

    The Spruce / Jackie Craven

    Although not a traditional color for Craftsman-style houses, the shocking pink siding on this quaint bungalow is an interesting contrast to the traditionally massive stonework in this Arts and Crafts house.

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    Pink and White Cottage

    Queen Anne cottage in Jackson, New Hampshire

    The Spruce / Jackie Craven

    You wouldn't want to paint a large house pink, but the cotton candy color gives fairy tale charm to this cozy Queen Anne cottage in Jackson, New Hampshire.

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    Salmon-Colored Stucco

    Salmon-pink is a common color on the Art Deco apartments of South Miami Beach, Florida

    Dennis K. Johnson / Getty Images

    The art deco homes and apartment houses of Miami Beach, Florida display every shade of rose colors, from pastel pinks and oranges to vibrant corals and reds.

    A tangerine stripe along an eave may add zing to a Mediterranean-style bungalow in South Beach. Coral-painted stucco may harmonize with a clay roof.

    Before you begin your exterior house painting project, think about the artist's color wheel and contrasting colors—and take a trip to Miami Beach.

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    Historic Bankers Row

    Salmon-colored estate on Bankers Row in Delray Beach, Florida

    The Spruce / Jackie Craven

    Regal salmon stucco siding on this Neo-Mediterranean home suggests a sandy beach for the busy professionals who have little time to enjoy the ocean within reach of this Florida resort town. This 1920s-era dwelling is on what they call "Bankers Row" in Delray Beach, is a historic neighborhood built up by Americans of new wealth and status.

    Behind the masonry walls of 234 First Avenue is an elegant home of wood construction and stucco siding. This combination is generally problematic in southern beach communities such as Delray Beach, Florida, but no matter. It is Bankers Row.

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    Coral Colored Stucco

    Coral Colored Stucco on large, Victorian house

    The Spruce / Jackie Craven

    Coral reefs come in many shapes and colors, from pinks to oranges. Coral colors are usually associated with tropical or southwestern architecture, but this Victorian home is in the snowy North.

    Subtle shades of coral and cream accent the details on this large home without becoming overbearing. Note the contrasting accents along the eaves and within the porch pediment—different shades of coral will make a lady out of any old Victorian home!

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    Historic Rose Color in Salem, Massachusetts

    Large, two-story, pink-hued house in Salem, Massachusetts

    The Spruce / Jackie Craven

    This particular shade of a vibrant rose is found throughout New England, including on this large home in downtown Salem, Massachusetts. With the surrounding fence painted the same color as the house, you would think that this hue would overtake the whole town, but it doesn't. Even without contrasting shutters and with modern storm windows, this rose-colored house is a breathtaking shade against the blue sky.

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    Deep Rose With Contrasting Gable

    Red-colored siding with grey-shake gable and white trim

    J.Castro / Getty Images

    Many people choose white for trim, windows, and the front porch when a rich red colors the wooden siding. Fewer people choose a different siding altogether for a front gable.

    Upon further examination of this house's facade, it appears that the porch and gable are additions. The second story large window in the front is not placed symmetrically—it's too close to the porch roof on the bottom and the gable at its top. You can easily visualize this home as a more simple box, without the porch and perhaps with two shed dormers instead of a gable.

    Carefully observe how an old house may be put together. By looking at how your house may have been constructed, you can more easily make non-traditional choices for exterior paint and siding combinations.

    On second thought, if there's a green house down the street, you end up being unique just like everyone else!

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    White Trim Color

    Two-story red house with white porch and trim

    J.Castro / Getty Images

    White trim is the traditional contrast used with a barn-red house—or barn! Are there any other colors that might complement this shade?

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    Follow the Sun When Choosing Colors

    Deep pink house in bright sun and shade

    J.Castro / Getty Images

    Color exists because of light. Why, then, do we ignore the sun when we choose our house paint colors? Reds and pinks will express themselves differently as the sun shifts its light from full-on to slightly shaded. Can your house take the changes?

    For this house, the siding color is also used for the dormers and the siding strip where the garage attaches to the house—just enough color next to the massive roof to give an interesting look to this home.

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    Coral-Colored Bungalow

    Coral-colored bungalow in Delray Beach, Florida

    The Spruce / Jackie Craven

    "There are hundreds of coral species found in the world’s oceans," writes Marine Life Expert Jennifer Kennedy on Coral Reefs. Perhaps this is the reasoning behind the many shades of coral produced by paint manufacturers.

    The pink Mediterranean bungalow shown here is part of the Marina Historic District of Delray Beach, Florida. Developed during Florida's building boom in the 1920s and 1930s, these houses are well-kept examples of times past. The striped front awning gives the house an inviting charm.