38 Inspired Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Decorated bedroom with floral wallpaper, black and wood nightstand and wood bed frame with white linens

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Your bedroom is your refuge, and should be your favorite room in the house. A place to rejuvenate and relax, it's important to create an oasis that creates a sense of calm after a hard day. Whether you're starting from scratch or investing in a few key pieces to give your space a mini makeover, here are some tips to help you create the perfect bedroom.

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    Go Bold With Wallpaper

    abstract wallpaper in a bedroom

    Gray Space Interior Design

    Looking for a place to experiment with bold wallpaper? This stunning room from Gray Space Interior Design proves that the bedroom is the perfect place for statement-making wallpaper. The abstract design doesn't overpower the room and proves that a neutral palette doesn't have to be boring.

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    Add Some Southwestern Charm

    Rustic southwestern bedroom

    oak.hillfarm / Instagram

    We love this southwestern-style bedroom from oak.hillfarm because it's a little unexpected, but also vibrant and bold. With the cowhide rug and steer skull wall art, this bedroom provides endless visual interest. 

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    Add Loads of Texture

    boho textured bedroom

    Black & Blooms

    One of the easiest ways to create a bedroom you can't wait to come home to every night? Add texture. This bedroom from Black & Blooms is filled with textures on and off the bed that give it a comfortable, cozy aura. Invest in throws, pillows, and linens you truly love to give your bedroom a welcoming feel. 

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    Try a Muted Palette

    Bedroom with gray bedding

    thehiredhome / Instagram

    When it comes to creating a color palette for your bedroom, muted, tranquil paint colors are often best. This bedroom from thehiredhome relies on soft neutrals and muted deeper shades to create a peaceful, calming mood. While bold colors can work in a bedroom, softer hues are ideal for designing a tranquil space. 

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    Don't Be Afraid to Go Dark

    bedroom with black paint

    D Burns Interiors

    This high-rise luxury bedroom from D Burns Interiors gives off major classic themes. Charcoal gray paint can add visual depth to a room while imparting a soothing, sleep-friendly feel.

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    Try a Barn Door

    Bedroom with a sliding barn door

    concretecottage / Instagram

    Want to update those old closet doors? Consider a barn door like this one from concretecottage instead of traditional sliding or folding doors. Not only will a barn door take up less space than a standard door, but it also doubles as decor as well.

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    Monochrome and White

    All white bedroom

    redwhiteanddenim / Instagram

    Can't decide on a color palette to outfit your room in? The all-white monochrome palette seen in this bedroom from redwhiteanddenim is fresh, bright and great for rooms of any size. To keep the space from feeling sterile, add various shades of white and cozy, soft textures. 

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    Use Art Behind the Bed

    artwork behind the bed

    Cathie Hong

    If you always save those beautiful fine art prints for the living or dining room, consider your bedroom instead. This lovely neutral bedroom from Cathie Hong features an abstract piece behind the bed that not only add visual interest but help to tie the rest of the room together. 

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    Add Shelving

    Bedroom with green paint

    restoringlansdowne / Instagram

    A great bedroom has adequate storage both for necessities and a few accessories to help the space feel finished. The adorable shelf in this bedroom from restoringlansdowne is a great addition when you need a little space for knick-knacks. It's the perfect ledge for leaning a few pieces of art or storing your phone overnight.  

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    Find the Perfect Vanity

    Bedroom with tree wallpaper

    bambetleblog / Instagram

    When it comes to picking out furniture for your bedroom, look for pieces that can do double-duty, like this vanity desk from bambetleblog. Not only does this lovely vintage piece work for getting ready in the morning, but it also functions just as well as a desk. 

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    Use Lights to Create Ambiance

    Bedroom with cafe light s

    tatiana_home_decor / Instagram

    No matter how old you are, there's just something about twinkle lights that create a soothing touch. This lovely bedroom from tatiana_home_decor is simple, but the string of lights adds a soft glow that's perfect for reading in bed.

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    Decorate (or Add!) a Fireplace

    Bedroom with a fireplace

    Instagram / lemonleafhomeinteriors

    If you're lucky enough to have a mantle or a fireplace in your bedroom, like in this space from lemonleafhomeinteriors, make it the focal point of the room. If lighting fires isn't your thing, fill it with candles or old books to create a warm touch. 

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    Add a Bedroom Fireplace

    Bedroom with fireplace mantle

    Instagram / coletteslittlehome

    Don't have a built-in fireplace in your bedroom? Fake the look with a vintage fireplace mantle, like this one from coletteslittlehome. It may not help keep your room warm, but a decorative fireplace acts as a centerpiece in your bedroom and helps frame the rest of the space. 

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    Add Fresh Flowers

    Bedroom with fresh flowers

    Instagram / byidaryding

    Any interior designer will tell you that adding fresh flowers to a home is an easy way to make it feel complete. This lovely space from byidaryding features a bouquet of orange blossoms on the nightstand that adds a pop of color and makes the room feel lively.  

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    Pick a Base Color

    Bedroom with green velvet bed

    Instagram / motifstudio.design

    One of the easiest ways to decorate any room is by starting with a single base color and decorating around that shade. This bedroom from motifstudio.design focuses on a deep hunter green and weaves the hue throughout the space, giving it a cohesive and purposeful feel. 

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    Ditch the Headboard

    Bed with macrame behind it

    Instagram / motherhoodismymuse

    Who needs a headboard? Consider nixing the headboard and opting for a wall hanging instead, as seen in this space from motherhoodismymuse. A shelf, wallpaper, or even a window (with good insulation!) can all work perfectly well behind a bed instead of a traditional headboard. 

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    Eclectic Style

    Eclectic bedroom

    Instagram / naptimestyle

    There's just something so welcoming and laid back about a bedroom like this one from naptimestyle. If a perfectly styled bedroom isn't your cup of tea, opt for a messier, purposely unmatched look. While creative style is all about combing different looks, opt for pieces that work well together to keep your room from feeling overly busy. 

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    Add Shiplap

    Bedroom with shiplap wall

    Instagram / prettyinthepines

    Shiplap is a great way to add a little bit of visual interest to your room without a lot of decor. This rustic bedroom from prettyinthepines features a wall of gray shiplap that helps elevate the space while still keeping it simple and neutral. 

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    Take Advantage of Your Home's Quirks

    Bedroom with wallpaper

    Instagram / chrislovesjulia

    Stuck with a wall that juts out or a lower ceiling? Make the best of your room's little details, as demonstrated by this bedroom from chrislovesjulia. Instead of working against the room's quirks, this home decorator covered the pitched ceiling in wallpaper to make it stand out even more.

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    Mix Up Patterns

    Bedrooms with different patterns
    Ward 5 Design

    Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns. This lovely space from Ward 5 Design proves that when done correctly, conflicting patterns can play well together and give the space a designer feel. 

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    Create a Gallery Wall

    Gallery wall on a blue painted wall

    Instagram / almost_everything_off_ebay

    Don't save all your art for for the living room. Fill up empty wall space behind a dresser or even the bed with a beautiful gallery wall like this one from almost_everything_off_ebay

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    Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

    Farmhouse bedroom

    Instagram / somutschlove

    This bedroom from somutschlove is the perfect inspiration to embrace the modern farmhouse look. Add unexpected rustic touches by hanging vintage windows or using old shutters as decor. 

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    Light and Airy

    Bedroom with a wicker headboard

    Instagram / my.burleigh.reno

    We love this pink and blush color palette from my.burleigh.reno. Not only does it feel fresh and bright, but it gives the space a hint of color while still providing a neutral touch. 

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    Embrace Your Inner Child

    Bed with canopy

    Instagram / luluandgeorgia

    Canopy beds are no longer just for kids. This modern four-post bed from luluandgeorgia proves that the look can feel sophisticated and adult. We won't judge if you still watch Netflix from a bed fort, though.

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    Consider a Coastal Theme

    Coastal themed bedroom

    Instagram / lagniappedes

    A coastal, beachy decor theme like this from lagniappedes is perfect for the bedroom. What's more restful than imagining yourself at the beach every morning? 

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    Add a Speaker

    Bedroom with leafy wallpaper

    Instagram / _awkward_peach

    We all know watching TV before bed is bad for sleep, so swap out that late-night binging for calming music instead. We love this retro speaker from awkward_peach, which not only creates ambiance in the bedroom, but also acts as nightstand decor as well. 

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    Find the Perfect Bedroom Chair

    Bedroom with side chairs

    Instagram / thatcutecabin

    Whether you use it for reading or storing dirty laundry, a chair in the bedroom is a must-have. We love the wicker side chairs in this bedroom from thatcutecabin because they are sleek and neutral enough to work with any decor style. 

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    Think Outside the Box

    Bedroom with a door as a headboard

    Instagram / redesignedwithlove

    Looking to do something a little unexpected with your bedroom decor? This fun bedroom from redesignedwithlove uses an old door in place of a headboard. 

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    Add Candles

    Bedroom with lights

    Instagram / homestylepassion

    Candles are a great way to add a soft glow to your bedroom, but if you're scared of falling asleep with the flame on, consider the battery-powered version, like the ones in this room from homestylepassion.

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    Try a Pendant Light

    Bedroom with a wicker lamp shade

    Instagram / zuhausebeitallmar

    Swap out that old ceiling light for something a little more interesting. A pendant light, like this one from zuhausebeitallmar, will help your room feel finished and professional without a lot of effort. 

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    Industrial Style Bedroom

    Industrial style bedroom

    Instagram / the_hen_homestead

    This industrial-inspired bedroom from the_hen_homestead is the perfect inspiration for anyone who loves a more modern look. 

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    Build Your Own Daybed

    Daybed with build ins

    Instagram / alessamalpica

    A daybed like this one from alessamalpica is perfect for smaller bedrooms or guest rooms because it can double as seating and can even provide its own storage. 

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    Weave a Headboard

    Bed with a woven leather headboard

    Instagram / dashlifestyles

    It's hard to believe this stunning headboard from dashlifestyles is DIY'd, but it is. A simple DIY headboard is an easy way to turn a boring bedroom into a room that feels intentional and complete. 

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    Embrace Hygge

    Bedroom with light colors and wooden furniture
    Instagram / hemmainteriors_com

    If there's any room where the Scandinavian idea of "hygge" works best, it's in the bedroom. Embrace this look by focusing on simple, minimalist design.  

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    A Cozy, Small Bedroom

    Cozy bedroom

    The Grit and Polish

    Short on space? This cozy and cute bedroom from ​The Grit and Polish proves that size doesn't matter when it comes to creating the perfect bedroom space. If you're lacking in square footage, focus on light colors and keep clutter to a minimum. 

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    Add a Hanging Chair

    Bedroom with hanging chair

    KJ Design Mortar and Styling 

    Not only will a hanging chair make a big statement in your bedroom, but it's just so fun to swing indoors. This wonderful bedroom from KJ Design Mortar and Styling is lovely all around, but it's the hanging swing that really sets it apart. 

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    Add in Greenery

    White bedroom with potted plants

    Leaf and Lolo

    Styling your bedroom with plants is one of the easiest ways to help boost your mood in the morning and create a livelier space. This lovely bedroom from Leaf and Lolo features a handful of living plants sprinkled throughout the room—but if you don't have adequate light, faux will do just fine. 

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    Add a Pop of Color

    Neutral bedroom with colorful headboard

    House of Harvee

    If muted colors aren't for you, you'll love this bold bedroom from House of Harvee. The emerald green velvet headboard and the light pink bed linens create a contrasting palette that really draws the eye in.