100 Dream Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Tips

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    Gallery of Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    Your bedroom is your refuge, the most private and personal space in your home. When it comes to decorating that space, each choice should make you feel truly at ease. But because the decorating world is a large one, making those choices can get a little overwhelming. Here are 100 rooms to provide inspiration in choosing just the right style, colors and accessories for the bedroom of your dreams.

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    Ways with Pattern: Go Bold

    Orange, pink and gold bedroom with harlequin wallpaper.
    Neil Setchfield/Getty Images

    Strong color and bold pattern? Sure, why not? Just stick to a limited palette (here it's orange, gold and pink, but you could use any two or three of your favorite colors) and an equally limited range of patterns. This room shows off harlequin wallpaper with similarly shaped patterns on the throw pillows, chair and bench. A transparent headboard adds style without blocking the view.

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    Color Your World: High Contrast

    Turquoise, orange, black and white bedroom.
    Hero Images/Getty Images

    Don't be afraid to decorate with a strong, contrasting color scheme. You can keep the look under control by sticking to neutrals on the floor and walls. This bedroom sports bright orange and turquoise, but even with the strong statement of the black-and-white checked bed, the room is balanced by the taupe and white on the walls and floors. A spectacular ceiling fixture takes bedroom style even further.

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    Bedroom Walls: DIY Honeycomb Accent Wall

    This amazing ombre honeycomb wall from Vintage Revivals is a fantastic project not just for a little girl's room as shown here, but for any bedroom, depending on the colors you choose. Picture gray, blue or brown in a master bedroom, or earth tones in a guest room. Whatever color scheme you choose, the secret to this great design is in laying out the wooden honeycomb pattern before picking up your paintbrush. Learn more about the process on the Vintage Revivals blog. Big pompoms are a fun touch on the blanket.

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    Headboard Alternative: Gallery Wall

    Bedroom with gallery wall.
    Melanie Acevedo/Getty Images

    Who said a traditional headboard is the only option for the bedroom? Instead, consider a gallery wall composed of your favorite photos, paintings, children’s artwork, or even fabric scraps. Plan your gallery wall on paper before picking up the hammer.

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    Color Your World: Bright Red Walls

    Bedroom with bright red walls.
    Abode/Getty Images

    A bedroom full of traditional furniture can be a snooze... but not if you light up the walls with a bright color. The secret to keeping the look under control is to stick with large stretches of white or another light neutral on the ceiling, bedding and floors.

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    Furniture Ideas: Repurposed Nightstand

    Old suitcases as nightstands
    Andreas von Einsiedel/Getty Images

    Instead of the expected, why not forego a traditional nightstand and repurpose something else in its place? There are many possibilities: old suitcases (as shown here), antique chair, bass drum, wooden barrel, small ladder, a ceramic garden stool. Check out the local Goodwill for inexpensive possibilities. The only limits are your imagination.

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    It's the Little Things: Warm Up the Floor

    Gray and red bedroom with fur rug.
    Hero Images/Getty Images

    Give your bare feet a treat on those cold winter mornings with a thick, faux fur area rug. It's an easy way to pamper yourself while adding a hefty dose of interesting texture to your room. A quirky throw pillow is an easy way to add decorating personality.

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    Tips & Tricks: Area Rugs

    Beautiful bedroom with area rug and chandelier.
    Craig Washburn/Getty Images

    When choosing an area rug for a small bedroom, look for a rug large enough to fit your entire bed plus nightstands, with at least a foot of the rug extending out in each direction. An Oriental rug is classic enough to complement any style.

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    Make Your Bed: Get Cozy

    Cozy bed with sweater throw blankets.
    Hero Images/Getty Images

    It's hard to beat the appeal of a cozy, comfortable bed on a cold winter night. Make yours the ultimate retreat with plenty of snuggly throw pillows in a variety of textures. Add extra warmth with at least one or two thick knit pillows, and then finish the scene with a nubby toss blanket to warm your feet. Soft neutrals feel warm and wintery.

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    Tips & Tricks: Chandeliers

    Chandelier in bedroom
    Fernando Bengoechea/Getty Images

    Looking for an immediate touch of Hollywood glamour for your bedroom? Then hang a small chandelier over your bed. Whether it’s a traditional design, like the one shown here, or a more contemporary style, the result is the same – pure glamour. If you don't like gold, use black spray paint to give your chandelier a contemporary edge.

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    It's the Little Things: Grow Green

    Neutral bedroom with houseplants.
    Dana Hoff/Fuse/Getty Images

    Every bedroom deserves at least one houseplant. Not only do plants help purify the air, they also lend a tranquil, fresh vibe to the room. There are many houseplants that are easy to grow, so even if you have a brown thumb, you're sure to find success. Make sure to open your curtains each day so your plants get enough light.

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    Ways with Pattern: The Perfect Mix

    Colorful throw pillows
    Fotosearch/Getty Images

    Are you wondering how to mix and match patterns through your throw pillows? It's easy to create a harmonious blend of patterns: just make sure that at least one or two colors are the same on each pillow. As long as you follow that general guideline, you can mix patterns to your heart's content. Along with a variety of patterns, choose throw pillows with different trims and embellishments.

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    Decorating Style: Coastal

    Wicker bed in coastal bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

    Ah, the coast. You don't need to live near the ocean to love it. There's so much to recommend about the coastal decorating style: it's casual, versatile and oh-so-welcoming. Along with the blue and white palette, seaside or ocean motifs, and weathered wood surfaces, you'll frequently find wicker in the coastal bedroom. The Sorrento seagrass bed from Williams-Sonoma shown here is a wonderful example.

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    Furniture Ideas: Update with a Stencil

    Stenciled country nightstand.
    Eric Hernandez/Getty Images

    Do you have a dresser, nightstand or headboard that's serviceable but ho-hum? No need to replace it -- just head to your local craft store (or specialty website) and choose a simple stencil that complements your bedroom's theme. Lift off the stencil before the paint is entirely dry to avoid damaging the finish. Stenciling isn't difficult and takes far less time than repainting the entire piece. Voila, your furniture has a whole new look!

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    Color Your World: Coastal Palette

    Decorating with a coastal theme is a classic look, even for those who live far away from the ocean. Blue and white is the typical coastal palette, although you'll sometimes find sea glass green in place of blue. While red is the accent color most often used with this decorating style, orange and yellow also work well. Starfish and seashells are an easy way to add a touch of the coast.

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    Decorating Style: French Country

    French country is an enduring decorating theme, and for good reason. It’s casual, but still elegant. It’s colorful, but not brash. It has an ageless warmth, but isn’t cloying or dramatic. The gorgeous bedroom shown here, designed by Tucker & Marks Interiors, highlights all the essentials of this beautiful style: a warm palette leaning towards gold and cream, plenty of cozy fabric and texture, a variety of patterns, distressed wood, comfortable fabrics, and most of all, a heart for country living, wherever that country may be. 

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    It's the Little Things: Fun Accessories

    Rustic bedroom with leopard.
    John Warburton-Lee/Getty Images

    Decorative accessories play the same function in the interior design world as jewelry does in the fashion world; they add a finishing touch of personality, style, or color to the room. They are also the best way to infuse a little whimsy or fun into your décor; after all, your bedroom is your space to shine. The unexpected whimsy of the leopard figurine adds a big dose of style and personality to this room.

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    Make Your Bed: Statement Headboard

    Yellow, gray and white bedroom.
    Hero Images/Getty Images

    Want to add a shot of strong pattern to your room, but fear going overboard or ending up with a bedroom that’s too stimulating? Then limit the pattern to your headboard. A bold design at the head of the bed, balanced by solid bedding, creates a touch of drama without sacrificing serenity. A palette of yellow, gray, and white hits the sweet spot every time.

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    Color Your World: Red, White and Blue

    Fiery red is cooled by blue, while white balances the palette beautifully. Sure, it has patriotic flair, but the biggest reason red, white and blue is a decorating classic is that the three colors look so good together. While the trio is a classic country color scheme, it also works well with other themes, including coastal, Scandinavian and even contemporary design.

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    Decorating Style: Rustic

    Rustic bedroom

    Casual, warm, welcoming, and with a sense of history: that's the rustic vibe. Defined by weathered wood, rough-hewn surfaces, and an overall appearance of imperfection, the rustic look might be as extensive as your entire furniture set, or just a few accents throughout the room. However far you choose to take it, it's a great way to bring easy style to your bedroom. You can even make your own rustic decor with twigs, shells or other natural elements.

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    Tips & Tricks: Light it Right

    Even the cutest bedroom furniture and bedding lose some shine if illuminated only by a boring ceiling fixture. One of the quickest ways to bring your room out of the doldrums and into the 21st century is with a brand new light fixture. Choose an interesting pendant, a small chandelier, or a semi-flush drum shade for the most current look.

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    Furniture Ideas: DIY Coastal Headboard

    If you're looking for a unique way to spice up a coastal decorating theme, consider this whimsical DIY solution. Simply screw a selection of old oars to a board the same width as your mattress (the board is hidden behind the oars), and then attach the board to your wall with strong screws, positioning it so the oars stick up above your bed. Make sure to screw the headboard into wall studs for sturdiness.

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    Color Your World: Glamorous Black Walls

    Glamorous bedroom with black walls.
    The International Photo Co./Getty Images

    If you think black walls have to give a room the appearance of a cave, then take a look at the room shown here. Black walls can be very glamorous if you mix them with soft textures and light colors on the bedding and furniture. Keep the ceiling white when the walls are black. A white contemporary chandelier adds further style to the space, while chasing away any remaining shadows. Elegantly glamorous.

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    Decorating Style: Vintage

    "Vintage" is generally defined as being more than 25 years old, but less than 100 (that would be an antique) and also typical of the time period in which it was made. But when used to describe a decorating style, vintage generally refers to furnishings and accessories from the 1940s and 1950s. You can decorate your entire bedroom with vintage finds, or just mix a piece or two with more contemporary furnishings. An ornate wrought iron bed from the 1940s is a classic vintage find.

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    Color Your World: Analogous Color Schemes

    Blue, green and purple bedroom.
    Mint & Pistachio Home

    If you love colorful rooms, but fear you don’t have the knack for mixing colors yourself, try an analogous color scheme. Analogous colors are those that sit right next to each other on the color wheel, so purple, blue and green, as shown in this delightful room from Mint & Pistachio are analogous, as are red, orange and yellow. You can take it deeper by using intermediary hues as well, for example, light green, green and light blue. Depending on the colors you choose, an analogous color scheme can be bright, dark, subdued or even pastel.

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    Color Your World: Purple

    Purple might often be used in young girls' rooms, but that certainly doesn't mean it isn't just as suited to the master bedroom. The trick is in selecting the right shade of purple: moody, dark or slightly dusky shades of purple look mature and sophisticated, while pastel, bright or pure tones of purple tend to work best in a child's room. Keep a purple decorating scheme sophisticated with touches of black.

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    Bedroom Walls: Stencils

    If plain paint doesn’t excite you, but you don’t want to commit to wallpaper, another option is stenciling a design right onto your walls. With nearly endless choices of stencils available, you can create just about any pattern or design you can imagine. The contemporary bedroom shown here is from A Vintage Vine, and the stencil used is from Cutting Edge Stencils. Choose a stencil that only requires one color for the best results.

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    Tips &Tricks: Metallics

    The sparkle and shine of metallic accents bring so much to a room, but the trick is to use them in small doses; otherwise, your bedroom could slide over the line from tasteful to tacky. The gorgeous white bedroom from Jacquelyn Clark of Lark & Linen shown here gets metallics right: a silver-mirrored bedside table, silver sequins on the bedspread and silver-framed mirror leaning against the wall are just enough. So pretty.

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    Decorating Style: Contemporary Country

    Updated country bedroom with canopy bed.

    Forget about cutesy geese, mauve and blue, and ruffled curtains; today's country is far more sophisticated than the 1980s version, yet hasn't lost a bit of the casual, easy style that makes the look a classic in any decade. In country 2.0, you'll still find distressed finishes and soft color, but you'll also find gray, geometric patterns, clean and simple lines and an overall lack of fuss and clutter.

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    It's the Little Things: Artwork

    When choosing artwork for your bedroom, go with what you love, not with what’s expected or “normal” for the space. For example, many people would say the colorful painting of the father and daughter in their garden shown here is best suited to the dining or living room. But as the only unbreakable law in interior decorating is, “Do what you love,” feel free to decorate your bedroom with artwork that makes you happy, regardless of what others might think. Pompoms are a fun touch of texture on a comforter.

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    It's the Little Things: Flowers

    A neutral color scheme is easy, peaceful and relaxed, as this lovely winter white and tan bedroom from Home Stories A to Z proves beautifully. It doesn't take much to light up a neutral bedroom: just a pop of color from a bouquet of flowers on the nightstand is enough. And after all, you deserve flowers, right? A fuzzy rug feels so good on bare feet.

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    Decorating Style: British Colonial

    British Colonial Bedroom
    Fuse/Getty Images

    Back in Victorian times, when the English empire stretched around the world, the British Colonial decorating style was born. Those days might be gone, but the style is still a classic. A blend of traditional, dark Victorian furnishings with tropical, light touches, the look is airy and fun, yet still grounded and slightly formal. Ceiling fans, wicker, white bedding and tropical animals and plants are all hallmarks of the British Colonial style.

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    Decorating Style: Transitional

    The transitional style is somewhere between the ornate flourishes of traditional furniture and the sleek lines of more contemporary design. It’s not as formal as traditional style, but it’s not completely casual, either, making it a fantastic decorating look for anyone who likes an elegantly reserved, yet still welcoming, vibe to their bedroom. This beautiful room is by Margeaux Interiors. Lovely.

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    It's the Little Things: DIY Artwork

    There's no need to spend a fortune on artwork for your bedroom; in fact, you can often create something more wonderful than anything you might buy. Case in point: check out the creative use of fabric scraps in this room. Simply stretched over wooden frames, then hung over the bed, they add a hefty dose of color and pattern to the room, and the cost was minimal. An easy DIY for a rainy afternoon.

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    Tips & Tricks: The Peaceful Bedroom

    Soft color is the key to a peaceful bedroom. Cool colors, particularly blue, work best to create a serene vibe. Add in soft neutral tan to keep the look from getting too chilly, and the result is a room that soothes away your cares at the end of your long day. Natural materials in the window treatments and rug add to the peaceful vibe.

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    Color Your World: Soft Gray

    Once unheard of in the bedroom, now a classic, gray is the new “it” neutral. One look at the serene bedroom from Sims Hilditch shown here will show you why – gray’s temperament is peaceful and subdued, perfect for calming your mind and soothing your senses. Chase away any potential chill or gloom by working plenty of texture or pattern into the décor.

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    It's the Little Things: Your Nightstand

    Your nightstand or bedside table is both decorative and utilitarian. It’s a handy spot for your bedside lamp, a box of Kleenex, the book you’re currently reading, or your nighttime cup of water. But it’s also a great place to display a favorite photo, small collectible with sentimental value, or a houseplant. Other than those things you need on your nightstand, make sure to decorate this place of honor with things you love, as in this country rustic bedroom from For the Love of a House. Let a rustic headboard take center stage by keeping bedding simple.

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    Decorating Style: Boho

    While a boho or eclectic room might appear carefree, the best such rooms actually have a method behind the not-so-mad design. Lots of color and pattern is the hallmark of this style, but by keeping the walls white and adding at least a few solid accessories throughout the space, the look remains fun, not overwhelming. Create an easy canopy by suspending netting from the ceiling. This wonderfully bohemian bedroom was decorated by Justina Blakeney of The Jungalow.

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    Furniture Ideas: DIY Bed

    Wow! Just take a look at this fantastic bed. It looks like something right out of a high-end furniture shop, and with a price tag to match, doesn’t it? Guess again… this gorgeous bed is a DIY creation from Shanty 2 Chic. This isn’t the sort of project you’ll finish in a day, and it’s not for an absolute beginner with tools, but if you’re reasonably handy with a table saw, hammer and tape measure, why not check out the full plans on the Shanty 2 Chic blog? You might find yourself inspired to create a bed of your own. When your bed is this special, keep the rest of the space low-key.

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    Make Your Bed: Gorgeous Bedding

    Your bed is the star of your bedroom, so if you want to make a decorating splash, that’s where you need to start. A wonderfully intricate, colorful, or patterned headboard is one way to add drama to your room; another is the use of scene-stealer bedding. Or go ahead and do both, like the fantastic bed shown here. The glorious quilt is Rivulets, and the bed is called Coralie. Both are from Anthropologie. Soft greige feels both contemporary and calming.

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    Color Your World: Pastels Plus Gray

    If you've written off pastels as best suited to the nursery or children's room, you might want to think again. When mixed with gray, pastels actually can be quite sophisticated and contemporary, entirely suitable for the master bedroom. Plus, the combination adds a very tranquil vibe to the space, making it a natural for your personal sanctuary.

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    Make Your Bed: DIY Upholstered Headboard

    If you’ve been drooling over those gorgeous upholstered headboards at shops like Pottery Barn or West Elm, but the price tags shock you cold, why not go ahead and make your own? Not only will you get to choose the exact fabric you want, but it’s not as difficult as you’d think, and you’ll have the ultimate satisfaction of being able to say, “I made it myself!” Check out Sarah M. Dorsey Designs for a full tutorial.

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    Decorating Style: Romantic

    When it comes to romance in the bedroom, you don’t have to see red. In fact, soft, creamy tints of pink, winter white, gold, tan, and peach are far more romantic than harsh, bright hues. When romantic style is your goal, think soft, luxurious fabrics, touches of shine, subdued color, and of course, an appeal to all five senses. This dreamy, romantic bedroom from Rosebank Interiors gets it right on all counts.

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    Color Your World: Dark Blue

    Blue and white is one of the most popular color combos for the bedroom. Serene blue and clean white work together to soothe your mind and your soul. While lighter tints of blue are always nice, you might want to consider a dark, moody shade if you're looking for something with just a little bit of an edge. If you want to add a small shot of color, try red, pink or yellow.

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    Tips & Tricks: Attic Bedrooms

    Amanda Neilson Interiors shows off a great trick for decorating an oddly shaped room (typical of attic bedrooms); instead of trying to disguise the angles by painting the space white, play them up with a strong color on the walls and a contrasting white ceiling. Skylights work wonders to lighten and cheer a small attic bedroom. The resulting style is contemporary and intriguing – it’s enough to make you wish for your own space beneath the eaves.

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    Furniture Ideas: Exotic Four-Poster

    If you like a sense of adventure in your interior decorating, you probably enjoy adding some exotic spice to your décor, whether that flavor comes from India, Asia, Morocco or a tropical isle. But one thing is for sure: even if you never leave your hometown, the magnificence of the global-inspired bone inlay four-poster bed from Anthropologie is sure to impress. Complement your bed with a beautiful rug and embellished bedding. 

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    Tips & Tricks: Gallery Wall

    Blogger Lauren Liess shows how to do a bedroom gallery wall (or any other room in the house, for that matter) in this beautiful neutral room. The trick is to tie your artwork together in some way: here, it’s tan mats, but you could also use matching frames, a common theme to the artwork, a similar color scheme or a shared motif. Before picking up hammer and nail, however, be sure to plan your gallery wall on paper.

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    Tips & Tricks: Wall Sconces

    If your bedroom is tiny, one way to save space is to install wall sconces, instead of taking up space with a bedside lamp on a suitably sized nightstand. The Lander brass wall sconce in this bedroom is from Crate&Barrel, but you can find sconces to match any decorating theme. A chair is an excellent stand-in for a bedside table.

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    Furniture Ideas: Rustic Bed

    Modern Rustic bed from West Elm
    Photo courtesy of West E;,

    Who says rustic décor has to mean earth tones, antiques, or country-style furniture? Mix the Emmerson reclaimed wood bed from West Elm with contemporary colors, bedding and accessories, and bam! You’ve got a fresh take on the rustic theme. Pink is an unexpected color in a rustic bedroom, but so pretty.

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    Tips & Tricks: Something Special

    Fantastic metal headboard
    Andreas von Einsiedel/Getty Images

    All it really takes is one fantastic piece to set an entire room's mood and style. Here, it's the wonderful iron headboard, but a piece of artwork, unique furniture or spectacular bedding could all play the role of decorating star. A touch of colorful flowers is always a welcome touch.

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    Make Your Bed: Modern Florals

    Floral duvet cover from Pottery Barn
    Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

    While florals never really go out of fashion entirely, the styles of floral prints do follow decorating trends. Yesterday’s fussy, small-scale florals are best left to Grandma. Today, large, loose floral prints look fresh and contemporary. The Hummingbird duvet cover from Pottery Barn shown here is a perfect example of the trend. It’s the perfect botanical touch for the modern bedroom.

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    Make Your Bed: Upholstered Headboard

    Navy blue headboard.
    Photo courtesy of Wayfair

    Once primarily wood or wrought iron, today it’s upholstered headboards that have taken the decorating scene by storm. And why not? They’re comfortable for reading in bed, add a touch of luxe style and texture to the space, and with nearly endless colors and patterns to choose from, are an easy way to light up your bedroom’s flair. The striking navy blue number shown here is from Wayfair (it comes in other colors as well.)

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    Decorating Style: New Traditional

    Do you like classic design, but want to give it a fresh appearance? Then take a note from the wonderful black, white, and gold bedroom from Emily A. Clark shown here. The clean lines of the canopy bed give it contemporary flavor, as do the simple bedding, gourd bedside lamps, and bold pattern on the bench. Peaceful, sophisticated, contemporary, and yet traditional all at the same time -- perfect.

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    Make Your Bed: DIY Lighted Headboard

    Your bed needs a visual anchor to balance the large horizontal surface, and you probably could use a little extra light in your bedroom (or at least, a romantic glow when it’s time for lovin’ with your partner), so why not combine the two in a softly-lit DIY headboard created with little more than 2x4s, white string lights and a sheet of frosted plastic? As you can see in this wonderful creation from Shelterness, it’s an afternoon (or two) well spent. What a great use for leftover holiday lights.

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    Tips & Tricks: Artwork Inspiration

    If you’re struggling to decide on a color scheme for your bedroom, take a tip from Madcap Cottage and use a favorite piece of artwork for inspiration. Whether it’s an abstract, a landscape, a portrait, a still life, or even a photograph, look for a few colors in the piece that will work together throughout your room.

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    Tips & Tricks: Masculine Appeal

    Designer Kristin Jackson of Hunted Interior knows how to decorate a bedroom that appeals to men equally as much as women: for proof, take a look at the room shown here. Black walls make a strong statement, while the striped rug and chevron sham add a blast of simple pattern that livens up the space. Add in the faux fur on the blanket and retro chair, the rugged headboard with attached sconces, and the spare-yet-sufficient accessories, and you have a room that just about everyone will love.

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    Make Your Bed: Patchwork Quilt

    Patchwork quilt from pottery barn
    Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

    One sure way to mix patterns without fear of style mishaps is to choose a patchwork quilt for your bed. Whether you pick a quilt with a rainbow of color and pattern, or one with a limited palette (like the gorgeous red, gold, orange and neutral Georgia patchwork quilt from Pottery Barn shown here), the result is the same: a gorgeous blend of patterns. Set off a colorful quilt with white sheets.

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    Furniture Ideas: Midcentury Modern

    Midcentury modern bedroom set from Crate&Barrel
    Photo courtesy of Crate&Barrel

    Think of the style of furniture most popular in the 1950s and 1960s, and you’re probably picturing midcentury modern. Marked by clean lines, thin legs on furniture, a lack of fuss, and a reliance on wood accented with chrome or plastic, midcentury modern has roared back into a must-have trend. The striking Linea II bedroom set from Crate & Barrel shown here is a fine example of today’s take on this now classic style.  

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    Color Your World: Pink and Brown

    Pink and brown bedroom
    Stacy Bass/Getty Images

    While pink can be too sweet, and brown can be too masculine, put them together and they’re just right. Plenty of contrast keeps a pink and brown room interesting: floral shams and a nailhead-adorned dresser, tartan throw blanket and a suede-fringed throw pillow, leather headboard and a textured bedspread. Pale green walls really make pink and brown furnishings pop.

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    Color Your World: Yellow

    Sunny yellow: it’s so cheerful, and yet often overlooked as a choice for the bedroom. But as Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess proves in this eclectic space, yellow is a versatile, happy, and welcoming color theme for the bedroom. Strong wallpaper (it’s from Hygge & West) is balanced with an equally strong rug, while the wonderfully retro bed from Anthropologie centers the entire decorating scheme. Yellow for the win. When working with bold wallpaper, keep the window treatments simple.

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    Tips & Tricks: Style Your Dresser Top

    If you want to give your bedroom Pinterest-worthy style, you can't have a dresser top that is a cluttered mess. Instead, balance short and tall elements, mixing both useful and decorative items for the most impact. A plant or lamp, a tray, a jewelry box, and a photo or two work well, or choose similar items to style the dresser like a pro. Choose well-loved pieces for your dresser top.

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    Decorating Style: Updated Cottage

    If you think of cottage style as old-fashioned ruffles and too many floral prints, Madcap Cottage just might change your mind with their updated take on cottage décor. Yes, there are still lots of florals, but these are bright and contemporary, not yesterday’s small and fussy prints. White furniture is classic cottage, but the grid-patterned wallpaper and whimsical artwork are today’s touches. Fresh, colorful and fun.

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    Bedroom Walls: Painted Paneling

    This adorable room by Tatertots & Jello shows the power of vertical lines in making a low ceiling look higher. It's also a great way to give dated paneling in a basement-turned-bedroom fresh, new flair. You could simply paint the walls white, but adding in a few stripes of other colors adds so much impact to the space. An easy and effective DIY way to liven up your bedroom. Sticking with a limited palette makes it easy to add bold pattern.

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    Color Your World: Pale Green and White

    Peaceful, vintage, green bedroom.
    Jumping Rocks/UIG/Getty Images

    A vintage-styled bedroom colored in soft green and white is just as restful as you could hope for. A shutter-inspired headboard is a fun touch, but not too loud or attention-seeking. Simple bedding and window treatments all add to the peaceful feel of the space. Use a mirror to add light, shine, and interest to a small room.

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    It's the Little Things: Quirky Rug

    Hardwood floors, like the ones in this pretty and serene bedroom from Dear Lillie, are beautiful to behold, but cold and hard on bare feet. There are plenty of rectangular, traditional area rugs to match any decorating theme or color scheme, but choosing an unexpected shape, color, or pattern is an easy way to liven up a neutral bedroom.

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    Color Your World: Orange

    Orange bedroom
    Fernando Bengoechea/Getty Images

    Decorating with a monochrome palette doesn't have to mean monotonous if you do it right. The key is to use a wide range of textures, and to vary the tints and shades of the chosen color. When using a bright hue as your main color, stick with clean white on the room's trim and throughout the accessories for welcome contrast.

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    Tips & Tricks: Accenting Neutrals

    Neutral bedroom with orange accents.
    Jonas von der Hude/Getty Images

    How do you spark up neutrals? With shots of bright color, like the intense orange here, and strong pattern, like the gingham bedding and striped rug in this cozy and contemporary bedroom. Use a hanging pendant instead of a bedside lamp in a small room.

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    It's the Little Things: Canopy Bed

    Romantic bedroom with canopy.
    Michael Robinson/Getty Images

    It's hard to beat the romantic impact of a canopy bed draped with flowing white fabric. But add in touches of mirrored shine, lush upholstery, and of course, a candle or two, and you have a bedroom just waiting for love.

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    Decorating Styles: Woodland

    Light green and white bedroom with birch wallpaper.
    Photo courtesy of Graham & Brown

    You don't have to camp in the woods to bring the spirit of the outdoors into your bedroom. A soft green and white room with a woodland-inspired accent wall (the wallpaper here is Linden from Graham & Brown), along with other nature motifs -- the birch figure on the bedside table, butterfly on the throw pillow, flowering twigs in a vase, faux deerhead on the wall -- all work together to create a peaceful, organic woodland theme.

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    Tips & Tricks: Home Office

    While it's always best to keep your work life outside your sleeping area, sometimes there's simply no other space in your home for a small home office/work station other than tucked away in a corner of your bedroom. If you need to fit a desk into your room, take a tip from Design Sponge, and decorate your desk to complement the rest of the room. Task lighting is a must on your office desk.

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    Bedroom Walls: Stripes

    Brown and white bedroom with striped walls.
    Dana Hoff/Getty Images

    One of the best ways to take your walls to the next level is to paint them with stripes. It's an easy DIY; just make sure to measure and mark your lines carefully before setting the paintbrush to the wall if you want a contemporary or clean look. If you want something more casual or fun, take a tip from the room shown here and paint faux "logs" by leaving the edges of the stripes just a bit uneven.

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    Bedroom Walls: Bright Pink

    While bright pink walls are most often used in girl's bedrooms, the hot hue can work surprisingly well in the master suite if it's mixed with more subdued bedding, furniture and flooring. The midcentury modern furniture shown here takes on new life with a bright pink backdrop, but you could substitute just about any decorating style to good effect.

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    Decorating Style: Eclectic French Country

    What happens when you mix a little bit of cottage style, a little bit French country flair, and a little bit of woodland fairy tale design? You end up with the fantastically dreamy bedroom shown here. The blue ombre board walls create the perfect backdrop to a dainty ceiling-suspended canopy and a bed adorned with floral-print bedding. Charming and enchanting.

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    Tips & Tricks: DIY Storage

    DIY cardboard tube storage
    Andreas von Einsiedel/Getty Images

    Just about everyone could use a little more storage in their bedroom. If you fall into that camp, and you're looking for a unique DIY way to hold books, accessories or even clothing, here's an intriguing solution: paint large cardboard tubes the color of your choice, and then glue them together against the wall in a sturdy stack. Now you have extra space for your belongings.

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    Decorating Style: Tropical

    You don't need to live on a tropical island to want to decorate as if you do. Cheerful, airy and full of light is the key to this easy, breezy style. Look for rattan or similar furniture, plenty of tropical motifs throughout the bedding, artwork and accessories, and an abundance of color and  pattern throughout the space. Houseplants are a must in the tropical bedroom.

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    Tips & Tricks: Feminine Style

    This feminine charmer from interior designer Paloma Contreras is proof that feminine decor doesn’t have to mean lots of pink, nor does it have to be filled with frills or fuss. Instead, details like a white silhouette mural of birds and botanicals adds interest to light brown walls, while the gauzy curtains and white bedding add softness to the space. Touches of pink on the shams and in the flowers near the bed are just enough color to add prettiness without sugar.

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    It's the Little Things: Fur Blanket

    Want to give your bedroom a touch of wild style and soft texture? Then toss a faux fur blanket across the foot of the bed, as in the room from Brit+Co shown here. It's an easy way to add an edge to just about any decorating theme or color combo.

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    Color Your World: Winter White

    Creamy winter white is one of the most popular bedroom decorating colors, particularly when mixed with other soft neutrals such as tan or gray. As you can see in the gorgeous room by Amber Interior Design shown here, it’s a palette that creates a peaceful, soothing retreat with elegant style. But to keep the look from going stale, it’s important to work lots of texture into the design. Shaggy rugs, chenille or embellished bedding, bamboo blinds, elaborate light fixtures and nubby blankets all work together to create plenty of interest without breaking the subdued color scheme.

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    Decorating Style: Modern Farmhouse

    This charming room from Liz Fourez of Love Grows Wild is a fine example of modern farmhouse style. Rustic and casual overall, the look mixes country farmhouse pieces with contemporary accessories and colors, creating a vibe that is somehow both old-fashioned and current at the same time.

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    It's the Little Things: Bright Rug

    The bedroom shown here would be a fine example of rustic decor regardless of what was on the floor. But adding the intense shot of color, instead of the expected neutral, certainly brings the entire space to life. If you choose to use a bright rug (or hot-hued carpeting) make sure to match the color with throw pillows or other elements of your bedding, to tie the look together.

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    It's the Little Things: Lighted Canopy

    Looking for an easy way to add some romance to your bedroom without spending a bundle? Why not create a softly lit “canopy” for your bed? The project is simple: Install a decorative curtain rod over your bed (make sure it’s an inch or two longer than your mattress on each side) then tack up string lights in a crisscross pattern on the wall below the curtain rod. Finally, hang a length of gauzy fabric from the rod, letting the fabric gather into soft pleats. So easy and pretty.

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    Bedroom Walls: Dark Blue

    Blue and white is a bedroom classic, but most often, the chosen blue is a pastel or mid-tone tint. Yet dark blue is every bit as restful and soothing. Not only that, despite common misconceptions, dark wall colors actually work very well in a room with little natural light. Whenever you go dark on your walls, however, it's best to stick with a white ceiling and white bedding to prevent a cave-like feel.

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    Decorating Style: Midcentury Modern

    Although the century it refers to is the 1900s, midcentury modern looks just as fresh in the 21st century as it did during its heyday in the 20th. It's defined by the clean, low lines, natural wood and subdued color so popular in the 1950s and 1960s, livened up with pops of bright color, atomic or geometric prints, thin legs on furniture and pop art references in accessories and artwork.

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    It's the Little Things: Mirror Overlays

    Closet doors with full mirrors are wonderful when it comes to determining if your shoes really complement the rest of your outfit, but full-door mirrors can be a bit dull and yesterday’s news when it comes to their decorative powers. If you’re feeling a bit ho-hum about your own mirrored doors, check out the tutorial at The Honeycomb Home for full instructions on adding a mirror overlay as seen in the photo here.

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    Tips & Tricks: Small Room Ideas

    Tiny bedrooms with even tinier closets are an all-too-common problem. If your room falls into this category, one excellent way to add some space is to use tall shelving units instead of bedside tables.

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    Color Your World: Green and White

    Green and white: it feels fresh and restorative, yet is soothing and calm at the same time, making it a perfect choice for the bedroom. The gorgeous room by Viscusi Elson Interior Design shown here makes full use of green’s connection to living, growing things with the botanical prints in the bedding, which add to the overall peaceful vibe of the space.

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    Furniture Ideas: Bar Cart Bedside Table

    Bar cart bedside table
    Mimosas In the Morning

    One of the easiest pieces of bedroom furniture to swap out with something repurposed is the bedside table. Antique chairs, bass drums, small ladders and stacks of suitcases are all possibilities. Or, as in the adorable bedroom from Mimosa In the Morning shown here, how about a bar cart with a shiny metallic finish? Quirky and fun.

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    Decorating Style: Glamorous

    If you want a bedroom that practically screams, "Glamour!" you can't go wrong with rich furnishings in black and gold. The key to keeping the look luxe, not tacky, is avoiding an excess of clutter, knickknacks or even artwork on the walls. Let a spectacular bed, light fixture and accent wall shine on their own.

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    It's the Little Things: Twig Decor

    A twig ceiling fixture and twig “bouquet” bring the feel of the great outdoors right into your room, plus they are easy DIY, inexpensive decorating touches. Here, they add a touch of the great outdoors to a shabby chic bedroom, but would look just as good with almost any other casual decorating style. Gather up fallen twigs from the yard, or buy a bundle at a craft store.

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    Tips & Tricks: Painted Ceiling

    Ceilings are often overlooked when it’s time to decorate. But as the cute bedroom from Beachwood Place shown here proves, adding a little wow to your ceiling pays off in spades when it comes to decorative impact. Here, the wavelike effect was created by painting obvious brush strokes in thick paint, but there are many ways to dress up your ceilings. Stripes, dots, murals, zigzags and graffiti are just a few options.

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    It's the Little Things: Initials as Artwork

    Here’s an adorable (and romantic) way to add personality to your bedroom -- hang painted wooden initials for you and your partner over the bed, as in this cute country bedroom room from The Pink Tumbleweed. Or use letters to spell out your last name, a favorite word or even a short phrase.

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    Tips & Tricks: Cabinets

    Who says cabinets with doors are only for the kitchen? Take a tip from Tanna Green Architect, and add them to your tiny bedroom for extra storage that doesn’t break the serenity of the space. Check out Ikea for inexpensive cabinet options. Painted the same color as the wall, they blend in seamlessly.

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    Tips & Tricks: Washi Tape

    Washi tape, the wonderful paper tape from Japan that comes in nearly endless colors and patterns, has so many uses. It's a great way to add design to your walls, and best of all, it won't leave residue or damage paint, so it's entirely suitable for renters. Here, black washi tape was used to create a unique "headboard."

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    Color Your World: Black and White

    Black and white is a classic color combination, and for good reason. It works with just about any decorating style from country farmhouse (like the room shown here) to minimalist contemporary, and never loses its elegant yet restful charm.

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    Ways With Pattern: A Perfect Trio

    If you want to mix and match pattern throughout your bedroom (or any room, really), but you're afraid you might "get it wrong," here's a fail-proof pattern mix: florals, stripes and checks.Just stick with a common palette, and you can't go wrong.

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    Make Your Bed: Throw Pillows

    If you want to give your bed star appeal, then mix different shapes of throw pillows. Combine square, rectangular, round, and bolster shapes for an interesting mix-up. 

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    Furniture Ideas: Mismatched Nightstands

    Contemporary white and gray bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of West Elm

    When it comes to your nightstands or bedside tables, there’s no requirement that they be the same. In fact, mismatched pieces can be far more interesting than a set of furniture. The rustic nightstand in this bedroom is from West Elm.

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    Color Your World: Pastels with Gold

    Want to give pastels a shot of glamour and grownup appeal? Then mix some metallic gold into the palette, and watch the look turn to pure sophistication. Go strong with metallic wallpaper, or keep it simple with just a few touches of metal on the bedding and accessories.

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    Ways With Pattern: Quilts

    Beautiful red and blue quilt in country bedroom
    Photo courtesy of The Company Store

    In a neutral or simple room, add a mighty dose of color and pattern with a boldly patterned quilt and matching shams, like the lovely Tamara quilt and bedding from The Company Store shown here. You don’t need to decorate in country style to take advantage of a quilt’s effortless ability to combine patterns beautifully – there are styles to match any decorating theme.