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    Romantic Bedroom

    Photo courtesy of HGTV

    When it comes to romance, there’s no place better than the bedroom. Comfortable, soft and sensuous– that’s the heart of the romantic decorating style. The color scheme is generally muted, with neutrals, pastels and creamy whites playing the starring roles. Look for plenty of soft fabrics, especially textured materials like silk, satin and velvet. Furniture in the romantic bedroom is generally quite traditional in style – this isn’t the place for hard lines or modern design – with rounded lines....MORE Extra touches like the ornate headboard, bed canopy and eye-catching light fixture shown here are key to a romantic bedroom. Remember, however, that romantic doesn’t mean overly fussy or froufrou – when done right, the romantic style is elegant and luxurious, not tacky.  

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    Southwestern Bedroom

    Photo courtesy of Homedressing

    You don’t have to live in the American southwest to love this desert-inspired style. A wonderful blend of Mexican, Spanish and Native American influences, the Southwestern vibe is rustic and casual. The palette is earthy and warm: terracotta, brown, tan, gold and white livened by pops of red, turquoise, yellow and green. Southwestern-style furniture generally has simple lines and is made from heavy, distressed wood. That doesn’t mean unadorned, however – accents of leather, suede, woven fabrics,...MORE stone and decorative carving are common. Typical extras in the Southwestern bedroom are cowhide rugs, pottery, Native American textiles and cow skulls or horns. Be careful, however, not to take the accessories too far – it’s a fine line between Southwestern done right and cowboy overkill. 

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    French Bedroom

    Photo courtesy of Bedroompedia

    Opulent, elegant and classic – that’s the French decorating style. Most often, the palette runs towards a nearly monochromatic look in ivory, tan, softest blue, palest gray or muted green. Alternatively, the look sometimes embraces deep, dramatic jewel tones, Mediterranean brights or exotic tones of teal or turquoise. The furniture and accessories are ornate – look for carved or fluted trim, legs and frames, along with touches of gold or bronze on the trim and hardware. Bedding and upholstery...MORE are generally lavishly embroidered or made of luxurious fabrics. Patterned wallpaper, formal draperies and crystal light fixtures are all highlights of the French decorating theme, but avoid style overload by choosing only one of the three, not all of them. 

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    Rustic Bedroom

    Photo courtesy of DigsDigs

    Rustic encompasses a range of styles, but what they all have in common is an emphasis on natural materials, casual ease and distressed or primitive finishes. The color scheme emphasizes nature – brown, gray, black, muted greens and blues, sandy tans, mustard yellow. Furniture is generally simple in design and well loved in appearance. Vintage fabrics are often used as well, especially in the bedroom. Picture old quilts, an antique area rug or vintage curtains. Touches of nature abound throughout...MORE the rustic bedroom: baskets, animal prints, twig furniture, artwork with nature themes. When done right, the rustic theme is welcoming, warm and casual, never rundown or slipshod.

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    Minimalist Bedroom

    Photo courtesy of Decoist

    “Less is more,” is the unofficial minimalist motto. This contemporary theme is a bedroom favorite, because the clean, open and airy vibe is very serene. In minimalist style, the palette is limited – generally, just one or two colors are used – and those colors are most often neutrals, muted hues or black and white. Furniture is contemporary and simple in design – no fussy carvings, trim or inlays found here. Platform beds are the quintessential element of the minimalist bedroom, usually with a...MORE low headboard or no headboard at all. Be careful, though – minimalist doesn’t mean sterile or without personality. Your minimalist bedroom should still show your personality, and yes, artwork is allowed. 

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    Art Deco Bedroom

    Photo courtesy of Freshome

    The decorating style of the roaring 20s – think The Great Gatsby -- art deco was the height of fashion through the 1940s, but this exuberant style has become a classic. The palette is quite contemporary, with lots of shine: glossy black, chrome silver, shiny white, red and yellow. Pattern and texture are very important as well, particularly large, geometric designs. Art deco furniture usually has simple lines, but a great deal of detail – elaborate or carved trim; lacquer, chrome or glass...MORE accents, and decorative hardware are typical of this style. Bold wallpaper is another art deco must. When done right, the art deco bedroom has a great deal of flair and drama, but never crosses the line into overdone. 

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    Indian Bedroom

    Photo courtesy of Terry's Fabrics

    Warm, spicy, exotic and a bit dramatic – that’s the India-influenced decorating style. The color scheme ranges from spicy tones through colorful brights, often mixed together, as in the bedroom shown here. Dark wooden furniture with ornate carvings and inlaid tile or wood mosaic accents are the hallmarks of this style, along with colorful, luxurious fabrics enriched with metallic thread, embroidery or even small bits of mirror. The Indian bedroom is a showplace for art, collectibles and...MORE personality, but be careful not to get carried away with the exotic theme. You probably wouldn’t want a bedroom as strong as the one shown here, but it beautifully highlights all of the wonderful elements that make the Indian decorating theme so appealing.  

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    American Colonial Bedroom

    Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

    Traditional, practical, rustic and welcoming – that’s the American colonial decorating style. This classic look was the typical decorating style through the mid-1800s.  The colors are a mix of earthy browns and black with plenty of touches of white, red, dark green, navy blue and mustard yellow. The furniture is typically simple in design, but with a few touches of turned trim or inlaid elements, as shown in the bedroom here. Notice how airy this bedroom is – colonial style is not cluttered or...MORE fussy. Quilts, braided area rugs and four-poster beds are must-haves in the American colonial bedroom. Don’t confuse the style with cutesy country, however – this look has a quiet elegance without a hint of kitsch.

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    Cottage Bedroom

    Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

    There are actually many variations on cottage style, but what they all share in common is an easy, casual attitude; plenty of pattern, especially florals; a cheery palette of mid-tone to bright colors against a backdrop of white, and a reliance on hand-me-down, vintage or repurposed furnishings. The furniture in a cottage bedroom typically is not matched, and often has a distressed finish. Brass or wrought iron bedframes are very common, as are quilts and a large display of collectibles. This is...MORE another decorating style where it’s easy to be carried away, however – the cottage bedroom should be cheerfully mismatched, not cluttered or overwhelming.