15 Stunning Plants in Terrariums

Small glass container holding a variety of terrarium plants on coffee table

The Spruce / Michelle Becker

If you've already embraced the decorating with greenery trend, it's time to take it to the next level. Terrariums are modern, unique and make for a great eye-catching piece on a table, shelf, or even hanging from the ceiling. Think of a terrarium like an aquarium, but instead of fish you are caring for plants. 

Here are even more of our favorite terrariums. 

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    A Beautiful Display

    Multiple plants under a glass dome

    drawingplantlady / Instagram

    This stunning display from drawingplantlady not only features a handful of little pots filled with cacti, but the vintage terrarium is by far one of the most unique. Because a cactus requires more circulation of air, an open terrarium is a better choice for these guys. 

    A display like this is a great way to consolidate a lot of little indoor cactus pots into a larger piece that really stands out. 

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    Geometric Terrariums

    Cactus in geometric terrarium

    simply.terrarium / Instagram

    Adorable little geometric terrariums like this one from simply.terrarium are the perfect display for a desk or as a centerpiece on your dining room table. This pyramid glass terrarium features a lovely assortment of mini-succulents and cactus.

    Succulents need a lot of light to survive, so make sure to pick a spot in your home that provides ample sunlight throughout the day.  

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    Gold Terrariums

    Gold terrarium with purple plant

    terracottacorner / Instagram

    Another beautiful geometric terrarium, this lovely display from terracottacorner is ideal if you're into decorating with gold finishes. We love the echeveria purple pearl succulent that sets the stage for the rest of the display. With plants that need only a little water like these succulents, pumice stones mixed with dirt will keep your plants from drying out between waterings. 

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    Plant Clippings

    Small terrarium with clay pot

    green.me.on.paris / Instagram

    This adorable little cork and glass cloche from green.me.on.paris is perfect for propagating plants from clippings. Here, a tony terra cotta pot holds a pilea clipping that's slowly but surely growing into a new plant. Not only is this adorable display worth showing off, but it also provides the moisture this little clipping needs to grow big. 

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    Orchid Terrarium

    Terrarium with orchid

    plantzadddy / Instagram

    We love this beautiful glass display from plantzadddy, which features a single orchid amidst other terrarium-friendly plants like ferns and moss. Orchids are notoriously hard to care for and keep alive, but a terrarium actually creates the perfect humid atmosphere for them to thrive. This little terrarium also features a "false bottom" that allows excess water to drain out. 

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    Wall Planter Terrariums

    Wall terrariums with air plants

    nature.steps / Instagram

    Looking for a way to decorate your hallway or staircase? These adorable wall planters from nature.steps are the perfect way to bring a little greenery into your home in a unique, fun way. This display features air plants and golden clubmoss, but if you want to recreate this look in a hallway without a lot of light, consider using low light plants.

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    Cake Display

    Terrarium made from cake display

    botanicalsanctuary/ Instagram

    If you have glass jars or pedestals sitting around your house just waiting for a cake to show off, consider repurposing them to use as a terrarium. We love this terrarium from botanicalsanctuary that features moss and fern in a beautiful glass cake display. 

    The best thing about terrariums is you can almost use any container as long as you are aware of the light and air that your plants need. 

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    Terrarium Plant Stand

    Standing terrarium with plants

    inevitably_orchid / Instagram

    This vintage plant stand from inevitably_orchid is perfect for displaying plants that aren't exactly terriarum-friendly, while still getting the same look and feel. Large potted plants can be expensive and hard to care for, but this is a great way to create a larger, more eye-catching display with small and medium-sized plants. 

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    Hanging Air Plants

    Hanging air plant

    thefunkyfreshdesign / Instagram

    If you want to create an even more interesting display in your home, consider hanging glass globe terrariums from your ceiling. This one from thefunkyfreshdesign is the perfect setting for a small air plant. Air plants are great for open terrariums because they need very little water and no soil. This is one of the easiest terrariums to recreate, just be sure you have enough light for your air plant

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    Succulent Garden

    Small air plant terrarium

    giurgeina / Instagram

    A small succulent garden like this one from giurgeina is a lovely way to spruce up your desk and bring in a little air-clarifying beauty. Succulents need very little water, but they do need a lot of sun to really thrive, so make sure you find a spot that provides plenty of light. If you have a lot of glass space to fill, creating layers of stones and dirt can make the display even more visually interesting. 

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    Moss Terrarium

    Moss in a fish bowl

    aishahomestylist / Instagram

    Another great plant to display in a terrarium is moss. This little glass fishbowl from aishahomestylist is earthy and unique, and perfect for your coffee table. Moss loves humid environments, so a terrarium works well. Plus, as pretty and interesting as moss is, it's one of those plants that many of us don't know how to display. 

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    Terrarium in a glass jar

    terravivadesign / Instagram

    A group of terrariums can add a lot of personality to a room. Try to vary the sizes and shapes of your jars. When choosing terrarium plants for your grouping, it can work well to have some plants that are the same in all of the jars and some that are different. This gives you a sense of flow and continuity, while making each terrarium unique.

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    Air Plants in Glasses

    Air plants in glass jars

    bobshome_ / Instagram

    This air plant assortment from bobshome proves that even an antique canning jar or platter can make the perfect terrarium for an air plant. We love the idea of using a wine glass or a mason jar to show off air plants or succulents. A simple plant mister is all you need to keep your air plants thriving in nearly any glass container.  

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    A Mini Bonsai Tree

    Glass jar with small tree

    botanical.lab / Instagram

    A terrarium is an adorable way to create your own little forest inside your house. This mini bonsai tree terrarium from botanical.lab is a calming little jungle you can put on a desk or a table. Most trees don't like an abundance of soil, so be sure to create a false bottom in any terrarium so your water has somewhere to drain off.