7 Eye-Catching Yellow Front Doors

Yellow Doors
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You can add instant curb appeal by painting your front door, but yellow may not be your first thought for a front door color. However, it's a sunny, happy color that radiates warmth, cheer, and is inviting to all who enter. Enjoy these photos of yellow doors and get inspiration for your front door makeover.

Paint Considerations

It's advisable to use a satin or semi-gloss paint for trim, including a front door. If you want a shiny, glossy paint, keep in mind that the door's surface must be smooth (except for paneling and moldings), or every imperfection will stand out.

Color Variations

Yellow is a primary color that is considered to be warm. Tertiary colors are orange-yellow or green-yellow. Endless gradations are achieved by adding white, gray, or black. The shade is the degree to which a pure or primary color (in this instance, yellow) is mixed with black, then is decreased into gradations of darkness. The tint is a gradation of a color (yellow) made lighter by adding white. Shading or tinting with gray is known as tone.


The color yellow has various meanings and symbolism, including:

  • The sun
  • Gold and other earthly riches
  • It is believed to have a serene, uplifting quality.
  • Associated with happiness and well-being.
  • In his earlier poetry, writer T.S. Eliot (1888-1965) made frequent references to the color yellow.
  • Feng shui: Pale yellow represents earth, while strong yellow symbolizes fire.
  • Hinduism: Yellow symbolizes knowledge and learning, happiness, peace, and meditation.
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    White House

    Yellow door on white house
    Debra Wiseberg / Getty Images

    Tasteful light gray walls with white trim are pleasant and inviting on this house. But it's those painted black steps leading up to a bold yellow door that makes it a head-turner, in a really good way. The contrasting colors are clean and vibrant.

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    Mid-Century Modern House

    Woman standing in front of house with yellow doors
    Moxie Productions / Getty Images

    Many mid-century modern homes are being updated with well-thought-out color palettes that are mindful of architectural features. Mid-tone neutrals are good for the home's exterior, but trim can be painted with interesting colors, like these double glass doors painted a bold shade of school bus yellow. New homeowners of some mid-century homes, like those designed by Joseph Eichler, have been painting doors bold colors, with the same color repeated on the front horizontal fascia board. The result is simple, elegant, and eye-catching, especially if the color is era-appropriate.

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    Neoclassical Style

    A yellow door in a home with neoclassical columns
    Carl Johan Ronn / Getty Images

    A medium yellow paneled Neoclassical door in Ireland is flanked by white Ionic columns. The combination of white and yellow is always refreshing, especially if it is maintained.

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    Eichler House

    An Eichler house with a yellow door
    Paul Bradley / Getty Images

    A Mid-century modern house designed by Joseph Eichler is painted taupe, with light blue accents and a pale-yellow door. The roofline or front fascia is painted white, as probably are the beams inside, which helps to unite that concept of a seamless interior and exterior.

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    Georgian Door

    Yellow front door with ivy surrounding it
    Leverstock / Getty Images

    A No. 2 unleaded pencil-yellow door pops through the ivy-covered facade of a charming house in Ireland. A white doorcase assists in making the color show up.

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    Brick Row House

    A warm orange-yellow door on a brick house with white trim
    Iñigo Fdz de Pinedo / Getty Images

    An otherwise unassuming brick row house in London is brightened up with an orange-yellow door.

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    Old-Fashioned Door

    A farmhouse-style pale yellow door on a blue-gray house
    Michael Westhoff / Getty Images

    A vintage-looking storm door over an ornamental screen—both painted a pale yellow—help to make this house friendly and inviting.  This color combination works because yellow and blue, or, in this case, blue-gray, are opposite each other on the color wheel, making them complementary colors, more or less.

    Pots with colorful red and pink flowers make this old-fashioned house even more charming.