12 Great Design Ideas for Gallery Walls

Blue-themed gallery wall over a media stand

The Spruce / Marty Baldwin

There are so many reasons to love gallery walls, and while it may have seemed like a passing trend at one point, this beautiful way of displaying prints and photos has become a home decor look that is clearly here to stay. Not only does a well-laid gallery wall allow you to display all of your favorite prints at once, but it can add endless visual interest to any room. Below, gain inspiration from some of the most well put together gallery walls.

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    An Antique Gallery Wall

    Black dresser with antique prints above it

    culdesac_cottage/ Instagram

    If you like mixing vintage and modern, you'll love this gallery wall from culdesac_cottage. We can't get enough of this lovely assortment of antiqued paintings above the black dresser. When putting together a gallery wall, try to make it a cohesive look. While there's always space to mix and match materials and colors, a common theme is the best way to ensure your arrangement doesn't look cluttered.

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    Gallery Wall Above a Couch

    Brown leather couch with a gallery wall above it

    ​westlake.house / Instagram

    We all struggle with that wide-open wall behind a couch, and a gallery wall is a great way to fill that space. This living room from westlake.house proves just how beautiful a well-planned gallery wall can be above a sofa. 

    Once you choose your gallery wall pictures, it's a good idea to lay out your design on the floor before you hang pictures on the wall. This allows you to visualize how everything will look together before you commit to putting it on your wall. 

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    A Basket Gallery Wall

    Green wall with baskets and hanging plants

    micasasucasahome / Instagram

    This fun idea from micasasucasahome puts a unique spin on the gallery wall look. While a gallery wall is usually thought of as an array of artwork and photos, you can recreate the look with nearly any wall decor. This idea uses various woven baskets to decorate a bright green wall. If your gallery wall lacks color, a bold accent wall can act as the perfect canvas for the display. 

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    Mixed Media Gallery Wall

    Nook with various materials on gallery wall

    hareandbull / Instagram

    Another fun way to break up a gallery wall is to sprinkle in various objects and pieces of decor among the prints. This rustic look from hareandbull uses different items such as a washboard, a vintage cake pan, and lanterns to create a multifaceted design that gives the nook a lot of dimension and style. 

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    A Cozy Gallery Wall

    White gallery wall with art prints

    chloeelizabethartist / Instagram

    Whether you have endless blank space or just a few little nooks here and there, you can find room to create a gallery wall anywhere in your home. This lovely design from Ichloeelizabethartist proves that an empty hallway wall is a perfect backdrop of a few art prints. 

    When working with less space, focus on a mix of small and medium-sized framed pieces to break up the display and maintain that gallery wall look.

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    A Home Office Gallery Wall

    Office with various art prints

    thevintagetraderuk / Instagram

    We can't get enough of this workspace from thevintagetraderuk. One of our favorite elements of this cute little gallery wall is that some of the pieces are framed kids' artwork. Not only is this idea adorable, but it's a great way to make your children feel like they are an intentional part of your home design.

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    Craft Room Gallery Wall

    Craft inspired gallery wall

    weetman_house / Instagram

    If you have a little craft room in your home, this gallery wall from weetman_house is a great idea to spruce up your space and show off some of your work at the same time. We love the weavings in this gallery wall that break up the artwork and add pops of texture and color to the space. 

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    A Very Colorful Gallery Wall

    Colorful art gallery wall

    soozidanson / Instagram

    Patterns are fundamental building blocks of decor, and just because you have a gallery wall doesn't mean you can't weave in some bold, bright patterns at the same time. This eye-catching gallery wall from soozidanson is not for the shy home decorator, but we simply can't get enough of the animal print and neon colors in this room. 

    While this pattern was painted on the wall, you can replicate the look with a wallpaper or stencil design as the canvas for your gallery wall. 

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    Gallery Wall Series

    Living room with large photo prints

    daniellegutelli / Instagram

    This gallery wall from daniellegutelli is a great way to fill a large space even if you don't have a large assortment of prints and photos. These three large photographs create a wonderful series that is playful and artsy at the same time. 

    Another way to recreate his look is to break up a single print into three separate images and blow them up in size at your local copy store. 

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    Staircase Gallery Wall

    Open living room with staircase and gallery wall

    girlandgrey / Instagram

    Another major pro when it comes to gallery walls? You can pretty much put one in every room in your house. Whether you have a stunning open staircase like this one from girlandgrey to decorate with a gallery wall or a cozy nook, this look works no matter how much space you have.

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    Empty Frame Gallery Wall

    Bedroom with empty picture frame gallery wall

    miriamemiliedesign / Instagram

    Who says your picture frames need to display art in your gallery wall? This rustic idea from miriamemiliedesign plays with empty white picture frames and shutters to create a gallery wall that's neutral enough to play well with the rest of the room's decor.

    If you want to recreate this look, you can find vintage picture frames at your local thrift store and paint them. Either stick to a single shade or pick a color palette that plays off other accessories in your room. 

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    Floor-to-Ceiling Gallery Wall

    Floor to ceiling gallery wall

    flawsomehome / Instagram

    There's just something about a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall like this one from flawsomehome that instantly brightens our mood. While this look may be too ambitious for some of us, it is a wonderful way to fill a lot of empty space and add endless visual interest to any room. Plus, you'll never get tired of your gallery wall when there's always something new to look at.