8 Game of Thrones-Inspired Color Schemes

Game of Thrones Castle

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As a diehard Game of Thrones fan, you've no doubt already mastered the Dothraki language and chosen your favorite House. If you'd like to decorate with the awe-inspiring colors of the Game of Thrones, you'll just need to make a few additions to adapt them to your home. The bold colors of the Game of Thrones are inspiring and very easy to use in your home if you pair them with a few neutral colors in your palette

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    High Honor Color Palette

    Game of Thrones Neutral Color Scheme Ideas
    The Spruce / Diana Hathaway

    High Honor is a palette of strength and tradition. The deep gray of Benjamin Moore's Kendall Charcoal and traditional Washington Blue paired with warm neutrals makes High Honor perfect for a living room, media room, or any space that needs a strong color palette.

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    North Castle Color Palette

    Game of Thrones Black Color Scheme Ideas
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    North Castle is a bold palette with color extremes that capture the cool landscape of the north, with a shot of Sherwin-William's Real Read for energy. This palette works well in a modern space where you'd like to create drama, and love the idea of adding a dark color like Black Swan to your color palette. Think living room or home office for North Castle's energetic contrasting colors.

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    Seventh Stag Color Palette

    Game of Thrones Rich Color Scheme
    The Spruce / Diana Hathaway

    Seventh Stag is dramatic and strong but can be easily used in any home, inside or out. The saturated colors are not only suitable for interior space but could be a perfect as an exterior color palette as well.

    Seventh Stag is ideal for a room with large windows, and bold architectural features like a stone fireplace or beamed ceilings. You can also create the effect of architectural features by using a strong color like Benjamin Moore's gorgeous Ebony Slate or Tapestry Gold as an accent wall, or painted fireplace.

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    Strong by Nature Color Palette

    Game of Thrones Pastel Color Scheme Ideas
    The Spruce / Diana Hathaway

    In a collection of bold palettes, Strong by Nature is the soft exception. There is still strength in this palette, thanks to the pretty saturation of Valspar's Honeysuckle Rose and Belle Grove Light Amber. Strong by Nature would be beautiful as a bedroom or kitchen palette or in any room that needs a boost of nature-inspired color.

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    Iron Hand Color Palette

    Game of Thrones Gray Color Scheme
    The Spruce / Diana Hathaway

    Iron Hand is a color palette that commands attention. The color play of Behr's Deep Aubergine with Yellow Corn generates energy in what could otherwise be a dark color palette. The pale neutral gray of this palette can be represented in your home in a stone fireplace, or neutral gray countertops. Iron Hand would be a dramatic choice for your formal dining room or exterior color scheme.

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    Respect the Lion Color Palette

    Game of Thrones Lion Color Scheme
    The Spruce / Diana Hathaway

    Respect the Lion uses Behr's Regal Red as a nod to the mighty and brave lion. The remaining colors in the palette are softer but can stand up to the strength of the deep red. A living room or basement would be the natural choice for such a bold palette, but Respect the Lion could also be used as an exterior color scheme with Windsor Moss or Glow as your main color.

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    Deep Rivers Color Palette

    Game of Thrones Cool Color Scheme
    The Spruce / Diana Hathaway

    Deep Rivers is a soothing palette with strength and nobility. Rich blues lighten the stone-gray neutrals for perfect balance. The Deep Rivers palette offers saturated colors that can cool down an overly-bright or warm space with Sherwin-Williams' Timid Blue and the softness of Roycroft Mist Gray. Inspired by a flowing river, this palette can be very relaxing in a bedroom or home office.

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    Into the Sun Color Palette

    Game of Thrones Warm Color Scheme
    The Spruce / Diana Hathaway

    Into the Sun is a very warm color scheme. Though this color palette is slightly softened, Valspar's Sunglow and La Fonda Spice are filled with sunny energy that is best suited for spaces that need more warmth and light.