30 Stylish and Winning Game Room Ideas

game room ideas

White Sands Design Build

Why go out when you can invite friends around to enjoy all that your at-home game space has to offer? If you're looking to take your rec room to the next level, or just want to create a cozy, dedicated spot to play family board games, let these stylish and sophisticated game rooms inspire you.

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    Occupy the Attic

    game room ideas

    Design by CAROLYNLEONA / Photo by Dustin Peck

    Raleigh-based designer Liz Goldberg of CAROLYNLEONA was tasked with transforming an attic into a special retreat. One component of the finished space is a stunning game room and theater—complete with a classic popcorn machine—which makes spending time at home feel a little more luxe.

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    Multiply Your Options

    game room ideas

    Zoe Hunt

    Blogger Zoe Hunt had always wanted a home with a game room and made over her space to feature everything from a pool table to a dart board, board game station, and even a home bar. With so many entertainment possibilities right at their fingertips, there's no need for Hunt and her husband to leave the house for a night of fun.

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    Make It Modern

    game room ideas

    Design by Liz Caan & Co. / Photo by Eric Roth

    In this game room by Liz Caan & Co., a ping-pong table is the star of the show and a decor piece all on its own. A nearby tulip table perfectly complements the space's existing white, modern vibes, while colorful upholstered chairs and a brightly painted ceiling add a major element of surprise.

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    Pair Blue and Green

    game room ideas

    Amy Sklar Design / Photo by Amy Bartlam

    In this game room from Amy Sklar Design, bold colors make a major statement and add a playful, welcoming touch to this hangout space. Plenty of seating options means that the whole crew can easily gather for game night in.

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    Go Moody

    game room ideas

    Christina Kim Interior Design / Raquel Langworthy Photography

    Deep blues add sophistication to a young couple's game and media room from Christina Kim Interior Design. The basement is home to six televisions and features a video game station, bar, and play space for little ones.

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    Make It Indoor Outdoor

    game room ideas

    Kendall Wilkinson Design / Photo by Bernard Andre

    Because this game room is an indoor-outdoor space, Kendall Wilkinson Design opted to forgo rugs in lieu of stone floors. A large round table serves as both a space to enjoy meals and play board games, while the expansive sofa is fit for a party—it can seat 12 to 15 people.

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    Camouflage the Flat Screen

    game room ideas

    Sara Hillery Interior Design / Photo by Kip Dawkins

    While many modern game rooms include flat screen TVs for watching movies or playing video games, you may want to avoid making the TV a focal point when not in use. Sara Hillery Interior Design camouflaged a client's TV with decorative floral accordion doors that open and close easily, providing a perfect custom screen cover that also looks beautiful on its own. Form plus function plus style equals the best of both worlds.

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    Game Your Decor

    game room ideas

    Design by Living with Lolo / Photo by Life Created

    Game rooms are all about having fun, and an oversized tic-tac-toe board adds a dose of playfulness to an empty wall in this space from Living with Lolo. Games that can double as clever wall decor are always a smart solution if your rec space needs a little extra oomph.

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    Add Farmhouse Vibes

    game room ideas

    Design by Liz Caan & Co. / Photo by Eric Roth

    Ottomans add extra seating that creates a cozy, casual feel to any space. This warm room from Liz Caan & Co. blends farmhouse and traditional elements to create a comfortable spot for the entire family to gather 'round the game table and play together.

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    Add Statement Lighting

    game room ideas

    Design by Maestri Studio / Photo by Nathan Shroder

    Hanging a stylish chandelier above a ping-pong table is an excellent way to elevate a rec space in no time. This pool house rec room from Maestri Studio also stands out with the addition of eye-catching blue-and-white wallpaper boasting a contemporary pattern.

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    Keep It Classic

    game room ideas

    Design by M Lavender Interiors / Photo by Chris Bradley

    A framed school sweatshirt and cozy plaid throws add a nostalgic, collegiate feel to this game space from M Lavender Interiors. The traditional decor takes us back to simpler times and creates a cozy, lived-in feel.

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    Go Rustic

    game room ideas

    Jeff Andrews Design / Photo by Grey Crawford

    Paying homage to its Lake Tahoe location, this game room from Jeff Andrews Design embraces all things outdoorsy. The room has large windows with a view of the surrounding landscape, while decorative brass antlers hung on wood paneled walls create a sophisticated rustic feel.

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    Add Neon Accents

    game room ideas

    Design by Liz Caan & Co. / Photo by Eric Roth

    This white-walled kids play space from Liz Caan & Co. is accented with neon hues, while acrylic hanging bubble chairs add a retro futuristic touch.

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    Go Big

    game room ideas

    @visionswithvic / Instagram

    Oversized dice, a witty sign, and numbered storage bins add an arcade-like feel to this at-home game space from @visionswithvic. Displaying game accessories in clear canisters serves the dual purpose of keeping pieces organized and adding more game room decor to the space.

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    Add an Oversized Ottoman

    game room ideas

    Gemma Parker Design / Photo by Werner Straube

    An oversized ottoman-style coffee table is the perfect laid back furniture piece to incorporate into a game room. This game room from Gemma Parker Design demonstrates that such spaces can look sophisticated without looking too fussy; comfy furniture is the way to go.

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    Incorporate Barn Doors

    game room ideas

    Sara Hillery Interior Design / Photo by Kip Dawkins

    Sliding barn doors are a creative way to hide a large flatscreen TV. As a bonus, they add plenty of visual interest to a space and are a great way to fake original architectural charm. In this industrial chic space from Sara Hillery Interior Design, barn doors camouflage a TV mounted on a brick wall.

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    Add Some Wow Factor

    game room ideas

    Jeff Andrews Design / Photo by Grey Crawford

    Just because a space is designed for adults doesn't mean you can't pop a playful phrase on the wall. Jeff Andrews Design did just that, using brass letters that stand out in this moss green rec space.

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    Stay Neutral

    game room ideas

    @visionswithvic / Instagram

    This family game room from @visionswithvic has a neutral palette with graphic black-and-white touches, like framed blueprints of a ping-pong and air hockey table on the wall, and hanging black wire baskets to hold paddles and keep other game time essentials easily accessible.

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    Create Lodge Vibes

    game room ideas

    Design by Liz Caan & Co. / Photo by Eric Roth

    This adult-friendly, neutral-toned game room from Liz Caan & Co. is reminiscent of a luxe lodge, with architectural details including stone, beams, and a wood paneled ceiling.

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    Add a Putting Green

    game room ideas

    Adnan Anwar Design / Amy Littleson / Photo by Allie Provost

    Who says apartment living rooms can’t be full of fun? This Manhattan living room from Adnan Anwar Design was customized for blogger Amy Littleson and her boyfriend with a putting mat that celebrates the couple’s love of golf and incorporates a playful touch into the otherwise functional space.

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    Add Cottage Style

    game room ideas

    Design by Kate Marker Interiors

    This custom cottage game room from Kate Marker Interiors was designed to encourage in person play in lieu of endless screen time, outfitted with fun patterns and textures to create feel-good vibes in a room with wrap-around windows and a view to the outdoors.

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    Go Underground

    game room ideas

    Design by Gray Space Interiors

    This New Jersey basement rec room from Gray Space Interiors has coffered ceilings with built-in lighting to make the underground space feel bright, wood flooring, and multiple zones that include a pool table area, lounge and media seating area, and at-home bar.

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    Build a Game Table

    game room ideas

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona

    Blogger Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona transformed her family room into a game room by building a custom game table that keeps puzzle pieces and other accessories at the ready and can be hidden away when play time is over. The adjacent built-ins have room for storing board games.

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    Keep It Light

    game room ideas

    Design by Maite Granda

    This open and airy Florida rec room from interior designer Maite Granda has tons of natural light from the sliding glass doors, a large wet bar, and a pool table that adds a focal point and a pop of bright blue to the pale, neutral tone finishes of the room.

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    Tone It Down

    game room ideas

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Tramp

    Emily Henderson Design chose a dark brown wood stain for the ping-pong table in this polished rec room that fits in with the rest of the home's style, with dark wood flooring, navy blue walls, framed prints on the walls, and white trim throughout.

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    Make It Split Level

    game room ideas

    Design by Charbonneau Interiors

    The ground floor of this split-level game room from Charbonneau Interiors features a pool table and a video game console corner complete with large, wall-mounted screens.

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    Customize It

    game room ideas

    Britt Design Studio

    Britt Design Studio created a custom home game room nicknamed the “Aspen Room” that was designed to give the clients the feeling that they had just walked off the slopes for an après-ski game night.

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    Look Up

    game room ideas

    Design by Charbonneau Interiors

    On the mezzanine level, Charbonneau Interiors added additional zones that provide fun for the whole family, and allow groups of friends to pare off and choose their favorite activity.

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    Add Coastal Farmhouse Style

    game room ideas

    White Sands Design Build

    White Sands Design Build created a downstairs game room with comfy seating, plenty of game options, and a neutral meets coastal palette that fits in seamlessly with the home's coastal farmhouse style.

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    Play with Pattern

    game room ideas

    Erin Williamson Design

    This Texas lodge game room from Erin Williamson Design is set up for cozy evenings of playing board or card games by the fire, with a round table, comfortably upholstered chairs, and patterned wallpaper and a vintage rug that adds visual interest and color.