8 Free Game Table Plans

Board game tables


If you and your family love games, these free game table plans may be just what you need to create a space where you can gather around for some fun. You can use these game tables for puzzles, board games, card games, chess, checkers, and everything in between.

No matter how much space you have, you can find a game table that works. Some of these DIY game tables also include game or game piece storage, making it even easier to get all your games organized. There are also some tables that are designed to hide the puzzle or game while you're not playing it, tucking everything away for another day. Others are small and portable so you can move the game table where you want to play.

These free game plans feature all the information you need to build them, including the building directions, materials and supplies lists, and photos. Some even have videos and reader tips to help you out with the building process.

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    The Ideal Game Table

    A puzzle drawer opening up from a game table

    Homemade by Carmona

    If you want to build the ultimate game table that will fit seamlessly in any room in your house, this is the plan for you. There are unique pullouts for puzzle storage and tabletop board games, and it all closes up to look like a normal coffee table. It can also be used as a crafting table and dining table. Besides all the functionality, this is a beautiful table that will look great in your home, no matter how you're going to use it. This is a moderate building plan so you'll need some experience before you tackle this project.

    The Ideal Game Table from Homemade by Carmona

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    Chinese Checkers Nesting Table

    A Chinese checkers nesting table in a living room


    Take a few nesting tables or build a few of your own and use this tutorial to create a Chinese checkers table and a nesting checkers table. Don't know how to play? No worries, the rules are right there with the building plans. To make it even easier, all the templates for creating the board games are included. Even if you aren't a fan of Chinese checkers, using nesting tables as small game tables is genius.

    Chinese Checkers Nesting Table from RemodellaCasa

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    Upcycled Cabinet Door Game Tray

    A white game tray with a checkerboard on it

    Hello Creative Family 

    Get ready to upcycle with this building project. Here's a game table plan that's truly portable. An old cabinet door is sanded and painted and can be used as a game table that you can place anywhere and store easily. It's a solid surface with edges to keep everything on the cabinet instead of spilling onto the floor. You can add vinyl or paint to the top to create a checkboard or any other game that your family loves to play.

    Upcycled Cabinet Door Game Tray from Hello Creative Family

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    Puzzle Game Table

    A puzzle table with drawers in a living room

    Designed Decor 

    This unique puzzle game plan uses a basic table plan and then adds a tabletop that opens up on hinges so you can work on a puzzle. It can all be closed up when not in use, making it the perfect solution for those who don't like to have puzzles visible when they have guests over. Unique legs are added to the table as well as stools that push in nicely under the table.

    Puzzle Game Table from Designed Decor

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    DIY Low Floor Table

    A low coffee table with teacups and pillows

    Sugar & Cloth 

    This wasn't designed to be a game table, but this plan for a low floor table would work perfectly as one. The table is very easy to build and chairs aren't necessary here, just use comfortable cushions that everyone can relax on during a fun family game. This can also double as a serving table or activity table for the kids.

    DIY Low Floor Table from Sugar & Cloth

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    Board Game Table and Desk

    A blue game table in a yard


    Here's a solution for those who want a game table but are short on space. This is a repurposed table that has a felt tabletop, which is a great surface to put together a puzzle on. A wooden top is made the same size as the table and can be used to cover it without disturbing the puzzle underneath. It then can double as a desk.

    Board Game Table and Desk from DIYDanielle

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    End Table to Chess Table

    A close-up of a gray chess table

    Michelle James Designs 

    This easy game table plan uses an old end table with a shelf and a file drawer which holds any game pieces. The table is sanded and painted and then a chess board is stenciled on top. The final game table looks great, can fit just about anywhere, and will cost you very little to make.

    End Table to Chess Table from Michelle James Designs

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    Rolling Game Table

    A blue table on wheels storing board games

    In My Own Style 

    This game table plan starts off with an inexpensive coffee table that has plenty of shelves for storage. More shelves are added, a fresh coat of paint is put on, and wheels are put on the bottom to make this a portable rolling game table. It serves both as a gaming tabletop and storage for board games or puzzles, making it a great choice for any family room.

    Rolling Game Table from In My Own Style