Great Storage Ideas for Your Bikes

Road bikes hanging on a wall and parked on the floor


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Bicycles are items most households have; some use them every day; others rarely use them. Either way, they need an easily accessible home of their own since they're large and in the way, if they don't have a dedicated spot. Specialty road bikes need slightly more delicate storage as their frames and rims are slightly more susceptible to damage from hanging. Kids' bikes need to be easy for them to put away or as most parents know, it's just not going to happen. We've found some great ways to give each bicycle a home while looking good. 

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    Overhead Storage

    Ceiling Bicycle Storage

    There are several types of ceiling or overhead bicycle storage available. This track system that REI carries is great because of its flexibility with sizes, types, and the number of bikes you can hang. The one downfall with this type of system is hanging road bikes; you risk bending the rim if you store them long term this way. It's best to hang those by the frame or seat & handlebars. If you're hanging standard mountain bikes or BMX bikes, this is a wonderful system.

    Below is a list of a few other versions of ceiling mount bicycle storage:

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    Floor to Ceiling Systems

    Floor to Ceiling Storage

    If you like your bikes to be accessible on the wall because you don't want to dismount them from overhead, there are a few options for that as well.

    The Swichio floor-to-ceiling bike rack is one option if you are looking for something temporary or want to be able to move your bikes out of the way.

    The Saris Bike Trac is another floor-to-ceiling system that you mount to the wall, but with this system, you guide your tires into their track system. You'll want to measure to make sure you have to have enough space in your garage for your bikes to hang away from the wall and still get in, out, and around your vehicles.

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    Wall Mount Systems

    Bicycle Shelf

    Wall-mount systems are probably the least expensive option, although some of the more unique options can be costly as well. They range from products as simple as a single hook mounted into a wall stud to a piece of art that displays your bike like it's a work of art itself. offers a unique wall mount system that swivels left or right so you can store an (almost) unlimited amount of bikes. It's also easy to get your bike onto the wall without lifting. This bike shelf is a convenient option if you want to store your helmet, bike lock, or other accessories within easy reach. Another unique wall mount system is VeloGrip. Their system is multi-purpose, functional storage for bike lovers with travel features to keep your bikes safe while you travel to your next adventure. 

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    Dedicated Parking Spot

    Bicycle parking

    This may be the best option if you have little ones that ride their bikes daily. This option gives them a dedicated, easily accessible space to park their bike when they're done riding. If you're relying on kids to hoist their bikes onto a wall hook, you might be disappointed or in for some policing. Single units, as well as multi-unit racks, are available. 

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    Wall System

    Wall System Bike Storage
    The Garage Guy

    Slatwall, gridwall, and Fasttrack systems all have hooks for hanging bikes. Typically there are two different types: horizontal, which hangs the bike by ​its frame, and vertical, which utilizes the front or back rim. Horizontal hooks typically have a basket built-in for a helmet and/or water bottle storage. If you have kids, hanging a panel (gridwall, slatwall, fasttrak) close to the ground makes it easy for little ones to lift their bike into its place and works almost as well as the parking spot. 

Five Stylish & Functional Systems

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bicycle storage. With this many options, it's hard to find an excuse not to give your bikes a dedicated home.