18 Garage Bike Storage Ideas to Save Space

Bike hanging from a yellow wall

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Whether you love going on long leisurely bike rides or a bike is your daily mode of transportation to get to work, storage can pose a challenge. Multiple bikes can quickly clutter a space and when not stored properly, they can easily fall over or take up much more room than necessary. Creating a streamlined system to store bikes in your garage will not only make them look neater, but it will also keep them from getting damaged and help you access them faster. From suspending bikes from the ceiling to installing a bike rack or hanging them on the wall, we're sharing 18 clever garage bike storage ideas to help you save space.

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    Suspend a Bike From the Ceiling

    Bike suspended from the ceiling

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    If you're short on square footage in your garage, consider suspending your bike from the ceiling. This is a safe and space-saving storage solution that doesn't take up any extra room. Check to make sure there's enough clearance for your car if you park it inside the garage—then install two rubber-coated metal hooks in the ceiling to hold your bike.

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    Mount Bikes Using Wall Hooks

    Bikes hanging on a hook on a wire shelf

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    Think vertical and mount multiple bikes on the wall one next to the other using bike hooks. Measure the length of your bike to know how high to position the hook on the wall—then hang the back wheel on the wall hook with both the tires flush against the wall and the bike seat facing away from the wall.

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    Store Them Under Shelving

    Bike under storage shelves with containers on them

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    Lean bikes against the wall under shelving to utilize space that would otherwise have gone unused. If you are planning on installing open shelving in your garage, measure the height of your bike and leave enough clearance between the ground and the bottom shelf to accommodate one or multiple bikes.

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    Use a Peg Board

    Bike hanging on a peg board

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    A peg board is an incredibly useful and versatile addition to a garage and another clever bike storage solution. Install hooks from the peg board and mount bikes on the wall horizontally to keep them off the ground and neatly put away.

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    Park Bikes in a Bike Stand

    Bikes parked in a bike rack

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    A bike stand is a multipurpose storage solution that's freestanding and doesn't require extensive installation. Instead of drilling holes in the wall or ceiling, simply position the stand against the wall and it's ready for use. A bike stand typically has slots to park multiple bikes as well as a handy shelf to hold helmets and other accessories.

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    Use a Horizontal Bike Mount

    Two bikes hanging on the wall

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    Hang bikes on the wall horizontally one above the other using bike mounts. They are typically adjustable when it comes to their length and angle, so that you can hang adult and kid-sized bikes from one central beam that can also hold the coordinating helmet.

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    Keep Them in a Corner

    Bikes in the corner of a garage

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    When mounting bikes on the wall or suspending them from the ceiling is not an option, designate one corner for bike storage. Park them one behind the other along the wall, or next to each other depending on what your space allows.

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    Hang Bikes From a Tire Tray

    Bikes hanging on the wall next to shelving system

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    Mount a tire tray on the wall to hang bikes vertically. This system comes with two metal trays—one for each bike tire—to keep your wall clean from any mud on the tires.

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    Hang Helmets on a Peg Board

    Helmets on a peg board above parked bikes

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    Besides being a great option for hanging bikes, a peg board is also an excellent spot to store bike accessories such as helmets. Park bikes along the wall and hang helmets directly above them to make getting ready for a bike ride quick and easy.

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    Use a Utility Rail

    Bikes hanging on a rail

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    Install a utility rail along one of the walls in your garage and hang the bike seat and handlebars on the rail to keep bikes off the ground and neatly stored away. Hang hooks off the rail to hang additional items such as helmets, outdoor clothing, and accessories.

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    Suspend Bikes From the Bottom of a Shelf

    Bikes hanging from the bottom of a shelf

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    Instead of suspending bikes from the ceiling using rubber-coated metal hooks, use the same method to hang them from the bottom of wall shelves. Measure the length of your bikes to ensure there is enough clearance between the ground and the bottom shelf—then install one hook per bike to hold the back wheels.

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    Repurpose Wooden Coat Hooks

    Bike hanging from wooden hooks

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    A simple set of wooden coat hooks becomes a versatile storage tool when used as a space-saving way to hang a bike on a garage wall. Mount the set of hooks on an angle to ensure the bike hangs horizontally.

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    Install an Extendable Bike Mount

    Bike hanging on a yellow wall

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    An extendable bike mount consists of a central bar that is drilled into the wall and a rubber-coated metal rack whose length and angle you can adjust. The rack can be folded up towards the wall when it's not being used and is a safe, secure, and inexpensive storage method.

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    Hang a Bike From a Post

    Bike hanging from a wooden post

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    If there is an unfortunately positioned post in your garage, utilize it! You can easily turn it into a built-in hanger for tools, accessories, and even your bike by screwing hooks on one or multiple of its faces.

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    Install a Heavy Duty Vertical Bike Hook

    Bikes hanging on the wall

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    Store one or multiple bikes on the same wall by installing heavy duty vertical bike hooks. These hooks can generally hold up to 65 pounds and are made from strong metal that's coated with rubber to protect the bike tires and rims.

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    Freestanding Bike Rack

    Bikes on a metal pole in a garage

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    A freestanding bike rack will typically accommodate at least two bikes—it's a great storage solution when you don't want to install any permanent fixtures in your garage. It's made from a sturdy and durable metal construction and holds a variety of different bikes.

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    Hang Bikes Upside Down

    Bikes hanging upside down in a garage

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    Hang bikes upside down from the ceiling off of two hooks used to hold the two tires. This makes them easy to grab by the handlebars and seat—it also maximizes limited garage storage space.

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    Utilize a Built-In Shelf

    Bike hanging on a wooden wall

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    Besides holding shelves, metal wall brackets can also be used to secure hooks to hang your bike. Make sure to install them directly into the wall studs if you're mounting the bike on drywall to ensure it stays securely in place.