Garage Door Openers Go High Tech

Two Car Garage Interior with Door

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A typical garage door opener is a motorized mechanism that opens and closes garage doors with the click of a button, the flick of a switch, or the touch of an app on your smartphone or tablet. Garage door openers were invented in 1926 but did not gain popularity until after WWII. Now it is almost unheard of to have a garage door without a motorized opener.

The garage door opener does not do the actual lifting, but with the use of counterbalance springs attached to the door, the tension of the garage door's torsion springs lift and close the garage door. A garage door opener controls how far the doors close and open and the force that the garage door experts. Garage door openers also act as a lock for the door.

High-Tech Doors 

Garage doors seem to get better and better. You can purchase a garage door that looks like wood but is energy efficient with a 19.2 R-VALUE. Purchase glass garage doors, or doors that are real wood. These types of doors provide safety, insulation, and energy-saving properties. To accompany these fantastic doors, you need to match them with a remarkable garage door opener.

New technology makes the garage door opening safer. Today, the main entranceway into a home is the garage. To keep it functioning and secure, you no longer have to be near the door as it opens and closes. You can control your door opener from anywhere.

Liftmaster Model 8550

Try out the Liftmaster Model 8550 that operates off of a battery continually charged by house current. The best thing about this opener? When and if the power goes out, the opener keeps working. The opener helps the garage door open and close quietly. High tech openers operate anywhere an Internet connection is available. Using your smartphone or computer, you can operate the garage door opener’s lights and open and close the garage door. (Interesting that you would want to open and close your garage door if you are in Europe and your garage is in the U.S., but you can do it if you want.) 

Chamberlain MyQ

Another option is the Chamberlain MyQ garage opener and app for smartphones. (Make sure it works with your existing garage door opener. It should be congruent as long as the safety reversing sensors work.) You also need to make sure your Wi-Fi signal reaches the garage door opener. Install the sensor (the manufacturer claims it takes only 30 minutes), make sure it works, and your high-tech opener is operational.

This particular company’s device has two parts. One is mounted to the garage door. Mounting a sensor to the garage door itself detects whether the door is open or closed. The remote opener is battery powered and comes with installation instructions. The second component is mounted to the garage ceiling above the garage opener. Once you have mounted both parts, connect the second component to power and turn on your smartphone app. Hit the “learn” button on the opener and follow the instructions. 

Safety and Peace of Mind

The smartphone app is easy to use. Tap the picture of the garage door and the door opens. Program the app to send you alerts when the garage door is left open. This alert system also helps if you need to allow someone access to your home, or you need to monitor your children. An event log lets you know every time the door is opened or closed. This remote and smartphone combination provides peace of mind.

Garage doors come with safety sensors that are like electronic eyes. These sensors prevent the door from closing if there is something beneath the door. If an object breaks the beam of infrared light covering the width of the door, the garage door reverses or goes back up. Sensors are designed to protect small children and pets from being crushed by a closing garage door. 

If you have forgotten to close your garage door after you’ve have left your property, the home is wide open to anyone walking by. But now there’s less worry since garage door openers today let you customize the settings to ensure the door will close after a set period. You can determine how long the door stays open. The timing can be anywhere from 3 minutes to 10 minutes.

In today’s unpredictable weather, the electricity to your home can be interrupted. You may have no power for extended periods of time and your garage door does not open. A closed garage door can leave you stranded. Install a garage door opener equipped with battery backup. You now have the added peace of mind that comes from providing your family with uninterrupted access to your home and automobiles.

Technology and safety features for garage doors include exterior lights. When installed next to your garage, outside lights that are solar-powered and motion-activated can provide another layer of safety. When the garage door opens, the lights turn on. If something approaches the garage, the lights go on. Stop being afraid to come home at night and prevent arriving in the dark.

Plus, rolling code technology is now being installed in garage door openers. This technology randomly changes the codes on your garage door opener after every use. Technology reduces the chance of someone using your code to access your home and everyone else’s home in the neighborhood. Rolling code technology in garage door openers provides protection against “code grabbers” that are used by thieves to open the garage and gain access to your home.


Your garage door is the largest moving door in any home. An improperly installed door or one that does not have an automatic opener can be a safety hazard. With a garage door opener successfully installed, you’ll have security that is rated by U.S. federal law. Garage doors manufactured since 1993 must also include a secondary safety reversing system as part of the automatic garage door opener. Any garage door opener, high tech or not, is better than manipulating your garage door by hand.