Garage Door Spring Replacement Costs

What does it cost to replace a garage door spring?

You should factor in a number of things before replacing garage door springs. WXkaima

Springs are an integral part of the operation in any garage door. Torsion springs and extension springs are kept under enormous pressure when the door is shut to help propel it upwards when you want it open. When one snaps or wears out, the door will cease to operate properly. Learn the costs of replacing the springs whether you do it yourself, or you hire a professional to handle the job so you can get it back to working quickly.

Cost of Professional Replacement

The cost of professional replacement of garage door springs will vary depending on a number of factors including the condition of the rest of the garage, the type of springs required, where you are located, and what company does the job. That said the average cost of garage door spring replacement is ​​roughly $100 per spring. Keep in mind that while only one spring may have broken, springs are mounted in pairs; if one has broken the other may be close to doing so and should probably be replaced at the same time.

To get an accurate cost, place a service call to two or three different companies in your area to get a quote and compare.

Cost of Personal Replacement

The cost of replacing the springs yourself is slightly less straightforward than getting the cost of professional replacement. This is because there are several factors to consider when coming up with the final price.

Cost of the Spring Itself

Garage door springs themselves are fairly inexpensive. They can be purchased by the pair from Amazon for roughly $35 a set; hardware stores and specialty stores also carry the springs for comparable prices. Be sure to take a current spring with you when you purchase to get an exact replacement.

Cost of Other Tools

It doesn't take a lot of tools or equipment to change a garage door spring, but it does require some things such as a clamp to hold the door in place while you change it, and safety goggles and gloves to help ensure you do it safely. The cost of these items needs to be factored into the door spring replacement cost as well. If you don't have a step stool or step ladder, that needs to be taken into consideration as well.

Cost of Time

Replacing the garage door springs is not a very difficult job, but it does take time, particularly if this is the first time you've done it. The time it takes you to find and purchase the correct spring and tools for the job, and the time it takes you to familiarize yourself with the door and the springs, and finally the time it takes to replace the springs all need to be factored into the total cost. If you take time out of work to attend to these things, the cost can be even greater. Replacing the spring safely should also be a two person job, so the cost of time on your helper needs to be considered as well.

Bottom Line

When determining the costs of replacing your garage door springs, don't forget to factor in the many different components as you weigh your decision.

Garage door springs are a crucial part of your door; make sure you get them replaced properly no matter what the final cost.