12 Garage Lighting Ideas

Garage with four semi-flush ceiling lights

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Garage lighting shouldn't be an afterthought. It should be first and foremost functional. If you can make it stylish, props to you! Whether you only use your garage to park cars or it doubles as a storage and work space, here are 12 ideas for garage lighting to try.

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    Flush- Mount Ceiling Light

    Garage with shelving, drawer storage system and bikes on the wall

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    A flush-mount ceiling light is one that is installed directly on the ceiling, as the name suggests, it is flush against the drywall. This style of light is generally very inexpensive, is usually dome-shaped and ranges from 12 to 24 inches in standard diameter. Flush-mounts typically have a glass exterior, such as this one in a garage organized by A Fresh Space, accented by a white, nickel or bronze frame. This style of light is easy to install, cost-effective if you need multiple lights, and it's also a good option if your garage ceiling is on the lower side, since it isn't suspended.

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    LED Ceiling Light

    Organized garage

    NEAT by Meg

    An LED light stands for Light-Emitting Diode. LED light bulbs are one of the most popular types on the market and one of the best for your garage. They are energy-efficient and use up to 75% less energy, and last twice or three times as long as others do. You can use LED light bulbs for overhead lights such as this one, as well as for under-cabinet and free-standing light fixtures.

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    Under-Cabinet Lighting

    Cabinets with under-cabinet lighting in a garage

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    Under-cabinet lighting provides a close and direct source of light for a task you are doing on the cabinet countertop. LED under-cabinet lights are the best choice because they are energy-efficient and come in a bight and warm white option. You can either have lights installed underneath your upper cabinets or if you don't want to deal with wiring, battery-operated puck lights or light strips that come with a remote are an excellent budget-friendly option that doesn't require electrical work. Under-cabinet lighting such as what you see in this garage designed by A Fresh Space is also a great way to add more subtle light if you don't quite want the brightness of ceiling lights but require some light in the garage.

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    Floor Lamp

    Converted garage that has a round jute rug on the wall and a daybed and desk inside

    The Home Consultant

    A converted garage opens up lots of lighting possibilities. If you're converting your garage into an additional living space such as this one by Julian Porcino, use a combination of light sources that are each suited for a different purpose. Use a ceiling light for general lighting, a floor lamp for ambience and a task light on a desk for work purposes.

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    Natural Light

    Garage with two windows

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    Besides various light fixtures, windows are a great way to bring in light — natural light! Not only do widows provide light as can be seen in this garage by A Fresh Space, they also provide ventilation which is especially important if your garage tends to get musty, or you work on various car or house projects there that involve paint, oil and other strong-smelling materials.

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    Multiple Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

    Garage with multiple pendant lights

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    For a slightly different look, if you have the overhead clearance, use semi-flush mount lights. Similar to a flush-mount, this type of light fixture is installed close to the ceiling but slightly suspended for a small gap between the light and the ceiling. It's a good choice if you want to install multiple lights, as it will give off plenty of light while also adding a little more visual interest.

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    Ceiling Beam Light

    Garage with storage system on the wall and light hanging from wood beam

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    This modern garage organized by A Fresh Space features a dark-stained wood beam with a bulb suspended directly from it. This is a great way to draw focus to the beam that adds a decorative feature to an otherwise practical and more industrial looking part of the home. It also suspends the light lower which means its brightness is more focused.

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    Fluorescent Light

    Treadmill and organized shelves in a garage

    NEAT by Meg

    Some overhead lights such as this one in a garage project from NEAT by Meg have fluorescent light tubes instead of LED, incandescent or halogen light bulbs. You can also purchase fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs that are in the form of classic bulbs and not tubes. This type of light is energy-efficient and less expensive than LEDs but do keep in mind that it takes a little while for the lights to get brighter.

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    Direct Light Above a Workspace

    Tool storage and work area in a garage

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    If you have a workspace in your garage, consider installing a linear light fixture directly above it to illuminate the work surface. It'll provide more direct light for detailed tasks without having to use larger overhead lights.

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    Motion Sensor Light

    Organized wall and bikes in a garage

    NEAT by Meg

    Installing a motion sensor light in your garage is convenient and it serves as an added a security feature for your home. You don't need to worry about finding the light switch in the dark and can have peace of mind knowing a light will turn on if there is motion in the garage. It's also a good way to conserve energy as the light will turn on when someone is inside and automatically shut off after a certain amount of time. No lights on all night because someone forgot to shut them off!

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    Multiple Sources of Light

    Cabinets with lighting in a garage

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    If you are working with a large garage that can accommodate multiple cars and has a storage area and a work space, you may want to consider more than one light source. This garage from A Fresh Space has a custom work area with under-cabinet lights that add direct task lighting. Combine that with overhead lights that distribute light across the entire garage and a motion-sensor light that's only activated when someone enters the space.

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    Linear Ceiling Light

    Organized garage

    NEAT by Meg

    A single garage such as this one from one of NEAT by Meg's projects can benefit from one or two linear ceiling lights. This type of fixture is available in various lengths and widths and distributes light well and evenly, providing enough of a light source for an entire garage.