Garage Safety Tips

Tips and Resources for Keeping Your Garage Safe and Secure

Garages can be dangerous places, which is why it is important to practice garage safety. There are several factors that contribute to the potential perils found in the modern garage. First, garages are used to store all kinds of substances that can start fires and cause injuries.

Second, tools and other sharp items lead the list of garage contents that can harm people. Lawn care products and automotive products follow close behind. finally, one of the biggest garage safety issues has nothing to do with what stuff is stored there and everything to do with how much stuff is stored there.

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    Garage Organization

    Items inside a garage
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    With all of the sharp, heavy and incendiary objects stored in the typical garage, you might be surprised to learn that the leading cause of garage injuries is a lack of organization. Messy garages create tripping hazards, and poor storage causes items to fall (on your head or foot, for example).

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    Garage Doors

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    Automatic garage doors have become much safer over the years, but accidents and injuries still occur. Children are particularly vulnerable to harm. One big reason for that can be summarized by the expression “children will be children.” In this case, children will be tempted to play with the garage door opener. It’s fun.

    So, in addition to explaining that a garage door opener is no toy, make sure to maintain safety in the event that your words are ignored. Keep your garage door opener in a safe condition.

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    Fire Prevention

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    Many home fires begin in the garage. And those fires can spread rapidly given the presence of flammable and incendiary items stored in most garages. Take steps to reduce the chances of a fire beginning in your garage – and alerting the household if one does.

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    Mother Nature

    Hurricane Sandy damage in New Jersey
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    Garages are often a weak link in the house when faced with a hurricane or other high winds. That’s because the bulky garage door is so weak compared with the rest of the house’s exterior. Experience has taught those who live in hurricane-prone areas to take precautions, and everyone facing potentially high winds can learn from their lessons.

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    Child Safety

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    It’s easy enough for adults to hurt themselves in a garage. A typical garage is full of sharp tools, dangerous substances, and heavy objects. Children are even more vulnerable to these potential threats.

    Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to minimize the chances of your children and their friends running into trouble in the garage. Especially if your garage is used, even if only on rainy days, as a playroom, don't put off making the space as safe as possible.