6 Ways to Find a Yard Sale Near You

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Use one of these garage sale finders and you'll never have to drive around trying to find those hard-to-read garage sale signs that often lead to nowhere. These free apps and websites will not only help you find out about yard sales in your area, but some of them will even navigate you there and alert you when new sales are posted. 

By using these tools, you'll spend less time gathering up addresses of garage sales and you'll be able to hit more sales because you'll be able to easily sort them by neighborhood. It will take a little bit of time to learn how to use them, but that time will pay off big time when Saturday morning comes around.

You can plan your garage sale shopping from the comfort of your own home by using Facebook to find garage sales. You may also consider trying local selling apps the help people sell their stuff and maybe become a client so you can make more room for the items you bring home from all your new garage sale conquests. 

Thinking about hosting your own garage sale? Some of these same resources can help you make more money at your next sale and learn how to price your garage sale items.

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    Yard Sale Treasure Map

    Screenshot of the Yard Sale Treasure Map app

    Yard Sale Treasure Map

    Yard Sale Treasure Map is a free app available for iOS and Android that takes Craigslist garage sale listings and puts the locations on Google Maps so you can quickly find garage sales around you. To use the app, allow it to access your location and you'll see all the garage sales within 20 miles and—with the free version—filter sales by whether they occur on Wednesdays or Saturdays.

    Click on a listing to view the complete Craigslist posting for photos, descriptions, and other details. You can also use the app for driving directions, generating a list of all the sales near you, and to rate a sale once you've visited.

    For a small annual fee, the paid version of the app unlocks other features, such as the ability to view sales that take place on days other than Wednesday or Saturday, create a route from garage sale to garage sale, and search for specific items.

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    Garage Sales by Map

    Screenshot of the Garage Sales by Map app

    Garage Sales by Map

    Garage Sales by Map is another free garage sale finder app (available for both iOS and Android) that links up Craiglist with Google maps. You can view the garage sales in your area on a map, as a list, or by photos of sales in your area. You can view the entire Craigslist ad with a click and favorite sales so you can quickly find them later.

    One of the best features of Garage Sales by Map is that it clearly displays the days and hours of the sale without you having to go through each of the ads to find that information. There's an ad-free premium membership available for a monthly charge.

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    Screenshot of a Craigslist search for garage sales


    If you're not interested in using an app to find garage sales, you can go straight to your local area's Craigslist site and look for sales under the "Garage and Moving Sales" category. Craigslist has tools that allow you to set the date of the sale, the miles away from a certain zip code you'd like to search in, and other filters so you can search titles only, only look at listing with images, identify new sales, bundle duplicate listings, and include areas other than your chosen Craigslist city. You can view your results as a gallery, list, or on a map. You can also search within the garage sale listings. 

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    Garage Sales Tracker

    Screenshot of garage sale listings on the Garage Sales Tracker website

    Garage Sales Tracker

    Garage Sales Tracker is a website where users can search for garage sales in their area that have been posted directly to the Garage Sales Tracker website. Unfortunately, this means that you're only going to find it useful if your city has sellers that are actively listing garage sales. Each garage sale listing has the dates and times, address, details, and photos that you can browse through and you can set up alerts so you know when a new sale is posted in your area.

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    Yard Sale Search

    The homepage of Yard Sale Search

    Yard Sale Search

    Yard Sale Search is another garage sale finder website that works a lot like Garage Sales Tracker—you put in your city or zip code to see a list of garage sales in your area. These results are limited by the garage sales that have been listed right on the site so the postings will depend on how many people in your area use the service. You can also use Yard Sale Search to post your yard sale or get notified when sales in your area are posted.

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    Garage Sale Finder

    A screenshot of garage sale listings

    Garage Sale Finder

    Garage Sale Finder works just like how it should. It's easy to use and gets you to the addresses fast. It gets even better if you register (which is free) because you get to create driving routes and save garage sales. There's no fee to use Garage Sale Finder, and it's even free for sellers wanting to list their yard sales.