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If you're like most of us, you enter your house through your garage and possibly even take your shoes off and leave them next to the door on the way in. One or two pairs of shoes quickly become a pile of shoes that you're tripping over. This is a pretty common storage issue and it could be difficult to form a garage organization plan. We've pulled together some of our favorite ways to keep the shoe mess under control. 

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    PVC Is Inexpensive and Easy

    PVC Shoe Storage

    Home Stories A to Z

    PVC Pipe is easy to find at your local hardware store and they're usually happy to make cuts for you making this an easy DIY project. Beth, the blogger behind Home Stories A to Z, took the extra step and made this project decorative but it's not necessary for it to be functional. The only thing this system is lacking is a place for boots. Still great if you're looking for a spot to keep the shoes you use for yard work, golfing, or sports out of your way. 

    PVC Pipe Shoe Organizer from Home Stories A to Z

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    Wire Shelving for Open and Visible Storage

    Wire Shoe Shelves


    Maybe you like the idea of things off the floor and want to see all of your shoes, wire shelving is a great option if that's your preference. it is easy to install, completely adjustable for boots, flats, kids' sizes, etc. and affordable. Many home improvement stores, like Lowes, sell these types of wire storage racks to organize your shoes.

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    Slatwall Is Versatile and Diverse

    Slatwall Garage Shoe Storage

    Flow Wall Storage Solutions

    Slatwall is completely versatile and the accessories can be changed without much work. Shoes can be organized on wire racks, shelves, in baskets, or on hooks. Panels and accessories can be easily found online at places like Amazon, FixtureDepot, and Handisolutions.

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    Lockers for a Refined Look

    Garage Lockers

    Dixie Delights

    Does your family have more than shoes that litter your entryway? Or maybe you're looking for something a little more refined and defined? A locker or cubby system might be the right fit for your family. You can purchase a DIY kit or have a pro come out and build a custom system for you. This system was a custom DIY project by Dixie Delights, but kits can be found at places like Organized Living, and Wayfair.

    Garage Organization Remodel from Dixie Delights

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    Repurpose a Bookshelf or Crates

    Repurposed Bookshelf Shoe Storage


    A great way to reuse an old bookshelf that has found its way to the basement or garage is to turn it into something a little more functional like blogger, Cassiefairy's Superstar Shoe Storage post.​ Wooden crates are another great item to repurpose. They're definitely durable enough to withstand garage climate changes, they're interchangeable and decorative. 

    Superstar Shoe Storage from Cassiefariy

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    Find a Corner

    Corner Shoe Storage

    Design to Dwell

    We also realize some garages don't have much extra space and some people don't want a bunch of shoes collecting in their garage, these corner shelves are simple and they will limit the number of shoes you will have accumulating at your door. An inexpensive option, maybe not as versatile as some of the rest, but still very functional.

    Garage Organization from Designed to Dwell

So Many Options

While we realize there are many other (and possibly better) places to store your shoes than the garage, the garage seems to be a dropping point in most homes and it becomes frustrating for most families. It's nice to have a place you can quickly put shoes away until they make it to their final destination so you're not tripping over them on your way into your home.