27 Garden Decor Ideas to Update and Accent Your Space

A bakcyard with a brightly painted patio

Dazey Den

Whether you're an avid gardener or a novice, your garden may need some extra pizzazz with a little decor. From stunning garden sculptures to DIY greenhouse decor, we share a variety of decor ideas that will fit any design style and garden size.

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    Designate a Spot to Relax

    A recessed garden wall with a bench

    @afrobohemianliving / Instagram

    The recessed, white garden wall stretches across the entire backyard. The wall is simple yet elegant, with a sleek finish that contrasts beautifully with the lush greenery. A simple wooden bench situated in front of the garden complements the clean lines of the garden wall and is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the tranquil backyard.

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    Add Pops of Color

    A front entrance with bright orange accents

    Dazey Den

    PVC piping is a budget-friendly decor option to incorporate into your yard. With a little paint, PVC piping can take on the look of metal or clay. These PVC pipes have been cut diagonally and painted in various shades of bright orange to create a stunning addition to this front garden.

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    Divide Your Backyard Into Zones

    A backyard with an ornate room divider

    Emily Henderson / Design by Emily Bowser / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    If you have a large backyard, dividing it into separate areas will allow you to enjoy each area to its fullest. These antique room dividers separate the sitting area from the garden just beyond. Not only does it help create zones but it is also a stylish addition that draws the eyes up.

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    Look Around Your Home for Decor

    A shelf with plants and a gold picture frame

    Ursula Carmona by Home Made by Carmona

    If you have shelves of growing plants, spruce it up with some decor items from around your home like a gold picture frame and candlesticks. It's a free way to add your personal aesthetic to your outdoor space.

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    Create a Passageway

    A raised garden with a metal circle decor

    @ladylandscape / Instagram

    As soon as you step through this moon gate, you'll be surrounded by the raised veggie garden beds. The passageway to the veggie garden is not only a stunning decor piece but it helps separate the garden from the rest of the backyard.

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    Create a Focal Point

    An Asian-style garden

    Maite Granda

    A statue is an easy way to create a focal point that can act as an inspiration piece to help plan out the rest of your garden. This spiritual Asian-inspired statue sits behind a modern gas fireplace and is surrounded by bamboo, which sets the tone for the rest of the garden.

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    Light Up Your Backyard

    A cottage style backyard with a neon sign

    COTTAGE + SEA / Instagram

    The potted succulents give this outdoor seating area a lush, refreshing look, while the growing vines on the fence truly immerse you in nature. A neon sign at the center of the sitting area that reads "It's mint to be" is a bright, eye-catching sign that pops against the dark colors of the surrounding plants. It's a playful touch that adds a sense of whimsy to the space.

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    Make a Stylish Plant Cover

    A raised garden with a stylish plant cover

    Ursula Carmona by Home Made by Carmona

    If you've taken the time to create the perfect garden aesthetic, a plant cover can ruin the look. Instead, make your own plant cover that's as stylish as it is functional.

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    Display Potted Plants

    A backyard walkway with potted plants

    Dazey Den

    For a one-of-a-kind way to display your container garden, look to your backyard's walkway. The stepping stones are the perfect spots to place a variety of potted plants for an aesthetically pleasing look.

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    Keep It Simple

    A backyard with distressed planters

    Mindy Gayer

    This minimalistic garden needs simple decor to match. The oversized, rustic clay pots keep with the minimalistic look while bringing texture and interest to the backyard.

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    Go With Black

    A backyard with a black privacy wall

    Mindy Gayer

    Adding a backdrop for your garden can really help your plants stand out. This black privacy wall helps the green and red colors of the garden to pop instead of blending in with the trees beyond the wall.

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    Skip the Plants

    A multicolored rock garden in a backyard

    Mocha Girl Place

    Plants aren't the only way to create a visually-appealing garden. A rock garden in a variety of colors and patterns is a one-of-a-kind feature to add to your backyard, especially if you don't want the maintenance of a traditional garden.

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    Take a Nap

    A desert style backyard with a hammock

    Dazey Den

    There is a raw beauty that comes with a desert backyard, with the rocky terrain view just beyond the backyard and the various succulents that border the backyard. At the center of the backyard is a bold-striped hammock that stands out against the neutral tones of the surrounding landscape. The bistro lights hanging above the hammock cast a warm glow that makes this spot the ultimate place to take a nap.

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    Display Garden Tools Like Artwork

    A wall in a backyard with hanging garden tools

    Ursula Carmona by Home Made by Carmona

    If you have pretty garden tools, display them on your shed or greenhouse wall. Not only does this make the perfect garden decor, but it also makes your tools easily accessible and will encourage you to keep your tools clean, too.

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    Incorporate White Accents

    A backyard with an ornate gate

    @ladylandscape / Instagram

    You wouldn't normally pick the color white as a vibrant color, but it really does pop against a lush green garden. Whether you choose to plant white flowers or incorporate white decor items, the contrast will create a stunning visual impact. This backyard features an intricate gate that acts as a simple accent piece that makes a big statement.

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    Customize With Signs

    A backyard with a DIY herb garden sign

    Ursula Carmona by Home Made by Carmona

    You can give your garden a custom look with DIY signs. And, if you have a cutting machine that can cut wood, you can make as many signs as your heart desires. This Herb Garden sign is a stylish way to differentiate all the plants in your garden.

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    Add Shade and Style

    A green hosue with burlap shade cover

    Ursula Carmona by Home Made by Carmona

    Not only is a shade cloth essential for providing shade during hot summer months, but it can also act as a design detail. This greenhouse gets an update with some draped burlap that brings rustic charm to the space.

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    Create an Inviting Ambiance

    A greenhouse with candle decorations

    Ursula Carmona by Home Made by Carmona

    What's cozier and more welcoming than the warm glow of candlelight? This greenhouse gets some personality with a variety of thrifted items, from the candle holder to the patterned saucer plate and glass cloche.

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    Paint a Concrete Slab

    A backyard with a brightly painted patio

    Dazey Den

    This desert garden gets splashes of color with a little paint and furniture to match. What was once a plain concrete slab is now the focal point of this backyard. The bright orange color is seen throughout the backyard, from the tabletop planter to the fire pit and chairs just beyond the sitting area.

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    Don't Forget the Walls

    A greenhouse with a grow already neon sign

    Ursula Carmona by Home Made by Carmona

    If you want to keep your garden shelves free for more plants, a greenhouse wall is a perfect opportunity to hang some decor. This fun neon sign adds some whimsy and humor to the space.

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    Add Pattern

    A back deck with patterned flooring

    Design by Emily Henderson / Photo by Tessa Neustadt

    From the potted plants to the rose bush, this outdoor deck is filled with lush plants. The deck is painted in a refreshing blue and white pattern that breaks up the monotonous color of the surrounding garden.

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    Mimic Plant Shapes

    A front entrance with bright orange accents

    Dazey Den

    This succulent garden features cacti at varying heights to add visual interest. PVC piping, painted in a variety of bright shades of orange, spruces up one part of the garden that also features cacti at the same height and shape. This brings a cohesive look while adding a contrast of color.

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    Make a Stylish Trellis

    A deck with plants and a copper and black trellis

    Ursula Carmona by Home Made by Carmona

    Every climbing plant needs a trellis, but it's hard to find a stylish trellis at your local store. Instead, make your own using copper piping and stained wood.

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    Relax All Day and Night

    A backyard with a pool and string lights

    @ann.living / Instagram

    This backyard is designed for the ultimate spot to relax and enjoy fresh air—from the comfortable lounge chair to the above-ground pool. The garden just beyond has an area you can dine al fresco and bistro lights that hang among the tree branches so you can stay out even after the sun goes down.

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    Display Your Container Garden

    Hanging potted plants on a garden gate

    dmf87 / Getty Images

    Display your abundant container garden vertically on a garden gate or lattice to help draw the eyes up while saving room for more plants.

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    Save Wine Corks

    A cork plant marker

    sub buzz / Getty Images

    Next time you open a bottle of wine, save the cork to use as a plant label. Wine corks are an easy, budget-friendly way to label your edible garden while adding a cute design.

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    Add a Variety of Planters

    A cozy backyward with a mountain view

    @s.u.s.a.p / Instagram

    A combination of planters in the same color family adds a cohesive look while bringing texture and interest to a wall of trees. The color of the planters is carried through to the outdoor seating nearby.

How can I decorate my garden on a budget?

Decorating your garden doesn't have to break the bank. First, look around your home for items you may already have that will work in your garden. Think, picture frames, candlesticks, glass decor items, etc. You can also visit your local thrift shops for garden decor, or you can make your own decor by looking up how-tos online. These will help you save on items that can make a big design impact.

What types of lighting can I add to my garden?

Hanging bistro lights are one the trendiest ways to add lighting to your garden and outdoor space. Other stylish lighting options include lanterns, outdoor pathway lights, LED strips, and candles.

How do I decorate my garden with statues?

Start with a theme: Is your personal style Asian-inspired, Victorian-inspired, whimsical, or elegant? From there, select a size. You don't want to pick a large statue if you have a small garden and vice versa. Once you pick out your statue, decide where you want to place it. You may want to place it slightly higher than the rest of your garden, like on a stand or large stone to help it stand out. Once you've picked your statue and where you'll place it, you can build the rest of your garden around it.