Garden Kneelers and Seats for Comfort and Ease

There's Nothing Like Some Cushioning in the Garden

Gardeners spend a lot of time on their knees and we have the tears and mud stains to prove it. Often there is no alternative to kneeling ​since that's where the plants are. However kneeling for any length of time can be very hard on several parts of the body, not just the knees. Thankfully, there are alternatives.

Kneelers, from the simple padded foam varieties to those shown here, can ease the pressure of being on your knees and the stress of getting up and down. If these are not enough for...MORE you, consider a gardening seat. Some expand you range of motion and others even follow you around. 

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    Foldable Garden Kneeler
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    This is a step up from the flat, foam kneeler. It's a basic model, but it's quite useful if you have trouble kneeling or getting up from kneeling. Don't we all, eventually?) You can use it to sit on or flip it over and use it as a padded kneeler that's about 6 in. off the ground.

    The 2 ft. side handles support you when it's time to stand up. It's a frame that can support at least 250 lbs.

    It's there when you need it and then the whole thing folds up to carry with you or store. The frame is powder-coated, tubular steel and light-weight. Dimensions: 11.25" (W) x 24.25" (D) x 6.0" (H)

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    Garden Hopper
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    The Garden Hopper eliminates the need for kneeling. It has a comfortable seat and it's on wheels. You can scoot yourself over without even getting up. The 7 in. Wheels are large enough to maneuver on most surfaces, even grass. The whole thing is also light enough to lift and move, when necessary.

    Under the seat is an area for storing your tools, for easy access. It even has a cup holder, an essential gardening tool on hot or cold days. I'm expecting newer models to come with a spot for your phone. Big bonus: it comes fully assembled. Dimensions: 12.5" (H) x 23" (L) x 13" (W). Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.

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    Garden Rocker Seat
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    This is an odd looking thing, isn't it? It looks like you'll have a hard time balancing on it, but it's actually very ergonomic and quite fun to use. It rocks and rolls as you move, so you don't have to use your back quite so much to reach down and around plants. It's lower to the ground than you might imagine. It's only 4 in. high, although you can adjust the height somewhat, and the seat can accommodate up to 350 lbs.

    It's the curved base that allows you to move in pretty much any direction. Besides easing the stress on your lower back, it's also good for your knees and you won't feel quite so tired after working for a few hours since you're not putting your weight on your joints.

    If kneeling is difficult for you, this is a great alternative. Even if kneeling is no problem, it's still nice to be upright now and then. You will have to move it along, as you work down a border, but it's lightweight and I would guess anyone who could get down to sit on it could also lift it. Dimensions: 4 in. W x 4 in. D x 4 in. H

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