Garden Tasks

As a gardener, your to-do list changes through the seasons and we'll teach you every task you should know, including planting, pruning, and winterizing.
how to fertilize strawberries
Guide to Fertilizing Strawberries for Maximum Yield
annabelle hydrangea with big white flower clusters and large green leaves
How to Prune Annabelle Hydrangeas for Beautiful Blooms
Woman gardening outside
6 Tried-and-True Tricks Longtime Gardeners Swear By
Pine mulch and rake
When to Mulch: the Dos and Don'ts of Mulching
Biodegradable homemade seedling pots
20 Gardening Hacks to Help You Get Growing, Approved by Experts
A selection of vegetables and fruit that make great companion plants for onions.
Onion Companion Planting: 18 Onion Companion Plants to Grow
Frilled Tree for how to kill a tree
How to Kill a Tree: 5 Different Methods
Epiphytic Orchid
What Are Epiphytes?
Pine Straw Mulch
Pine Straw Mulch: What It Is and How to Use It
Hothouse Tomatoe
All About Hothouse Tomatoes
A well-pruned Japanese maple at Westonbirt Arboretum.
All About Pruning Japanese Maples: How, When, and More
Tomato Life Cycle
Tomato Plant Growth Timeline: the 7 Stages (With Pictures)
Watering Tomato Plants
How Often to Water Tomato Plants for Maximum Growth
Pink and blue hydrangeas
How to Get Hydrangeas to Turn Pink or Blue
Tomato Fertilizer
Guide to Fertilizing Tomatoes: How and When to Do It
bright colored spring gardening tools and flowers
The Spring Gardening Tips Pro Gardeners Wish They Knew Sooner
Sow seeds indoors
How to Successfully Start Seeds Indoors, According to a Pro
Houseplant being watered in a sink
What Is Bottom Watering? Here's How It Helps Your Plants
how much is a yard of dirt
How Much Is a Yard of Dirt? Cost, Coverage Area and More
Rosa chinensis in bloom
How to Grow and Care for Rosa Chinensis
Magnolia tree branch with flower buds.
Three Reasons Why Magnolia Buds Don't Open
Venus flytrap plant in orange terracotta pot with small green traps on wooden shelf
How to Repot a Venus Flytrap
Child planting a seedling into soil
Can You Reuse Potting Soil?
Mulch madness from The Spruce
Mulch Madness: Let's Get Ready to Garden!
How to Add Phosphorus to Soil: 8 Different Ways
Bed of brightly colored annual flowers
31 Gorgeous Flower Bed Ideas Worth Recreating
Sun on Tomatoes
How Much Sun Do Tomatoes Need?
Overhead view of gardener wearing yellow gloves and scoop of limestone on a trowel in the soil
How to Raise the pH of Soil
Get your garden ready
Get Your Garden Ready: Our Essential Spring Gardening Tips
Adding nitrogen meal to soil
How to Add Nitrogen to Soil in Any Season
Straw Mulch
Straw Mulch: Uses and Benefits
Side view of hand adding nitrogen granules to the soil
8 Ways to Add Nitrogen to Your Soil
Cherry Blossoms in Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver
How to Prune a Cherry Tree
Young woman pruning a shrub.
What Is Pruning? Benefits, Types and Required Tools
overhead view of window box planted with seedlings on wooden table with clay pots, red gloves, and potted herbs on wooden deck
8 Simple Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring Planting
Closeup of man pruning a lemon tree canopy with loppers
How and When to Properly Prune a Lemon Tree
Working soil amendments into garden soil
Guide to Soil Amendments: What They Are and How to Use Them
Starting Seeds Indoors
When to Start Seeds Indoors For the Greatest Success
how deep should a raised garden bed be
How Deep Should a Raised Garden Bed Be?
Rainwater Harvesting
A Beginner's Guide to Rainwater Harvesting
rows of green savoy cabbages with frost outdoors in winter garden
How to Garden Outdoors in Winter and Grow Fresh Vegetables
Mature compost
How to Use Compost in Your Garden
Bacterial disease of geranium flowers
7 Common Reasons Why Geranium Leaves Turn Yellow
Overhead view of a gardener holding a handful of soil in the garden
How to Lower Soil pH in 4 Easy Steps
Planting a tree
How to Plant a Tree the Right Way
Topsoil delivery
Fill Dirt vs. Topsoil: What's the Difference?
Beauty bushes in flower growing along a house foundation.
How to Remove Large Bushes and Shrubs Safely
5 Reasons Why Your Hydrangea Is Wilting
Transplanting seedlings
How and When to Transplant Seedlings for Maximum Success
A woman tilling a field using a rototiller.
How to Till a Garden Efficiently and Quickly
Multiflora roses blooming
How to Identify and Remove Multiflora Rose
Garden Tools
How to Winterize a Garden
Watering flower bed
How Often Should You Water Outdoor Plants?
Melissa covered in frost
How to Save Frost-Damaged Plants
Wilted leaves on vegetable plant.
4 Signs That Your Plants Are Too Cold
Compost and native soil
What Is Mushroom Compost and Why Use It
Perlite in someone's hand against a backdrop of more perlite.
Vermiculite vs. Perlite: What's the Difference?
Flowering dogwood tree with red flowers.
The Best Time to Plant Trees
Preparing to plant strawberry bare roots in the garden
How to Plant Strawberry Bare Roots
Cotton Burr
What Is Cotton Burr Compost?