As a gardener, your to-do list changes through the seasons and we'll teach you every task you should know, including planting, pruning, and winterizing.
Bacterial disease of geranium flowers
7 Common Reasons Why Geranium Leaves Turn Yellow
Lower Soil pH
How to Lower Soil pH in 4 Easy Steps
Planting a tree
How to Plant a Tree the Right Way
Topsoil delivery
Fill Dirt vs. Topsoil: What's the Difference?
Beauty bushes in flower growing along a house foundation.
How to Remove Large Bushes and Shrubs Safely
5 Reasons Why Your Hydrangea Is Wilting
Transplanting seedlings
How and When to Transplant Seedlings for Maximum Success
A woman tilling a field using a rototiller.
How to Till a Garden Efficiently and Quickly
Multiflora rose
How to Identify and Remove Multiflora Rose
Garden Tools
How to Winterize a Garden
Watering flower bed
How Often Should You Water Outdoor Plants?
Melissa covered in frost
How to Save Frost-Damaged Plants
Wilted leaves on vegetable plant.
4 Signs That Your Plants Are Too Cold
Compost and native soil
What Is Mushroom Compost and Why Use It
Perlite in someone's hand against a backdrop of more perlite.
Vermiculite vs. Perlite: What's the Difference?
Flowering dogwood tree with red flowers.
The Best Time to Plant Trees
Closeup showing strawberry bare roots
How to Plant Strawberry Bare Roots
Cotton Burr
What Is Cotton Burr Compost?
Drip Irrigation in Garden
How to Make a DIY Garden Irrigation System
Closeup of someone deadheading a spent rose with pruners
How to Deadhead Roses
Tomato leaves curling and yellowing
7 Reasons Your Tomato Plant Leaves Are Curling & What to Do
Peas growing in mulch
What Is the Back to Eden Gardening Method?
Zucchini plant with bumblebee
What Does Open-Pollinated Mean?
Cucumber sprout and mesh for garden plants in the garden in the open ground
14 DIY Cucumber Trellis Ideas
4 Types of Fertilizer and How to Choose One
Planting bare root roses
How to Plant Bare Root Roses
Prepare Soil to Plant Vegetabkes
How to Prepare Soil for Planting Vegetables
gardening pro products
Gardening Experts' 11 Favorite Yard & Plant Care Products
gravel garden with plants
How to Create a Gravel Garden
blue nigella flowers in a field
What Are Heirloom Seeds?
Closeup of someone harvesting basil in a garden
How to Harvest Herbs & Keep Them Growing
The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map
What Are Hardiness Zones?
Floral arrangement from Flowers for Dreams
Make Cut Flowers Look Amazing With These Tips from a Florist
Gravel garden steps
14 Gravel Garden Ideas for a Water-Wise Garden
Person with green garden gloves dividing hosta plant with blue spade
How to Divide Hostas
Vegetable garden
Using Intercropping in the Home Garden
greenhouse with open doors
How to Pick Out a Greenhouse
Gravel Garden
All About Gravel Gardens
dining room in a greenhouse
25 Greenhouse Ideas for Gardening and More
Potted basil plant with dense leaves being pruned with basket full of harvested leaves
How to Prune Basil
Hand pollinating tomato plants
Why, When, and How to Hand Pollinate Plants
seedlings and two peppers
9 Items That Helped Me Grow 326 Plants from Seed
Small beginner flower garden in front of white picket fence
11 Essential Tips Beginner Gardeners Should Know
Rotating yellow sprinkler watering grass lawn
How Long Should I Water My Lawn?
tomato plant spacing
How to Space Tomato Plants
Perennial flower garden with white, pink and purple flowers surrounded with trees
22 Layouts and Design Plans for a Perennial Flower Garden
garden bed
Planting by the Moon: What Is Moon Phase Gardening?
Blushing Knock Out roses in bloom.
What to Know About Transplanting Roses
Tumbler compost bin near house wall.
Compost vs. Fertilizer: What's the Difference?
Strawberry leaves changing color in the fall
How to Care for Strawberry Plants in Winter
Young lettuce plants with black rubber irrigation hose
Guide to Drip Irrigation Systems
Shredded bark placed around planted flowers as mulch in garden
How to Mulch Your Yard and Garden
Wilted amaryllis after the bloom
What to Do with Amaryllis After It Blooms
Unripe green tomatoes on a plant with yellowing leaves
Why Are There Yellow Leaves On My Tomato Plants?
Leaves of a tomato plant turning purple and black
Why Are My Tomato Leaves Turning Purple?
What Is Humus in Soil and How to Use It
Azalea bush nearing readiness to be pruned
When to Trim Azaleas
Tomatoes on the vine upside down
How to Grow Upside-Down Tomatoes
Tree stabilized with 2 tree stakes.
How to Stake a Tree
Small plant being planted in soil.
Soil pH: What Every Gardener Needs to Know About Soil pH