As a gardener, your to-do list changes through the seasons and we'll teach you every task you should know, including planting, pruning, and winterizing.
colorful English style garden with magenta tulips and red roses, lawn and wooden bench
11 Essential Tips Beginner Gardeners Should Know
tomato plant spacing
How Far Apart To Plant Tomatoes
garden bed
Does Moon Phase Gardening Actually Work?
Blushing Knock Out roses in bloom.
What to Know About Transplanting Roses
Tumbler compost bin near house wall.
Learn How Compost and Fertilizer Differ, How to Use Them
Young lettuce plants with black rubber irrigation hose
Guide to Drip Irrigation Systems for Your Garden
Pile of bark mulch, wheelbarrow, rake, and pails.
Mulch: What It Does, How to Use It
Unripe green tomatoes on a plant with yellowing leaves
Why Are There Yellow Leaves On My Tomato Plants?
The Role and Function of Humus in Garden Soil
Closeup of flowers of an orange azalea shrub.
Learn When to Trim Azaleas and Avoid Heartbreak
Tree stabilized with 2 tree stakes.
How to Stake a Tree
Small plant being planted in soil.
Soil pH: What Every Gardener Needs to Know About Soil pH
Swiss chard can survive a light frost
How to Protect Cold-Sensitive Plants from Frost
Flower clusters of a white hydrangea bush.
How to Winterize Hydrangeas
A forsythia hedge set off by evergreens.
How to Perform Thinning Cuts on a Shrub
Small oak tree sapling next to large acorn inside small pot
How to Grow an Oak Tree From Acorns
Tall and low-growing vegetables side by side in a permaculture garden
What is a Permaculture Garden and How to Start It
Watering tomatoes
20 Tips for Watering Your Indoor and Outdoor Plants
closeup of blood meal texture
When and How to Use Blood Meal in Your Garden
Gardening bag with tools in pockets and shovels in front next to flower garden
The 12 Essential Gardening Tools You Need
Yellow wheelbarrow full of topsoil with shovel on top
What Is Topsoil and What Are Its Benefits?
closeup of cypress mulch
Is Cypress Mulch Good or Bad?
Tree trunk cut down in wooden area
How to Cut Down a Tree Safely
raised planter boxes
12 Free Raised Planter Box Plans for Your Yard or Porch
Transplanting Asparagus
Transplant and Grow Asparagus the Right Way
fig tree
The When and How on Pruning Fig Trees
young lily shoots in early spring
This Simple Method Will Increase Your Daylily Collection
person watering a garden bed
Are You Watering Your Plants at the Right Time?
Ripe Peaches Growing on Tree
Grow Bushels of Peaches From One Seed
Transplanted bearded iris plants in ground with fan-like leaves trimmed
Refresh Your Bearded Iris by Transplanting
Hosta Gardening
Transplant Your Hosta Like a Pro—Here's How
Two peaches hanging from a peach tree branch.
How to Prune Peach Trees
person pruning a lavender plant
How to Prune Lavender Plants
How to Harvest and Save Zinnia Seeds
How to Overwinter Dahlia Tubers
How to Overwinter Dahlia Tubers
Orange canna lily flower
How to Store Canna Bulbs for Winter
rotting stem cuttings
How to Propagate Plants Using Stem Cuttings
white hydrangea shrub
How to Prune Different Species of Hydrangeas
Gardening in urban backyard
How to Prune Trees and Plants
Lilac bush with light pink flower clusters on spike next to large leaves
How to Prune Lilac Bushes
How to Prune Clematis Plants
Plant cutting transplanted with hands covering plant with soil
Learn How to Transplant Garden Plants
Raspberry plant
How to Prune Raspberry and Blackberry Plants
seedlings receiving sunlight
Don't Make These Common Seed Starting Mistakes
flowers sitting on a table
How to Make Your Own Flower Food
Plant stem with grafting held by hand with black gloves
What Does Grafting Mean When It Comes to Plants?
Ladder leaning against apple tree
Prune Your Overgrown Apple Tree to Boost Its Vigor
items for planting zinnia seeds
Planting and Growing Zinnia Seeds
Grafted cherry tree with bare drooping branches with dead leaves
Which Are the Most Often Grafted Plants?
Unwanted suckers growing from rootstock of olive tree (Olea europaea)
Controlling Suckers to Keep Your Plants Healthy
drying calendula
What to Know About Harvesting and Drying Calendula
Yellow wheelbarrow with removed grass for garden bed
How to Deal With Grass When Building a Garden Bed
Person testing the acidity of the soil
This Is How to Improve Acidic Soil in Your Garden
A man tending a garden
How to Use Fish Emulsion Organic Fertilizer
Manure tea steeping in a bucket
Manure Tea Sounds Gross But Is Great for Your Garden
fertilizing a lawn
Why It's Important to Fertilize in Late Fall
Wet fertilized grass in sunlight
Fertilizing Tip: Water-In With Rain
Magnolia trees with white and pink flowers blooming on branches closeup
When Is the Best Time to Prune Magnolia Trees?
old seeds
Learn How to Save Old Vegetable and Flower Seeds for Future Planting
Evergreen tree branches pruned by long sheers
Pruning Your Fir Trees in the Landscape