Gardeners need a variety of tools to complete their everyday tasks and we've tried them all. We'll help you with shears, pruners, spades, and more.
Person filing a mower blade to sharpen it.
Keep Your Grass Healthy by Keeping Your Mower Blades Sharp
Light gray shed with opened French doors to interior living space
Get Ideas: 19 Stylish Shed Designs
Manual Sod Cutter
People-Powered Sod Cutter Clears the Way for a Lawn Renovation
Black lawn mower with cleaned yellow air filter and cover removed
How to Clean Your Lawn Mower Air Filter
Man using snowblower in winter storm
Single-Stage vs. Two-Stage Gas Snow Blowers
Gardener using telescopic pruning shears for garden maintenance
4 Different Types of Pole Pruners and How to Choose One
Reel lawn mower
Everything You Need to Know About Reel Mowers
Baby blue and white outdoor shed near flower garden
What to Look for in an Outdoor Storage Shed
lawnmower on grass
The Best Time to Buy a Lawn Mower
Potting bench made from plans with potting materials and plants in containers outside in backyard
Create a Unique Place to Grow With These Free Potting Bench Plans
Long handle pruning saw and secateurs cutting apple (Malus) tree
Learn How to Use a Pole Saw Safely for Tree Pruning
Image of a Black & Decker leaf blower.
Learn How and When to Use Leaf Blower or Vacuums
Gray wheelbarrow and garden cart on lawn next to flower garden
How to Choose Between a Wheelbarrow or Garden Cart
Lawn mower running over enclosed grass lawn closeup
This Is How and When You Should Add Oil to Your Lawn Mower
scarecrow with an upside-down pot for a head and a straw hat
15 Ideas for Making Scarecrows
Help, My Snow Blower Won't Start Up!
Person using shears to trim potted shrub
Select Your Garden Hand Pruners by Style, Cost, and Comfort
Farmers in field
Choose The Best Garden Hoe For You With These Reviews
Cutting and bagging grass and leaves in the fall
Do Mulching Mowers Really Provide Mulch?
Zero turn lawn mower
All About Zero Turn Mowers
Small garden tiller cultivating soil.
Small Tillers Are Ideal for the Home Garden
Green garden pruners being sharpened with metal file
How to Clean & Sharpen Your Garden Hand Pruners
Person with blue jeans pushing a lawn mower.
Self-Propelled Mowers Do a Lot of the Work for You
Worker using leaf blower to remove leaves from the road.
The Best Ways to Clean Up Fall Leaves
Man inspecting deck and blade of lawn mower.
This Is How to Clean Your Lawn Mower Deck
Pole pruner
Taking down High Twigs to Clean up a Tree
woman trimming plant with shears
Tips for Taking Your Garden Pruning to the Next Level
Lopper gardening shears cutting tall shrub branches
When and How To Use Loppers
Person mowing a lawn
Basic Lawn Care Tools and What They Are Used For
Shrub branch being cut by pruning saw with red handle
How to Use a Pruning Saw for Trees and Shrubs
Hand placing an air filter into a lawn mower.
3 Easy Steps for Tuning Up a Lawnmower
The Toro Timecutter (image) is a riding mower. It is considered zero-turn.
Riding Mowers vs. Lawn Tractors - What's the Difference
Man placing irises in floral foam
How Does Floral Foam Work?