30 Clever Garden Trellis Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Freestanding outdoor trellis covered in plants

DebraLee Wiseberg / Getty Images

Planting some ivy, or already an avid gardener? A trellis, often crafted from wood, wire, or wrought iron, is a great way to train plants to grow in a certain direction, add some personality to your outdoor space, and more. It can be used as an accent piece or work as a privacy screen, and better yet, is an inexpensive project that anyone can do themselves.

Looking for a bit of inspiration? Check out these 30 garden trellis ideas below.

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    Go DIY

    Livestock panel trellis

    Frugal Family Home

    This DIYed trellis made from cattle panels is a straightforward way to get more room in your garden. Encourage vegetables to grow vertically with this cost-effective metal trellis.

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    Use PVC Pipe

    PVC pipe outdoor trellis

    PVC Plans

    Did you know you could build a trellis out of PVC pipe? This domed trellis allows plenty of room for plants to grow and makes quite the statement.

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    Close Off a Yard With Ivy

    Climbing ivy trellis

    Design: Emily Bowser for Emily Henderson Design / Photo: Sara Tramp

    This refined outdoor seating space is sheltered with 100-inch tall privacy screens, ficuses, and ivy. Designer Emily Bowser dreamed up a beautiful backyard retreat, one which you could recreate at home.

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    Frame Your Plants

    Bamboo garden trellis

    The Painted Hinge

    Bamboo is another great material to use when it comes to DIYing a trellis. Here, bamboo and twine support growing tomato plants.

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    Add an Arch

    Arched garden trellis

    Savvy Gardening

    Go the extra mile when building a trellis. Mesh supports climbing plants and leads to a unique shape along the way. This trellis is awash in vibrant blooms.

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    Make It Your Own

    Chevron trellis


    This chevron wooden trellis was built with pressured-treated board and drywall strips and is an updated version on a classic garden lattice.

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    Get Some Privacy

    Privacy Trellis

    Victory Garden LA

    Craft your own garden with a trellis attached to two planters. This easy-to-make trellis is a great addition to any patio.

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    Simplify With Pine

    Outdoor pine trellis

    Silver and Slate

    Trellises can be used for more than just plants. This DIYed pine trellis pairs with comfortable outdoor furniture, a DIYed painted checkerboard patio, and thrifted light fixtures in Texas.

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    Build a Rooftop Oasis

    Slatted rooftop trellis

    The Garden Trellis Co.

    Slatted panels provide privacy, as well as spot for climbing plants to flourish, in this UK rooftop garden.

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    Add Some Fall Foliage

    Pumpkin trellis

    @sisters.inthe.garden / Instagram

    Utah sisters Jess, Meg, and Nik share gardening tips with their more than 100,000 followers on Instagram. This garden set-up, which includes a semi-circle trellis is ideal for fall. Install one in your yard to grow mini pumpkins and more.

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    Line the Stairs

    Stairwell trellis

    The Garden Trellis Co.

    Raise the bar with a trellis along stairs. This traditional unpainted wood trellis will lead to beautiful greenery over the years.

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    Create a Sunflower Paradise

    White garden trellis with sunflowers

    DebraLee Wiseberg/ Getty Images

    Sunflower lovers, rejoice. This simple white trellis is a great base for sunflower plants and other perennials.

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    Make It Playful and Bright

    Bright garden trellis

    @bigfamilyliving / Instagram

    Hand-crafted pavers, plants, and oversize butterflies make this cheerful garden come to life. Pacific Northwest blogger Holly Capelle lives with six kids, five chickens, and a dog so the garden has to have plenty of space to explore and be kid-friendly.

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    Simple Is Best

    Simple Wood trellis

    @theeverhopefulgardener / Instagram

    Composting hacks, DIYs, and more can be found on North Carolina blogger The Ever Hopeful Gardener's Instagram. This simple wood trellis can be put together as a weekend project and will support a variety of plants.

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    Go Beyond Basic

    Vines on black fence


    This understated backyard is full of contrast. A wood pergola, white furniture, and black-stained wood trellis allows all of the greenery to stand out. Create the look at home with wood slats and wood stain.

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    Utilize a Pergola

    Pergola Trellis


    Don't want to add more structures to your yard? Get a piece that does double duty. Bring shade to your outdoor dining table and a spot for plants to climb with a pergola.

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    Choose Chicken Wire

    Chicken wire planter

    pcturner71/ Getty Images

    For under $20, protect your plants with chicken wire. Stack fencing for leaves to spread or contain individual plants from household pets or garden pests with ease.

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    Pick a Porthole

    Porthole trellis

    The Garden Trellis Co.

    Wood trellises are timeless and this one from The Garden Trellis Co. has portholes to enjoy the neighboring view.

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    A Diamond-Patterned Trellis

    Garden trellis with flowers

     Linda Burgess / Getty Images

    Plant some flowers or ivy along a fence line with a diamond-shaped trellis for an upscale garden look.

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    Frame It Out

    Rectangular wood and wire trellis

    Charleston Crafted

    Put together a lumber rectangular frame for a DIY trellis. This one from Charleston Crafted uses wood and wire for a customizable piece. Build one to any size that fits your yard.

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    Mark an Entrance

    Entrway Trellis

    Charleston Crafted

    This arched garden arbor, made from wood and lattice, was stained to match other features in this garden. Place near a gate as a welcoming addition.

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    Match With a Garden Bed

    Black garden trellis


    This moody backyard has thoughtful landscaping, including a garden bed with supported triangular trellises.

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    Make It the Star

    Fenced-in garden trellis

    Sisters in the Garden

    This arching trellis is the focal point for this fenced-in Utah garden. Build a walking path with stone pavers, flower boxes, and more.

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    Switch It Up

    Multiple wire trellises

    @bigfamilyliving / Instagram

    Can't decide on a single type of trellis that's best for your yard? Use wire, wood, and other materials to build one-of-a-kind trellises, and don't be afraid to install multiple trellises in different materials throughout the sapce.

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    Trellises Aren't Just For Ivy

    Trellised fruit tree

    Claire Higgins / Getty Images

    This trellis brings the wow-factor. Instead of traditional ivy, trellis a fruit tree with hooks and some wire. Apples, pears, peaches, and more can be trained to grow like this.

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    A Secret Garden

    Brick path trellis

    Mark Turner/ Getty Images

    A brick path, colorful florals, and wood trellis are all of the right things needed for a tranquil backyard. Imagine afternoons spent under this wooden trellis.

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    Pick a Color Scheme

    Purple garden trellis

    Mark Turner/ Getty Images

    Love a certain color? Show it off in your garden with coordinating plants, a similarly toned trellis, unique pots, and more, like this trellis that was painted a shade of purple.

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    Buy a Pegboard

    Pegboard trellis


    While trellises are most often seen outdoors, bring small plants indoors and add some color to any room with a pegboard trellis. Place a number of plants for a living wall effect.

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    A Beginner-Friendly Obelisk

    obelisk trellis

    The Spruce / Liz Moskowitz

    This DIY obelisk trellis can be used to support a number of plants. Hang lightweight pots, trailing plants, and more. Over time, you'll be left with an impressive garden statement.

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    Train Your Roses

    Rose trellis

    The Spruce / Adrienne Legault

    Climbing roses can transform any empty wall or trellis into a sophisticated space. Because roses can grow multiple feet quickly, up to 12 feet, it's important to trim and prune as necessary. Make sure to train roses against a trellis or similar structure that can support their growth.