Gardening Experts' 11 Favorite Yard & Plant Care Products

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Gardening season is upon us, and if you're looking for ways to take your setup to the next level this year, you're in luck. We polled gardening experts on the products that they swear by in order to make caring for plants more efficient, stylish, and, well, fun! Keep reading for 11 must-have gadgets that you won't know how you lived without.

Bully Tools 92627 Broadfork With Fiberglass Handles

"As a gardener who has switched to a no-till garden method, a broadfork has become a go-to tool at planting time. It works both for aerating my clay soil and also to add air into the soil of my raised beds. I don’t have to turn over the soil with a roto-tiller, but yet I can still prep the soil for planting in a way that disturbs the soil structure the least." — Jill McSheehy of The Beginner's Garden

"I love my Barebones walnut scissors and use them more often in the garden than pruning shears. Scissors are just so versatile: They can cut twine, open bags, snip off stems, and do light pruning. The wide handles on this pair feel good in the hand and they've been very durable so far." — Linda Ly of Garden Betty

CobraHead Original Weeder & Cultivator Garden Hand Tool

CobraHead Original Weeder garden tool

Courtesy of CobraHead

"Most people use the Cobrahead weeder for weeding, but I think it's the best tool for starting seeds outside. The narrow tip makes perfect, shallow trenches down a garden bed so you can drop in your seeds. Then, use the tool to fill the trench back in with soil. It can also make trenches quickly when you're transplanting tiny starts or seedlings (so you're not scooping out individual planting holes)." — Linda Ly

FOTMISHU Greenhouse Hoops, Set of 6

"I’ve used old fencing for some of my hoop houses, but I also bought a set of mini garden hoops from Amazon and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how well they work." — Bay Sandoval of Hardy House Homestead

FELCO 2 One-Hand Pruning Shear

FELCO 2 One-Hand Pruning Shear


"These classic, high quality pruners are a great all around pruner for most garden purposes. I use them almost daily!" — Melanie Rekola of Melanie Rekola Landscape Design

Floret Flower Farmer-Florist Tool Belt Rosewood (Right Handed)

"This florist's tool belt from Floret Flower is amazing to keep your pruners, snips, and phone handy! I think this side sling style is so comfortable to wear, too." — Melanie Rekola

Lee Valley Peony Support

"Peonies are known for flopping in the rain, and I love these discreet peony rings! They look so much better that the traditional ones, in my opinion." — Melanie Rekola

Lee Valley Professional Soaker Hose

"Soaker hoses are the best for watering, as you don’t lose water to evaporation as you do with overhead watering. When these are buried slightly, they are nice and inconspicuous, too." — Melanie Rekola

"I didn’t know I needed a scoop until this one arrived. Now, I’m not sure how I got along with out it! I keep mine in my bucket of potting mix, and it really does do the job better than a trowel which is what I’ve been using for years and years. All of the Barebones tools have beautiful walnut handles that fit your hands well, and the steel has a nice heft which makes working somehow easier. I absolutely love how they look—but more importantly, how they work in the garden!" — Angela Nickerson of Mid Modern Mama


"Since we don’t have a sprinkler system, I do a lot of hand watering in my garden. I don’t mind it, really—it helps me check in on my plants and keeps me connected day-to-day. But this backpack sprayer is a game changer. It holds three gallons of water, has a long wand for better reach, and there are several different heads for the wand, too. It’s especially great for giving my plants their weekly seaweed feed and makes quick work of a job that used to take several hours. I absolutely love this tool! There are several sizes and configurations available, too." — Angela Nickerson

Garden Glory Reindeer White Hose Holder

"For too long, the garden hose was only available in what we would consider a rather garish green. But thanks to the clever souls at Garden Glory, you can have a chic garden hose and matching hanger in an array of colors to suit your well-designed home and garden." — Robin Kramer of Robin Kramer Garden Design

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