Gardening Quick Tips for a Better Garden

Shared Secrets of Generous Gardeners

Spending Time in the Garden
Photo: Credit: Thomas Barwick / gatty images

Gardening knowledge comes with experience and from the generous sharing of fellow gardeners. There’s no reason to suffer the same garden dilemmas year after year. Surely some other gardener has had the same problem before you and you know how much gardeners like to talk about gardening. Don’t ever be afraid to ask. Just be sure to pass your own knowledge along. Here is a growing list of Garden Quick Tips from garden enthusiasts around the world.

If you have a gem of knowledge you’d like to share, please take a moment to send me a note.

End of Season - Last Minute Tips

There’s never enough time to get everything done in the garden that you planned to do. Gardeners in warmer climates take their break during the hot season. Gardeners racing the first frost have their break imposed upon them. Here are some tips to help you get ready - fast.


Some flowers flourish without fuss and sometimes nothing you do seems to please them. Then there are those clever gardeners who have found the little secrets that work like magic in the flower garden.

Garden Design

Great garden design may be subjective, but there are still some universal truths that form a good basis for any design. It’s when gardeners add their own personality to this foundation that garden design becomes arresting.
Hopefully these tips will tweak your imagination and help you bring your garden alive.

Gardening with Kids

It’s wonderful to see kids enjoying a garden, but it can be difficult to hold there attention there very long. If ever there was a need for gardening quick tips, it is when gardening with kids. All suggestions are welcome.
  • Growing Names on Fruit


More than any other type of plant, houseplants are too often relegated to decoration. Many people only notice there houseplants when something goes wrong. Making a plant a part of the interior of your home is a wonderful opportunity to appreciate it close up. But indoors is a harsh atmosphere for plants, so here are some tips to make them feel more at home.

    Pests & Disease

    As sure as night follows day, insect will follow plants. It would be nice if every pest or disease could be taken care of with a quick tip, but since that’s never going to happen, the best we gardeners can do is pick our battles.


    Marketing and pesticides have made us think that perfect vegetables are there for the picking year round. Anyone who has ever grown vegetables knows that’s a fantasy. But part of the joy of vegetable gardening is the anticipation and the cycles of the seasons. Another part of the joy of vegetable gardening is fooling your vegetables into prolonging their seasons. There can never be too many quick tips for that.