25 Gas Fireplace Ideas to Bring Warmth to Your Home

A white painted stone fireplace with a wood mantel

Jessica Nelson Design

During cold winter months, nothing is cozier than curling up by your fireplace with a blanket and a good book. The fireplace is often the focal point of the room, so its look is instrumental in the rest of your room's style. Traditional wood-burning fireplaces offer a certain cozy factor, but they also come with maintenance. If your home has a gas fireplace or you're wanting to switch to one, you can still get the cozy look of a wood-burning fireplace. Below, we share our favorite gas fireplace ideas to help ignite ideas for your own home, no matter what style your home is.

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    Add a Variety of Textures

    A living room with a black metal fireplace

    Design by Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions / Photo by Mackenzie Merrill

    This cozy living room features warm tones and textures, from the wood floating shelves to the plush neutral sofas and rug underfoot. The black metal fireplace stands out against these earthy tones, which adds interest and texture to the room.

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    Plan for Cozy Nights Outside

    A boho style outdoor room with a tabletop gas fireplace

    @cottageandsea / Instagram

    Spring and summer aren't the only seasons you can enjoy your outdoor space. This outdoor gas fire pit table is a great addition to this boho-inspired outdoor living room. The fireplace works with any design style and can serve as a table when enjoying your backyard with friends and family.

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    Stay True to Sleek Design

    A black and white living room with a gas fireplace

    Brophy Interiors

    Everything in this living area is sleek, from the clean lines of the sofa to the wall feature that flanks the TV. A gas fireplace mirrors the design of the TV and features a modern white hearth with clean lines that blend effortlessly with the rest of the room's design.

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    Skip the Firelogs

    A modern farmhouse living room with a shiplap gas fireplace

    Chelius House of Design

    Incorporating a gas fireplace into your home means you don't need firelogs. Instead of placing fake firelogs inside the fireplace, opt for something more modern to fit with the rest of your room's design. Here, stone fireballs complete the look, while a floating wood mantel softens the look.

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    Combine a Variety of Textures

    A white stone fireplace wall with a wood mantel

    Jessica Nelson Design

    This stone fireplace got a farmhouse upgrade with a fresh coat of white paint. A warm wood floating mantel and black and white decor bring in more texture and soften the look.

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    Incorporate Cohesive Design

    A modern floor to ceiling gas fireplace

    Gray Space Interior Design

    This living room features many visually-appealing furnishings, but there's no question that the concrete floor-to-ceiling gas fireplace is the focal point of this eclectic living room. An art piece adjacent to the fireplace mirrors the fireplace design for a cohesive look.

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    Add Dramatic Design Elements

    A modern bedroom with a gas fireplace

    @thomasguyinteriors / Instagram

    The gas fireplace may be small and sleek, but the floor-to-ceiling, concrete look of the accent wall brings a dramatic look to this small, bright bedroom. The glow of the fire instantly warms up the cool hues in the room to help create a cozy sanctuary.

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    Create a Refreshing Backdrop

    A coastal style living room with a traditional white fireplace

    Design by Blakeley Interior Design / Photo by Andrea Pietrangeli

    The pitched ceiling allows the fireplace to be the center of this living room. The subtlety of the white mantel and gray subway tile fireplace surround creates a stylish backdrop in this refreshing room decorated in neutrals and cool blues.

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    Get the Look Without Doing the Work

    A sleek gas fireplace with a built in cubby for firewood log design

    @houseofhanesinteriors / Instagram

    Even though this gas fireplace doesn't need real firelogs, the look of real wood is still comforting and aesthetically pleasing. This living room features a wall insert for storing firelogs that adds the look of a wood fireplace without all the work of maintaining it.

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    Use the Right Color Palette

    A living room with a teal and stone fireplace

    Design by Louis Duncan-He / Photo by Genevieve Renee

    A stone tile fireplace is a perfect way to anchor this living room that features oversized, bold artwork and a dark teal accent wall. The wood elements, color palette, and simple furniture bring a midcentury modern feel to the room.

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    Bring the Outside In

    A large game room with a stone gas fireplace

    Kendall Wilkinson Design

    The 360-degree view is the main attraction in this expansive game room. The large stone fireplace echoes its natural surroundings, bringing the outside in. The sleek ceiling light fixture and metal staircase add modern touches to the room.

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    Add Color Contrast and Dimension

    A living room with a black marble fireplace surround

    Design by Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions / Photo by Spacecrafting

    A mostly white room can still be stylish and interesting when combined with the right design elements. This living room features all-white walls that help brighten up the room, while a black granite fireplace surround and adjacent wet bar add color contrast and bring in dimension.

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    Don't Be Afraid to Go Bold

    A living area with a black painted fireplace and large windows

    Hannah Tyler Designs

    A large brick fireplace painted in black can make a room feel cluttered and smaller, but if you have a room with large windows that let in plenty of natural light, it can create a stunning focal point. This corner fireplace does just that in this small yet bright living room.

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    Try a Refreshing Color Palette

    A living room with a floor to ceiling white painted brick fireplace

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Navy and white is a tried and true color palette that will stand the test of time. This white brick gas fireplace is flanked by navy cabinets and warm wood shelves that create the perfect balance.

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    Keep It Simple

    An elegant sitting room with an intricate wood fireplace

    Design by Louis Duncan-He / Photo by Eymeric Widling

    If you have an intricate wood-carved fireplace, keep all other design elements simple to allow its true beauty to shine. A simple day bed in front of the fireplace provides a place to relax and enjoy the warmth of the fire. A sleek mirror and gold candlesticks add interest without going overboard.

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    Mix Traditional With Modern

    A white gas fireplace with a large round mirror

    Mel Bean Interiors

    When you look at this fireplace wall, you'll notice many traditional elements. The round gold mirror, white fireplace surround, and simple vase and window treatments. The stone fireballs inside the fireplace add color contrast as well as a different design style to create a visually-appealing room.

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    Add Warmth in More Ways Than One

    A coastal style living room with a warm wood and brick gas fireplace

    Becca Interiors

    Not only does this wood and red brick gas fireplace add warmth through fire, but the combination of its color and texture brings a comforting feel to this coastal-inspired room.

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    Choose Modern Design Elements

    A basement with a large marble fireplace surround

    Michelle Berwick Design

    If you have a large fireplace to work into your home's design, you can blend it seamlessly by incorporating the right design elements. This oversized, white marble gas fireplace fits perfectly in this modern basement that features black and white decor and sleek furniture.

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    Create a Focal Point

    A contemporary living room with a modern gas fireplace

    Design by Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions / Photo by Spacecrafting

    This room serves double duty as a living room and a breakfast nook. To help differentiate the two spaces, a floor-to-ceiling white marble fireplace divides the areas while also creating a stunning focal point. The sleek fireplace design blends seamlessly into the contemporary style room yet stands out against the deep green walls and furnishings.

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    Add a Little Glam

    A living room with a leather sofa and a tile fireplace

    Michelle Berwick Design

    This living room features many midcentury modern design elements, from the leather sofa and sleek entertainment center to the jewel-tone color palette. A sparkling tile gas fireplace softens the look and creates the perfect balance.

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    Create a MultiDimensional Space

    A colorful living room with a blue fireplace

    Casa Watkins Living

    Every inch of this living room features a beautiful design element, from the layered rugs to the multicolored and textured wall treatment. The gas fireplace is no different with its soft blue color and large complementary artwork resting on the floating mantel.

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    Add a Few Simple Decor Items

    A contemporary living room with an ornate mirror above the fireplace

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    The fireplace is the only black and white element in this living area, which brings a contrasting look to the otherwise traditional room. The mantel features an antique-inspired, ornate mirror and a few simple decor items for an understated look.

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    Add Complementary Colors

    A kitchen with a white brick fireplace

    Britt Design Studio

    The light from the skylight in this kitchen reflects off the white-painted brick fireplace to help brighten up this quaint kitchen. The kitchen backsplash incorporates colors from both the fireplace and cabinetry that tie the whole space together.

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    Go With a Pattern

    A tile fireplace with a natural wood mantel

    Rebecca Rollins

    If you love the look of neutrals, you can add visual appeal through textures and patterns. This fireplace features a patterned tile fireplace surround and a natural wood floating mantel that brings just the right amount of interest to the minimalist room.

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    Let the View Shine

    A bedroom with a view and a gas fireplace

    Kendall Wilkinson Design

    When you have large windows and a good view, the rest of your room's design should provide a stylish backdrop that doesn't take away the beauty of your surroundings. The gas fireplace in this bedroom is as simple as it gets, with no mantel and an empty white wall.