The 10 Best Gas Grills Between $500 and $1000 in 2017

These are the best gas grills in this price range

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If you are looking to purchase a new grill in this price range (based on manufacturer's suggested retail price) then these are the ones you should be looking at. These Gas Grills put out plenty of heat, are built solid and have all the versatility you want. This quick review should help you get started.

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    The Spirit grills from Weber are an economical line, while still retaining the quality of other Weber products. The E330 model has a few extra features that aren’t included in the even-more-bargain versions of this grill.

    The cast iron cooking grates have a porcelain enamel coating, for great heat without worrying about rusting or corroding. The flavorizer bars make sure you get that grilled flavor you’re looking for while also shielding the burner tubes from cooking debris.

    This grill has...MORE electronic ignition and starts with the push of a button. It provides 32,000 BTUs per hour, while a 12,000 BTU side burner is ready to simmer your sauces or cook a side dish, so you can cook the whole meal outdoors. A 7,500 BTU sear station burner heats quickly so you can sear foods quickly, then turn it off for regular grilling

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    Night grilling is easier with this grill because of the LED control panel that lets you see the controls in the dark, and it’s just as good on a bright or a dim day. The six burners and the body of this grill are stainless steel that will look good for many years. The grates are cast iron coated with porcelain enamel, so they won’t rust or corrode, while an even-heat system is designed to provide the same amount heat all across the grilling surface.

    The large grilling surface, over 563 square...MORE inches, is large enough for at least two dozen average burgers for your next backyard barbecue. A 15,000 BTU side searing burner sears meat quickly, before you move on to regular grilling. Flame tamers deflect heat deflect heat, prevent flare-ups, and vaporize drippings to create the smoky flavor you want.

    A ceramic rotisserie burner and the included rotisserie kit will have you turning out juicy, flavorful, and perfectly browned chickens, and an upper-level warming rack is just what you need for warming burger buns or keeping cooked foods warm until serving time.

    This can use either propane or natural gas and has electronic ignition for easy starts.

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    Newly redesigned for 2017, this Weber Genesis Gas Grill is among the best of the best for the price. While the specifications haven't really changed, this model boasts a completely redesigned cooking system, including 10-year warranty ignitors. In this price range, this is the grill to beat. Widely available, there are also two, four, and six burner editions of this model.

    See the complete line of Weber Genesis II Gas Grills.

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    Napoleon gas grills are among the best you can buy, but they tend to be expensive. The LEX line is Napoleon's more affordable collection of gas grills, and this one, the LEX485, is the smallest and more basic of this line. With this configuration, this model comes in just under $1,000USD. That makes it more expensive than comparable Weber or Broil-King grills. This gas grill is a 3-burner unit with an infrared side burner for searing and a rear mounted infrared rotisserie...MORE burner (but the rotisserie kit is extra but a dealer might cut you a deal).

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    Modern Home Products, or MHP, is one of the oldest makers of gas grills, and many of the features they have relied on for decades are still used in this grill. From the cast aluminum body to the ceramic briquette barrier and the single piece H-type burner, this grill is from a very different era. To the consumer accustomed to multiple burner lightweight grills, this might seem different, but built to last, this grill really is one that deserves consideration.

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    The Holland Liberty Gas Grill is currently the least expensive of the Holland Grills, with a list price well under $800USD. Like all Holland Grills, the Liberty has a single cast iron burner under a metal deflector plate that separates the fire from the cooking chamber. Critics will say that this is just a large metal oven, but fans of this grill (which there are many) will say that this is one of the most versatile gas grills on the market and that it will never have a...MORE flare-up.

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    What makes this a great grill is its innovation. Char-Broil has been working hard over the past few years to improve their products and their reputation, but they have also been pushing the limits of technology. This 3-burner grill is actually pretty basic from a function stand point. On the other hand, the temperature can be monitored and controlled remotely via their proprietary smart device app. There are still limits, but this one has all the innovation. 

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    This is a big grill and as I always recommend, buy the grill that fits your needs. This one will grill enough for a dozen people and if that is the need, then this is an excellent choice. If not, look for something smaller, like the Broil King Baron 440 which is $200USD less. It should also be noted that aside from the underpowered side burner, this grill has no extras. If the size is right, I would suggest getting the Baron 590 which has a full rotisserie system, expanding...MORE the versatility of the grill.

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    This is a big, shiny, gas grill with the KitchenAid name stamped right in the middle of the lid. For around $900USD, this 5-burner grill has two side burners, one of them infrared. While not entire made of stainless, this grill will certainly catch the eye. And this is the point of the KitchenAid brand name and all that shiny metal, to draw the consumer into thinking that they are getting something they are not, a high-end stainless steel gas grill.

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    The Fuego Element is a unique grill. Basically a pedestal grill, this grill is as small as you can get in a full height gas grill and still have space to actually cook something. The 21-inch diameter cooking area is actually quite large, so you do have enough space to not only grill up Tuesday night's dinner, but you can entertain with this grill and serve up food for a small party while not using up too much patio space.

    This 25,000 BTU grill has the power to heat up its...MORE cast iron grates and give you great grilling abilities. One thing to keep a close eye on is the bare cast iron which needs special care.

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