The Proper Way to Use Gas Leak Testers

Gas Leak Safety

Think you might have a small gas leak but don’t trust your nose? A big gas leak can be easy to find, but a smaller, slower leak isn’t always obvious. Besides looking for other signs of a gas leak there are gas leak tester tools and products that can help put your mind at ease. Take a look at some affordable and easy to find gas leak testers that can be used to help confirm and locate a leak. Also, don’t forget that if you are smelling gas you can call the gas company or a licensed plumber to get...MORE it taken care of right away.

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    Portable Gas Leak Detector

    A portable gas leak tester can test for gas leaks at appliances, gas pipes, or propane tanks. This is an easy-to-use tool that can come in handy for hard to find leaks and for periodic checks. To use it just press and hold the power button while the tester is up in the air. It will go through a cycle and glow green when it is ready. Slowly run the sensor over the areas you want to test for natural gas. Check the fitting and joints anywhere you think there may be a gas leak. If the tester glows yellow then it detected a small amount of gas. If the tester glows red then a significant amount of gas is detected. Any leaks found at gas fittings should be repaired right away. Air the area out well and then test again for leaks. To shut off the leak detector just push the power button once and the green light will shut off. Most portable gas leak detectors can be found at local home improvement or hardware stores. Another option is to order one online if you are having trouble locating a leak detector locally.

  • Gas Leak Detection Solution

    Soapy water can be used to detect gas leaks, but this method can be inconsistent. I have seen homeowners and plumbers go over a gas pipe with soapy water and miss leaks. Some soap bubbles are better than others, so the best way to find a leak is to use a solution that is formulated to produce well-defined bubbles. With a well-designed solution​, your chance of finding a small gas leak is even better. Most solutions are used by pouring or spraying over the area you think has a leak. If gas is escaping the joint the solution will start bubbling allowing you to pinpoint the source of the leak. Make sure you apply the solution all over the area around joints to ensure the leak is not on the bottom of a joint. You can find such leak detection solutions at local hardware or home improvement stores.

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