Product Profile: GE RightHeight Design Washer and Dryer

GE Right Height Washer
Courtesy of GE

GE Appliances has introduced the RightHeight (TM) Design Washer and Dryer as one of the first ergonomically designed laundry appliance pair. The front load washer and dryer feature larger openings and the first built-in riser to minimize bending and strenuous reaches. The washer and dryer can be purchased from most laundry appliance dealers or online from

Since front load washers began to impact appliance sales in the United States, many manufacturers have recommended buying pedestals to raise the height of the washer and dryer to a more comfortable loading and unloading level for most people.

However, the purchase is an added expense and leaves the appliances too high to use as folding or work space for most consumers.

The RightHeight washer and dryer's built-in risers raise the appliance openings by 7 inches and leave the top level at 47 inches, a workable height for folding clothes, pretreating stains, flat-drying clothes or storage.

RightHeight Washer Features Include:

  • Single-Item Wash: A newly-designed cycle that offers energy-efficient performance for washing single items.
  • Overnight Dry(TM) Setting: A small load can be washed and ready to wear by the next morning without having to be transferred to the dryer.
  • Steam Assist: An internal water heater is available to add a burst of steam to wash cycles to help loosen stains from fabric.
  • Multi-Dose Dispense: The washer dispenses the detergent, bleach and fabric softener in smaller amounts during the proper cycle rather than all at once in the beginning for better results.

    RightHeight Dryer Feature:

    • The RightHeight dryer features detangle assist. During a drying cycle, the drum rotates in reverse to prevent the tangling of clothing and speed up drying times.

    The washers and dryers are built at GE's Appliance Park in Louisville, Kentucky. This is the company's first United States produced front load laundry pair.

    The Kentucky plant has been building top load GE washers for more than sixty years.

    RightHeight laundry appliances are available in white, ruby read or metallic carbon finishes. The suggested retail price for the washer or electric dryer is $1499. A gas-powered dryer is available for $1599.

    RightHeight Washer Specifications

    • Washer Cycles: PreSoak; Whites; Normals/Mixed Loads; NSF Sanitize; Delicates/Hand Wash; Speed Wash; Rinse and Spin; NSF Allergen; Active Wear; Power Clean; Towels & Sheets; Bulky/Bedding; Single Item; Basket Clean; Custom Cycle
    • Washer Options: Up to Three rinses; Power Rinse
    • Water Temperatures: Five Choices
    • Wash/Spin Speed Combinations: Nine Choices
    • Special Features: Adjustable End-of-Cycle Signal; Delay Start; Add Garment During Cycle; Vibration Control; Leveling Legs
    • Energy Star qualified washer also features energy saving options.
    • Capacity: 4.8 cubic feet
    • Installation: Undercounter, Side-by-Side, Built-In
    • Dimensions: Overall Depth - 34 2/5 inches; Overall Height - 47 inches; Overall Width - 28 inches
    • Warranty: Labor Warranty - Limited 1-year entire appliance; Parts Warranty - Limited 1-year entire appliance

    RightHeight Dryer Specifications

    • Dryer Cycles: Moisture Sensor; Speed Dry; Normal/Mixed Load; Air Fluff; Delicates; Timed Dry; Bulky/ Bedding; NSF Sanitize; Active Wear; Warm Up; Towels/ Sheets; Speed Dry; Cottons; Steam Dewrinkle; Steam Refresh; Custom Cycle
    • Dryer Temperatures: High/Medium/Low/Extra Low/No Heat
    • Removable Up-Front Lint Filter with reminder light
    • Fuel Type: Electric or Gas
    • Additional Features: Reversible Door; Deluxe Dryer Rack; Adjustable End-of-Cycle Signal; Delay Start; See-thru Glass Door Window
    • Capacity: 8.3 cubic feet
    • Installation: Side-by-Side, Built-In, Undercounter
    • Exhaust Options: Rear, Left or Right
    • Dimensions: Overall Depth - 34 3/8 inches; Overall Height - 47 inches; Overall Width - 28 inches
    • Warranty: Labor Warranty - Limited 1-year entire appliance; Parts Warranty - Limited 1-year entire appliance

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