15 Geeky Nursery Ideas Your Inner Nerd Will Love

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    Get Your Geek On

    Geek and proud? Why not share your love of all things geek with your little fan-boy or fan-girl to be by creating a one-of-a-kind geeky nursery?

    As any geek-in-the-know will tell you, geek is now chic, and design nods to classic sci-fi and fantasy films, books, and themes are popping up everywhere from Etsy to Pottery Barn. In other words, there has never been a better time to get your geek on!

    Whether you’re a Jedi master, a time lord, a mad scientist, a space enthusiast, or a wizard-in-waiting for a letter from Hogwarts, these wonderfully geeky nursery ideas are sure to inspire your inner geek!

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    Modern Geek

    In this clean and modern nursery space, designed by Elizabeth of Elizabeth & Jane, geek is in the details.

    When Elizabeth set out to “nerd up the nursery” she knew she wanted to geek-out with her little one while still creating a classic space that would grow with her in the future. Instead of choosing a single elaborate theme, she opted to infuse the room with little accents and accessories, introducing her “little nerd” to classics like Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Harry Potter while maintaining simple, contemporary appeal.

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    Junior Jedi Nursery

    shared space Star Wars nursery
    Rob Grothe/Apartment Therapy

    Like his father (and brother) before him, Baby Hayden is destined to be a Jedi. And with a nursery like this, how could he resist the call!

    Taking the understated approach, this adorable shared space, featured on Apartment Therapy, transports all that enter to a galaxy far, far away while maintaining a fresh contemporary appeal that will never date.

    Among the subtle nods to this classic film, you’ll find kid-friendly prints, a light saber night-light, and a plush mobile featuring everyone’s favorite cast of characters. Too cute!

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    Cyborg Attack

    This bright and cheery nursery, spotted on Baby Center, captures the heart with its whimsical, space-invader-bent-on-total-annihilation concept. (Because nothing says “adorable” like a death-ray wielding cycloptobot on a rampage!)

    The stunning wall mural, custom painted by Nathan Ezra Trimm - an award-winning artist and graphic designer with a special fondness for misunderstood monsters and other slightly odd characters - sets a playful tone, which is complimented by the room’s bold and sunny color scheme. A selection of charming, retro-vintage tin robots and space-inspired accessories provides the perfect finishing touch.

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    Hogwarts Bound

    This one-of-a-kind Harry Potter-themed nursery, featured on BuzzFeed, is the stuff geek dreams (and best selling novels) are made of. Rich Hogwarts-inspired decor and an astounding appreciation for detail make you believe you’ve just stepped directly inside of everyone’s favorite wizarding world. No muggles here!

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    Alien Invasion

    Love a good sci-fi flick? Prepare to be inspired!

    Alien invaders attack the big city in this fun and modern sci-fi-themed nursery space designed by Annie Wise of Wise Design.

    Inspired by 50s atomic design, this adorable nursery balances a modern aesthetic with vintage appeal.  A hand-painted mural of the Portland skyline anchors a cool gray palette punctuated with vibrant green and orange accents, and mid-century inspired furnishings complete the look.

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    In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

    This playful tribute to the world’s most popular sci-fi classic is enough to make a grown man swoon. (A Wampa throw rug? Clearly, we are setting a new standard for Geek Chic here.)

    A perfect blend of fun and sophistication, this Star-Wars-inspired nursery, created by Abby of Mama Olsen, incorporates timeless movie quotes and cool collectibles into a clean, bright, contemporary design that this little Jedi is sure to love for years to come.

    The quote above the bed?

    “I think you just can’t bear to let a gorgeous guy like me out of your sight” - Han Solo

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    A Wizardly View

    A stunning hand-painted mural featuring the majestic towers and spires of Hogwarts brings the imagination (and this enchanting Potter-inspired nursery) to life.

    Spotted on Project Nursery, the space weaves magic and modern décor into one seamless experience, combining a fresh grey and aqua color scheme with adorable details such as the caged Hedwig and Hogwarts’s Express gallery wall. Baby even has his very own coveted Hogwarts’s letter tucked into the silver envelope!

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    Science-Themed Nursery

    Engineering and astronomy and chemistry—oh my! This brain-boosting nursery design, spotted on Project Nursery, proves that being a science geek can be fun… and adorable too! 

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    Game of Thrones Nursery

    Game of Thrones Nursery
    Tiffany O'Reilley/Pinterest

    Forget taking over the Iron Throne. This rich and wintery nursery scene, spotted on Pinterest and inspired by the epic fantasy, Game of Thrones, is giving us serious nursery goals!

    Dreaming of your own? Best get to it! After all…

    Baby is coming. 

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    Doctor Who Nursery

    Expecting a baby Whovian? With its bold color scheme and Tardis accent wall, this Doctor Who-inspired nursery, found on Pinterest, is certain to win all of your little time lord’s hearts! 

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    Pixar-Themed Nursery

    A replica of Andy’s room filled with the most lovable characters from all our favorite Pixar movies? Um…yes, please!

    To the un-geek eye, this amazingly detailed room, featured on Project Nursery, may seem all Toy Story. But a careful look around reveals so much more. Is than Jack-Jack on the ceiling? Can I see Sully peeking out of the closet door? There is even a subtle nod to the iconic Pixar logo, transformed into this lucky baby’s name. Genius!

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    Space Cadet

    Looking for the coolest nursery theme this side of Pluto? With its hand-painted galaxy wall and clever sewing-hoop planets, this imaginative nursery space, designed by Dacia of Lemon Drop Life is out-of-this-world adorable!

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    Captain Minimalist

    If this superhero nursery has a secret power, it’s the power to accessorize!

    Designed by photographer Maggie Russo and featured on The Wise Baby, this sweet and simple space sets bright and colorful superhero accessories against a clean and gender-neutral aqua, creating a comic book-inspired look that’s far from over-the-top.

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    Parker's World

    It’s a boy? “It’s a Mario!”

    Inspired by everyone’s favorite Nintendo classic, this adorable nursery space, designed by gaming parents Ashley and Alex, brings The Mushroom Kingdom to life with bright colors and classic game imagery. 

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    Robot Nursery

    This bright and modern robot-themed nursery, featured on Project Nursery, boasts a bold and colorful palette, futuristic décor, and a whole host of adorable robot friends. (Sorry. Robot night nanny not included.)