Gender Neutral Nursery Themes

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    13 Adorable Nursery Themes for Gender-Neutral Rooms

    Gender-Neutral Nursery Promo
    Photo via Project Nursery.

    Waiting on a delivery day surprise? Don't let the waiting game spoil your decorating plans! These sweet, creative and completely gender-neutral nursery themes are perfect for a boy or girl. Just pick your favorite and start dreaming!

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    Tribal Wild

    Tribal Wild
    Photo via Mini Style Blog.

    Cozy teepees and whimsical arrow and feather motifs create a sense of fun-filled adventure that’s perfect for a kid’s room. Want to give your design an authentic feel? Look for Aztec-influenced prints, hand-woven textiles, and traditional handicrafts, like spirit sticks and dream catchers, or make your own tribal-inspired accessories using these easy and inexpensive DIY ideas.

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    Big Sky

    Big Sky Nursery Theme
    Photo via PopSugar.

    Tuck your little dreamer in under a cheerful night sky full of soft, glowing stars, gentle moonbeams and sweet, puffy clouds. Want to give your nursery dreamscape a little extra shimmer? Go glam with metallic touches, such as metallic print wallpaper, foil-print artwork or reflective decals. 

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    Woodland Wonder

    Woodland Fox Nursery
    Photo via Project Nursery.

    Introduce your little one to the great outdoors with a rustic, woodland-themed nursery. Recreate a cozy cabin in the woods, or set up a fun camping scene featuring all your favorite forest friends. This is a great theme for those looking for budget-friendly options.

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    Under the Sea

    Orange & Aqua Beach Nursery
    Photo via Project Nursery.

    Whether you prefer a beach-chic abode, a preppy nautical theme, or a whimsical take on life under the waves, the ocean offers a whole other world of nursery inspiration!

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    Little Traveler

    Little Traveler
    Photo via The Handmade Home.

    Want to share your wanderlust with your little one? Consider a travel-themed nursery! Think maps, modes of transportation and fun details like tickets and steamer trunks. You can even throw in a trinket or two from your own international adventures!

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    Arctic Adventure

    Take your little explorer on an expedition to the top of the world with a wintery nursery inspired by the Great White North.

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    About Town

    "I Love London Town" Nursery
    Photo by Sarina & Lily.via

    Drawn to bright lights and big cities? Why not bring the big city home with a destination-themed nursery? Vintage posters, “tacky” souvenirs - even framed maps and tourist brochures can make for fabulous accessories. You could even buy marquee letters and put your baby’s name in lights!

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    Wild Things

    You can never go wrong with an animal-themed nursery! This rich and rustic, safari works well with a warm, neutral palette. Prefer something a little more colorful? Consider a bright and cheery zoo theme, or choose a single animal motif and go wild!

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    Up, Up & Away

    Up, Up and Away!
    Photo via Project Nursery.

    A hot-air balloon may not be the most convenient way to travel, but it’s definitely the cutest! Balloon-themed nurseries are really taking off, and hot-air balloon motifs are popping up on everything from wallpaper to bedding. Know your way around a DIY? Creative projects like this homemade mobile or these adorable hot air balloon models will take your heart up, up and away!

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    Under the Big Top

    Vintage Circus Nursery
    Photo via Classy Clutter.

    Life with kids is a circus! Why not set the scene with a circus-themed nursery? Whether you prefer a vintage affair or something a tad more whimsical, a circus or carnival-themed nursery may be just the ticket to the nursery of your dreams. Not convinced? Try a show-stopping ceiling in ​a circus-inspired room!

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    Geo-Haven Nursey
    Photo via Project Nursery.

    Prefer a modern nursery? Give your design some shape! Try a triangle motif, or a bold, geometric accent wall, or make a statement with a modern, geometric light fixture. You can even include a few DIY details, such as this easy-to-make Himmeli mobile or this stunning three-dimensional focal piece

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    Storybook Classics

    Storybook-Themed Nursery
    Photo via Project Nursery.

    Looking for nursery inspiration? Look no further than your favorite childhood storybook! Classic titles like “The Cat and the Hat,” “Winnie the Poo,” and “Peter Rabbit” make wonderful nursery themes. That said, stay away from elaborate murals and over-the-top theming. To create a look that lasts, opt for clean and neutral décor, and throw in a handful of creative tributes, such as a set of framed storybook prints or a popular quote. 

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    Letter Love

    A classic alphabet theme is a great choice for a gender-neutral nursery, especially if you love vintage designs. (Vintage flashcards and pages from vintage primer books make beautiful wall decor!) Looking for a fun way to teach your little one her ABCs? Your toddler will love spelling out words on an oversized, magnetic letter-play wall.

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    Soft Hues

    Blue doesn't have to be just for boys. This traditionally "male" color can work for both genders when paired with similarly soft hues like gray and cream. Browse more photos of this beautiful blue and white nursery