Gender Reveal Party for Twins! Boys? Girls? Or One of Each?

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    Gender Reveal Party for Twins

    Surprise! It's twin boys!. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Lawson.

    Gender reveal parties have become a popular pregnancy tradition, an event where couples can creatively disclose the gender of their baby -- or in the case of multiples, babies!! -- to their friends and family. For expectant parents of twins, a gender reveal party takes on an added element of drama, with two surprises to reveal! In some cases, it's the first time to announce the exciting news that there's more than one baby!

    If you're able to keep it a secret, a gender reveal party can...MORE be an unforgettable way to publicly announce whether you're having girl twins, boy twins, or boy/girl twins. A gender reveal party can take the form of a baby shower, or be a standalone event in addition to a shower. It may include only immediately family -- such as the parents- and grandparents-to-be -- or may be a large party with friends and extended family. 

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    Planning a Gender Reveal Party for Twins

    He? Or She? What Will It Be?. Photo courtesy of Ryan and Meagan Krift.

    When planning a gender reveal party for twins, there are some things to consider. In a singleton pregnancy, a baby's gender is usually revealed during an ultrasound scan in the second trimester (say, 18-22 weeks). However, a twin pregnancy will likely require more frequent monitoring and scans may occur earlier in pregnancy. Because multiples often arrive earlier than singletons, and because of the risk for medical complications that result in bed rest or hospitalization, you may want to...MORE schedule a gender reveal party for twins earlier in pregnancy. 

    Can You Keep a Secret?

    Some prospective parents want to be included in the surprise, and find out the sex of their babies at the gender reveal party, along with all their guests. To pull that off, they'll need some cooperation from the ultrasound tech, as well as a creative cohort. Amanda Robertson, who had a gender reveal party for her boy/girl twins, describes her strategy. "My husband and I scheduled an elective ultrasound at 17.5 weeks. The ultrasound tech had us close our eyes the entire appointment; she then sealed the results in 2 different envelopes. Following our appointment, we drove to a local bakery in town and handed the baker our envelopes. I cannot tell you how many times I asked her to please keep the genders a secret, even if I call her and beg her to tell me! Our gender reveal party wasn't until a full week later. Wow, was that a long week of waiting!"

    "As you can imagine, we were over the moon to find out we were having a boy and a girl! Cutting into those cakes was something I will never forget! The biggest piece of advice I can offer to other parents is to seriously wait to find out with the rest of their family! I am not one to be good with surprises but was SO incredibly happy I got to share that special moment with the people I love! I also don't think I would have been able to keep a secret had we found out prior to our party."

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    Creative Twin Gender Reveal Party Ideas

    Grandmothers-to-be cut into the cakes for a gender reveal party for twins. Photo courtesy of JoAnne.

    There are many creative ways to announce the gender of your twins.


    One of the most common ways to execute a gender reveal for twin babies is also the tastiest -- cake! Cutting into the cakes reveals either a pink or blue interior to indicate a girl or a boy. The cake itself can be colored, or colored frosting can be used in between the layers. For twins, you'll probably want two cakes (one to represent Baby A and one for Baby B), but you could also use a two-layer cake and color each...MORE layer. As an alternative, consider cupcakes or cake pops. 

    Explains JoAnne, "We incorporated the gender reveal into our Thanksgiving celebration two years ago. I went to the Wegmans bakery and tried to explain the concept of having pink or blue frosting between the layers of cake. In the end, I decided to use different fillings and had them write baby A on top of one cake and baby B on top of the other cake. We told our family if the filling was strawberry, it was a girl, if the filling was chocolate custard, it was a boy, and if it was vanilla custard, the baby didn't cooperate. A was a boy, B was a girl."


    Make your twins' gender reveal party interactive! Get your guests involved in the mystery by having them register their guesses about your twins' genders. Will it be two boys? Two girls? Or one of each? You can use a chalkboard or dry erase board to keep a tally of the votes. Or, get creative ... Ask guests to wear coordinated clothing (pink if they think it's girls, blue for boys, and purple for one of each). Have glass jars where guests can vote by adding colored candies. Give prizes to the guests who guess correctly.


    Piñatas are always festive at a party, and you can incorporate this tradition into  your gender reveal. Fill a pinata with pink or blue candies -- or both -- then have guests take a swing at the  piñata until the contents are knocked out. For twins, you can do two piñatas, or two kinds of candy in a single piñata to represent the two babies. 

    Teddy Bears

    Teddy bears dressed in coordinating outfits make a cute presentation at a gender reveal, and then can be given to the babies once they've arrived. Christine Solomon Smith describes how her friend pulled it off and even kept the surprise from herself. "I had a friend go to Build-A-Bear with their sealed ultrasound results. The couple built bears and picked a boy and girl outfit. The staff dressed the bears accordingly and wrapped them. They opened the bears at their family gathering;  it was a surprise to all of them. They opened both boxes and pulled out two girl bears. Plus the babies have a keepsake for later on.  Cute idea and fun for the expecting parents."

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    More Ideas for a Twins Gender Reveal Party

    Boxed balloons are one way to reveal the gender of twins. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Lawson.

    Here are some more creative ways to announce the gender of your twin babies at a gender reveal party. 


    Another dramatic reveal technique involves balloons. Contain a balloon -- or several helium-filled balloons -- in a box. When the box is opened, the balloons will float out reveal the surprise. For twins, you can use two boxes (marked Baby A and Baby B), or a single box with  two or more balloons.

    Nail Polish

    Get some pampering before your gender reveal party by getting a manicure! Paint...MORE one hand with pink nail polish and the other with blue nail polish. Then, at the time of the reveal, raise the appropriate hand to show your guests the gender identity of Baby A, and then again for Baby B. You can also take the same approach with painted toenails. Slip off your socks when it's time for the reveal, and show your tootsies to be pink, blue or both!

    Body Paint

    Let your belly tell the tale! Use body paint to draw a clue on your twin belly. Use a pink bow to indicate a girl and a mustache for a boy. At the appropriate time, show off your decorated belly to reveal your twins' genders to your guests.


    Will your twins have an older sister or brother? Let them get in on the act by being a part of the reveal. You can make a cute t-shirt or sweatshirt that says "I'm going to have (baby sisters/baby brothers/a baby brother and a baby sister)" and let them make the announcement. Likewise, you can enlist a pet dog (or maybe a cat, although they tend to be less cooperative) with a cute costume. 

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    Themes for a Twin Gender Reveal Party

    Theme details from a gender reveal party for twins. Photos courtesy of Amanda Robertson.

    Amanda describes how she carried a pink and blue theme throughout the details of the gender reveal party for her twins. 

    "We invited our entire extended family to our party. Most of our family is local, but my parents and brothers live about 4 hours away. Coordinating a date where everyone could attend was challenging... but it was so fun finding out what we were having with our entire family! 

    I decorated our house with lots of pink and blue while I waited that very long week! I made a...MORE chalkboard to display as guests entered, I had a table set up in our entry way with another chalkboard where our guests could guess "2 boys, 2 girls, or one of each." We also asked guests to NOT bring gifts, but to wear Blue for 2 boys, Pink for 2 girls, or Yellow for 1 of each. My husband wore yellow. I wore blue. I swore I had 2 boys in my belly! 

    The snacks were pink and blue, along with homemade punch I made. I also ordered Jones Soda in pink and blue and had our labels personalized. We used a picture of my pregnant belly on the front and included a message to our twins on the back of the label. These were a hit!" 

    Amanda even had pink and blue boxes tissue at the ready, for the happy tears that flowed when the cakes were cut into, revealing that she was having boy/girl twins - one of each!

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    More Pictures of Gender Reveal Party for Twins

    Photo courtesy of Meagan and Ryan Krift

    Other things to consider when planning a gender reveal party for twins...

    • If you have already selected names for your twins, you may wish to announce them during the gender reveal party.
    • Use technology to include family and friends that can't be present at the event. FaceTime, Skype, or other video chat programs allow them to witness the fun, as well as participate in the gender reveal.
    • Record this special moment. Designate someone to photograph and/or video the event.
    • Want to give your guests a...MORE really up-close-and-personal introduction to the babies-to-be? Consider hiring a company that does mobile ultrasounds for your gender reveal party! They'll perform an ultrasound while your guests watch, and your friends and family can see the gender for themselves!
    • Sometimes babies in utero are modest, and they simply won't cooperate with the plan to reveal their gender. Even if you can't determine the sex of both of the babies, you can still have a gender reveal party. You'll just have to get creative; take votes and turn it into a contest, with a follow-up prize at a later date for whoever guesses correctly. 
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    A Gender Reveal Party for Boy/Girl Twins

    Gender Reveal Party for boy/girl twins. Photo courtesy of Meagan and Ryan Krift.

    Meagan Krift describes here gender reveal party: "So, we had our immediate families over to my parents' for a Gender Reveal in July. My husband, Ryan, and I found out about a week prior and knew we were having a girl and a boy. It was fun to have that secret to ourselves but even MORE fun to share it. We set the reveal for strictly at 4:30 that afternoon and as soon as all the guests were there we let them pick little pins (with boy/girl, girl/girl, boy/boy peas in the pod) as to what...MORE they were thinking it'd be. We let each set of grandparents man a cake and server and first cut was my mom for the girl and second cut was my mother-in-law for the boy. The "crowd" went WILD is an understatement! My heart was beating out of my chest and tears and cheers were everywhere. With timing in the summer, it was so hard to get the entire family together, but with the power of iPhones and Facetime we had the entire family "present" and it was an amazing day. I am SO thankful we stuck with the idea of a gender reveal party because it was so magical!"