9 Gender Reveal Party Games to Keep Them Guessing

Baby Name Race printouts on decorated table for gender reveal party

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Gender reveal parties are a special way that mom- and dad-to-be can reveal the gender of the baby to friends and family. There are lots of creative ways to reveal the gender and sometimes the future parents are even kept in the dark on if it's going to be a boy or a girl.

You can make the party even more fun by having some gender reveal party games that will keep guests talking and laughing the whole party long. All these games are meant to tease guests and ask for their predictions about whether the baby will be a boy or a girl.

If you're looking for some games that aren't necessarily gender party-specific, you'll love these baby shower games, including bingo, as well as these free baby shower game printables.

Wives Tales

There are a lot of old wives tales about how your pregnancy symptoms can predict the gender of the child you're carrying. This game is all about seeing if they're right.

Have mom-to-be fill out this Wives Tales prediction sheet from The Postpartum Party and post it where all the guests can see. Ask the guests to see if they agree with the wives tales prediction or if they have another prediction.

Diaper Raffle

Since gender reveal parties are a pretty new concept, most guests will be stumped on what to bring as a gift. You can help your guests out by sending out these Diaper Raffle tickets with your invitation. Guests who would like to bring a gift can bring a package of diapers along with their tickets to have the chance to win a small prize.

Pink or Blue?

Here's a unique gender reveal party game that all your guests will love, especially the music fans. Use the Pink or Blue? free printable from Play. Party. Plan. to read the lyrics on the sheet and try to come up with the original artist and the name of the song. All the songs have the word "pink" or "blue" in the artist or song name.

Want to go the extra mile with this game? Create a playlist with all the songs to play during the party.

Gender reveal party game
Play. Party. Plan.

Movie Reveal

Here's another free printable for a gender reveal party game created by Play. Party Plan. Print off the Movie Reveal sheets for your guests and see if they can read the movie hints and come up with the movie title. All the titles have the word "blue" or "pink" in them!

Blue or Pink—What Do You Think?

Instead of asking your guests to wear pink or blue to the gender reveal party, make it into a game that the guests can play when they first arrive.

In the game of Blue or Pink—What Do You Think? display your sonogram photo and have blue bowtie and pink ribbon pins next to it. Have the guests guess if they think the baby will be a boy or a girl and put on the pin to show their guess.

Blue bowties and pink ribbons on a table with a sign
Two Twenty One

Don't Say "Boy or Girl" Game

This is a spin on the classic "Don't Say Baby" Game where guests try not to say the word "baby" during a baby shower. In this twist, you want guests to not say "boy" or "girl" during your gender reveal party.

Give each guest a clothespin, sticker, or something else to wear during the party. If they're caught saying "boy" or "girl," the guest who caught them will get to steal theirs. The guest that has the most clothespins at the end is the winner!

Baby Name Race

This game will have guests racing against the clock to come up with baby names that begin with each letter of the alphabet.

There are two Baby Name Race printables, one for a boy and one for a girl. You could have guests complete both or choose which one they think will predict the new baby's gender. You may also get some great name ideas!

Blue and pink baby name race sheets
Aspen Jay 

Baby Voting Ballot

Just before you reveal the gender of the baby, have guests cast their final votes using these free, printable baby ballot cards from Marty's Musings. This is the final vote, and guests will love to prove themselves right.

Team Pink vs. Team Blue Yard Games

You can use the Team Pink vs. Team Blue theme for just about any game but they work especially well for yard games. Put the guests on their prediction teams or let them choose their own teams.