15 Genius Laundry Room Storage Ideas

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Laundry may not be everyone’s favorite way to pass the time, but it’s a necessary chore—no one can afford to buy new clothes every time they leave the house, and we all need something to wear. Add the dirty clothes from children and other family members to your laundry basket, and whoever handles laundry in your household has quite the task ahead of them.

But there’s no reason time spent in the laundry room can’t be more pleasant, and a big help in that department is keeping the laundry room more organized and clutter-free. With some of these laundry room storage ideas, you'll be able to give every detergent or pile of mismatched socks a spot—and you just may love the laundry room so much, you’ll actually choose to spend more time there!

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    DIY Open Shelves Can Open up a Space

    open shelves


    Shelving can go anywhere in the laundry room and is a way of utilizing overheard or vertical space for storage and organization. Whether storing detergents and fabric softeners or other laundry supplies, it’ll be out of the way, but easily within reach. Whether installing new shelves or taking advantage of an old bookcase, this is an easy and fast way to get organized.

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    Stock up on Baskets



    Storage baskets are easy to find at the local craft store. They can then be lined up on shelves, bookcases, or even storage cubbies as a uniform way to be organized. If using multiple baskets, it may be a good idea to label them so that everyone can find what they need easily. Use these to organize items—such as laundry pods, stain remover, dryer sheets, and other laundry room odds and ends—that may otherwise turn into clutter or get crammed in a random spot or container.

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    Use the Tops of Cabinets for Storage

    storage on top of cabinets


    If the laundry room is occupying a small space in the home, it’s always useful to look up—and use the tops of any cabinets in the room for storage. The vertical space above the cabinets over the washing machine could be home to clean towels or paper goods, for example.

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    Get Hooked on Hooks



    Whether as the place for hang-drying clothes or the spot for towels or robes, hooks can be really helpful around the laundry room for all sorts of organizational and storage needs. All kinds of hooks, from utilitarian to flashy, can be grabbed easily at the hardware store and applied in minutes, giving instant organizational potential to a space.

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    Take Comfort in Some Cubby Holes

    cubby holes


    Classrooms often utilize cubby holes for stashing rain gear, coats, and hats. This same concept can find its way to a home laundry room to also hold the kids' bags or coats, or anything else that needs to be safely closeted out of the way—but be available when it is next needed.

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    Try Some Wall Rods



    If there’s no room for hanging hooks or shelves on the wall, installing one long rod can take advantage of vertical space in the same way. Items in need of a storage home can be hung from the rods, whether they are clothes hanging to dry or an extra robe or sweater hanging around for when needed. The rod will take up very little space and can be adjustable to whatever the area demands.

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    Open the Space up With Sliding Doors

    sliding doors


    Doors are a good way to hide an area where a lot of supplies are being stored. If a space doesn’t have room for a door to swing open and closed (or if you want to take advantage of the precious storage real estate in that space), sliding doors can be the perfect answer. The separation between the rest of your home and laundry room will be achieved, but without sacrificing crucial space.

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    Grab a Shelving Unit

    shelving unit


    While open shelves are always helpful, there’s not always space for them on the wall—and wall-mounted shelves tend to look a little awkward when placed too low. Get storage that can use the whole wall with a shelving unit that can be wheeled right in and placed in whatever corner space is available. This laundry room storage idea will serve the same purpose as the open shelves, and it has the benefit of being able to be moved around or stashed away when the occasion merits.

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    Create a Lost Sock Display

    lost socks


    Where do all those socks that are lost in the laundry go? We may never know, but it's extra frustrating when that other sock is eventually found, but the original lonely sock is now missing. One way to handle this sock mystery is to create a lost sock board. Take a few clothes pins and pin on the orphaned sock, and then it'll be right there waiting when its mate eventually shows up! Best of all, this storage idea keeps mate-less socks from accumulating messily on the top of the washing machine.

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    Go Old-School With Lockers

    laundry room lockers


    Lockers are great for staying organized, whether in school or at the gym, but they're also a way to corral items that need storing at home in the laundry room. Whether you tuck disinfecting wipes, sanitizer, or detergent in this locker, it has room for everything from laundry supplies to clean towels and rags.

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    Hang Items From a Wall-Mounted Shelf



    Whether it's a spot to hang clean towels or the holder of cleaning supply storage caddies, a shelf with built-in pegs uses wall space to keep items off the floor. Multi-purpose tools like this make for good storage in any room that needs organization because they're simple to set up, inexpensive, and the space can easily be added to if necessary. (Best of all, these offer the perfect spots for those one-off items that just seem to appear on the floor and need to be kept somewhere reachable until they're needed again.) You can buy a ready-to-hang shelf or make your own—it would be a fun DIY project for the at-home crafter in any family.

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    Hide Your Washer and Dryer in Cabinets

    laundry room cabinets


    Cabinets are good to house (and hide!) your washer and dryer, but their purpose goes far beyond that. Any cabinets you install around your washer and dryer—or that you fit them into—will both help to muffle noisy machines and be useful for storing laundry supplies and other household items.

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    Organize With a Lazy Susan

    Lazy Susan


    The Lazy Susan is not just for pantries and spice racks: These can be a simple but practical way of sorting and organizing all sorts of laundry products and tools in one place for easy grabbing.

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    Switch up Laundry Hamper Colors

    colorful laundry baskets


    Having laundry hampers of various colors and patterns is about more than keeping the room bright and colorful. Sorting your dirty clothes this way is a method that kids can easily understand. It can also be a great learning experience—maybe even one that leads to them helping with the laundry.

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    Try an Expandable Ironing Board

    ironing board


    Obviously an ironing board is an important part of any laundry routine, but that same board can also work as a folding table, meaning there's no need for a separate surface. Try to get a fold-away option that will take up less space when it’s not being used to iron or fold.