9 Genius Under-Sink Storage Ideas

Empty space under kitchen sink
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If you’re dreading opening up that under-sink cabinet space for fear everything will spill out once you do, it’s time to implement some creative storage solutions. You can purchase or make your own under-sink organizers or use unconventional items, like shower rods, to add some much-needed storage systems to organize all your cleaning supplies and bathroom tools. With these nine storage ideas, you'll never have to fear the dreaded under-sink area.

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    Add Shelf Systems

    Organized under sink area with cleaning supplies.

    The Dedicated House

    Add a system of shelves to your under-sink cabinet to keep cleaning supplies like dishwasher detergent pods, sponges, and surface cleaning sprays organized. With this intricate system from The Dedicated House, including a pull-out shelf, everything will be in its own place. That makes your supplies easily accessible, so cleaning will be a cinch.

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    Use Functional Baskets

    A white bin full of spray bottles.

    Neat House Sweet Home

    Typically, you keep cleaning supplies and other household products in your under-sink area. In this case, baskets and bins are your best friend. Because they are open at the top, they can fit items of multiple sizes, which is generally the case when it comes to cleaning supplies that come in a variety of bottles. Find cheap baskets at the dollar store. If you need guidance, follow Neat House Sweet Home’s lead.

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    Label Containers

    Labeled dish soap bottle.

    Just A Girl And Her Blog

    As the organization experts at The Home Edit say, label everything. If you have a label maker already, be sure to put it to good use. If not, use letter stickers, write with a permanent marker, or create your own labels with a paper-cutting machine. Separate your under-sink items into different containers and label them accordingly so you can find what you need easily.

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    Store Trash Bags on a Roll

    Trash bags hanging on rods in a cabinet.

    Simply Organized Home

    Because a lot of people keep their kitchen garbage can under the sink, it’s a convenient spot to store trash bags so changing the bag out is easy when it comes time to take out the trash. But rolls of trash bags can be quite bulky, taking up valuable space in your cabinet.

    To make room for other supplies in your under-sink cabinet, install rods on the interior of the cabinet. Then, hang your trash bags on them and unravel them (like a toilet paper roll) whenever you need to change your trash bag.

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    Use Drawers

    An under-sink cabinet with cleaning supplies and baskets.

    DLMcK / Getty Images

    Drawers are a wonderful way to organize small items, like hair ties or water bottle brushes. You can purchase tiny plastic drawer sets at almost any big box retailer. Not only will drawers make your under-sink area look cleaner, but they’ll also give you easier access to the items you keep inside them. Keep it even more organized by labeling each drawer so that you know exactly what’s inside.

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    Pull-Out Trash Can

    A white trash can under the sink.

    Unoriginal Mom

    Check out this smooth pull-out trash can featured in Unoriginal Mom’s under-sink area. Putting your trash can on a glider will make pulling out every time easier—it's also a great way to keep your under-sink area clean and organized. Not only will it look great, but the pull-out can will also prevent messes in your under-sink area. When you’re throwing away something sticky or unusual, you won’t risk it falling between the cracks during the transfer and gumming up your cabinet. If it does fall out when you’re throwing it away, it will land right on your kitchen floor where you can easily pick it back up and try again.

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    Hang Things on Hooks

    A black wall hook.

    Olga Skred / Getty Images

    You can easily find hooks at big box retailers, home improvement stores, and even second-hand stores. The type of hook you use is up to you and your preferences—choose from double hooks, stick-on utility hooks, swag hooks, single coat hooks, and more. Hang your dish rags and other cleaning supplies on them to free up lower space for bulkier items.

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    Use a Cleaning Caddy

    A pink shower caddy filled with cleaning supplies.

    Peter Dazeley / Getty Images

    Use a shower caddy to hold cleaning supplies that you keep under the sink. Not only does it keep the cabinet interior tidy, but it also gives you a portable cleaning tote that you can pull out at a moment’s notice. Quick-forming stains won’t stand a chance.

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    Build Shelves

    Cleaning supplies in a white cabinet.

    Jevtic / Getty Images

    To create more space for all of your supplies in your under-sink area, build shelves to hold items of different sizes. That way, you can keep the smaller items out of the way while allowing for easy access.