Tax Free Weekend in Georgia: 2017 Dates

Georgia's Sales Tax Holiday is Back!

Mom and daughter shopping for back to school clothes
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The state of Georgia is offering a tax-free weekend July 29-30, 2017. This event applies mainly to a variety of items related to school and is intended to coincide with families' back-to-school shopping needs. By planning ahead, you can help your family save even more money by taking advantage of these savings opportunities.

Georgia's 2017 Tax-Free Weekend Events

Georgia's tax-free weekend is scheduled just in time for back-to-school shopping.

Items included are fairly wide-ranging, and include:

  • Clothing and Footwear < $100Clothing and footwear, no sales tax unless item is over $100. 
  • Computers and Computer related items < $1000Computers, computer components, and prewritten computer software purchased for noncommercial home or personal use with a price $1,000 or less. 
  • School supplies > $20School supplies, school art supplies, school computer supplies, and school instructional materials purchased for noncommercial use costing $20 or less.

Specific items that are exempt from the tax-free savings are not yet on the Georgia DOR website, but it's a good idea to check for details before you head off to the stores.

Last year, a second event was scheduled for September 30-October 2, 2016. The fall tax-free event applied to:

  • Energy Star products with maximum sale price of $1,500.00
  • WaterSense Products with maximum sale price of $1,500.00

    There is a good chance that the event will repeat in 2017.

    Smart Shopping Strategies for Georgia's Tax-Free Weekend

    The best way to save even more during tax-free week is to use common sense shopping tactics. This means comparing prices at different stores, which you can do online, and also using coupons—in combination with the tax-free benefit—whenever possible.

    In addition, don't make the mistake of buying items that you don't need just because of the sales tax holiday. After all, Georgia's base sales tax rate is 4%, with a local surtax cap of 8%, so that's the maximum amount you would be saving by shopping during the tax-free weekend. In some cases, you'll get a better deal by shopping sales that take place before or after the designated tax-free weekend in Georgia. So make sure you do your "homework" before spending that hard-earned cash.

    Keep in mind, too, that not all general merchandise items are included in the sales tax holiday. For example, cell phones, belt buckles, costume masks, and equipment and accessories used to make clothing are exempt from Georgia's sales tax holiday.

    Where to Save Big During Georgia's Tax-Free Weekend

    Lots of people will flock to outlet centers during the tax holiday. But smart shoppers won't rule out local stores, which may run special promotions to coincide with the upcoming tax-free weekend. Don't skimp on quality standards, either. Getting a great deal on clothing that tears or pills after just a few washes isn't worth the savings.

    Additional Tax-Free Shopping Resources for Georgia Shoppers

    Use these resources to get even more out of your back-to-school shopping: