German Comfort Food Recipes

German food may not always be trendy but, you have to admit, it awakens deep, passionate feelings on a cold winter's night with a fire in the stove and fuzzy house slippers on your feet. Here are recipes for German comfort food at its finest.

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    Bratkartoffeln mit Spiegelei
    Bratkartoffeln mit Spiegelei. J.McGavin

    Oh, Boy! Germans make the best potato dishes. And why shouldn't they? Potatoes are king in Germany. Potatoes didn't appear on the German table until 1716. Their earliest introduction was a half-century earlier in Bavaria, but they were thought to be poisonous, so the peasants wouldn't adopt them until Karl V ordered them to grow and eat potatoes or have their noses cut off!

    Consider these three recipes, for starters:

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    Homemade German Kaesespaetzle
    Homemade German Kaesespaetzle. J.McGavin

    Unassuming Macaroni and Cheese (Käsespätzle) takes on a new dimension when paired with caramelized onions. Make the easy, homemade noodles called Spaetzle to bake in the casserole or, in a pinch, buy noodles for a faster version of this vegetarian, student-friendly dish.

    See this see a step-by-steb guide for making homemade Spätzle noodles here.

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    Mischbrot Laib
    Mischbrot Laib - Whole Grain, Homemade Bread. J.McGavin

    Germany is well known for its breads but did you know you could bake Old-World, artisan-quality, dense, chewy breads at home any time you want them? Make any of these breads and freeze them, sliced, to accompany soups, marmelade or just fresh butter. Before you get started, read about which flour to use.

    10 German Bread Recipes

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    Jaegerschnitzel with Creamy Mushroom Sauce
    Jaegerschnitzel with Creamy Mushroom Sauce. J.McGavin

    Schnitzel is not only the ultimate in comfort food, it's fast! Make schnitzel from your favorite meat. Pork, chicken and veal all stand up to the lovely breading and sauces. As with many simple recipes, the quality of the ingredients is what will make or break your experience. Old oil or less-than-perfect meat should be avoided and watch your schnitzel carefully to avoid burning. 

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    Sauerbraten by Linda Little
    Sauerbraten by Linda Little. J.McGavin

    Sauerbraten (literally "sour roast") takes a bit of planning because the beef must be marinated in a sweet-sour solution for two to three days. But it is such a delight to eat, that it's well worth it. Here are two versions -- one marinated in vinegar/wine and one in buttermilk. See which one you like better.

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    Flaedlesuppe - German Pancake Soup
    Flaedlesuppe - German Pancake Soup. J.McGavin

    Have you ever had pancake soup (Flaedlesuppe)? German pancakes are like crepes, so they hold up in broth, similar to noodles, but have a dumpling-like bite to them. They are easy and fun to eat.