Get A Better Nights Sleep With These DIYs

DIY your way to a better nights sleep.

Regularly getting a good night sleep is essential for keeping us healthy, but sometimes things like stress might keep you awake at night. Here are a few simple DIYs that you can make to help you unwind and get to sleep sooner.

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    DIY Sleep Mask
    DIY Sleep Mask. Getty Images

    Block out bright lights to help you fall asleep with a DIY sleep mask that you can make with two pieces of fabric and an elastic ribbon. 

    DIY Sleep Mask from Darling Be Daring

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    DIY Calming And Sleep Tight Facial Spray
    DIY Calming And Sleep Tight Facial Spray. Design Love Fest

    Pamper yourself before bed with either the calm down or sleep tight facial spray that you can make tonight. The calm down spray combines rose water and witch hazel while the sleep tight is scented of lavender and orange. The full recipes for both DIY sprays along with the beautiful facial spray labels that you can download and print for your facial mists can be found at Design Love Fest.

    DIY Calming And Sleep Tight Facial Spray from Design Love Fest

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    DIY Nighty Night Bath Salt
    DIY Nighty Night Bath Salt. Natural Loriel

    Soak your tired muscles before bed in a hot bath and add in this DIY nighty night bath salt that combines essential oil, Epsom salt, and unrefined sea salt to help you fall asleep. 

    DIY Nighty Night Bath Salt from Naturally Loriel

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    DIY Relaxing Lavender Eye Pillow
    DIY Relaxing Lavender Eye Pillow. Garden Therapy

    Make a small eye pillow by sewing together a tiny pillow and filling it with popcorn and lavender to create a pillow you can heat up in the microwave and rest on your head to help you relax.

    DIY Relaxing Lavender Eye Pillow from Garden Therapy

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    DIY Sleepy Time Lavender Soap
    DIY Sleepy Time Lavender Soap. A Pumpkin And A Princess

    Help your family relax every time they wash up before bed by making your own handmade sleep time lavender soap that combines goat milk, lavender oil, and lavender flowers to fill the bathroom with the soothing scent of lavender.

    DIY Sleepy Time Lavender Soap from A Pumpkin and A Princess

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    DIY Lavender Sleepy Sugar Scrub
    DIY Lavender Sleepy Sugar Scrub. Smart School House

    Make your own mini spa treatment to help you wash away all your troubles with this lavender scented sugar scrub that you can use in the bath. Not only will the lavender scent help you fall asleep sooner but the sugar scrub will leave you with smooth healthy looking skin too. 

    DIY Lavender Sleepy Sugar Scrub from Craft O Maniac