Get a Free Call From Santa Claus Personalized for Your Child

Free Phone Calls Straight From the North Pole

A picture of Santa making a phone call
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These free calls from Santa will delight any child and fill their hearts with the magic of Christmas. These Santa Claus phone calls can be personalized with the child's name and custom message handpicked just for them.

There are free calls from Santa that you can set up to call your phone and also a free app that allows your child to always have instant access to the big guy in red.

You can also send a free video from Santa that your child can view on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. There are also free templates for letters to Santa, letters from Santa, and wish lists. There are also free Santa coloring pages.

Free Call From Santa at Dial My Calls

There's a free phone call from Santa at Dial My Calls that you can personalize in a few different ways to make it a great experience for your kids.

You can customize the free call from Santa with your child's name or a general greeting if you don't find their name on the list. My child's name wasn't on the list and the message still sounded natural and not like it was missing anything.

My favorite part of the free Santa call from Dial My Calls is that there are 7 different phone call messages that you can send to your child. This makes it really easy to customize the call for their age and behavior.

Here's a summary of the messages that you can choose from:

  • Santa's Greeting #1: A phone call for older kids who may not believe in Santa
  • Santa's Greeting #2: A message for a child who's been doing great in school
  • Santa's Greeting #3: This message includes a bible verse
  • Santa's Greeting #4: This is a general message from Santa and the reindeer
  • Santa's Greeting #5: A message encouraging your child to have better behavior
  • Santa's Greeting #6: A response to a letter sent to Santa that includes a wish list
  • Santa's Greeting #7: Praise for a child who's been doing a great job this year

The free call from Santa can be scheduled for an exact date and time, making it easy for your child to receive the call. You can go in and easily set up more phone calls or cancel the one you have setup.

More Free Calls From Santa

There are a few more places you can get free calls from Santa. Here are some of my other favorites.

Christmas Dialer: This is a quick and easy Santa call to get up. Just put in your phone number, choose whether you want Santa or an elf to call, and choose a message out of the four choices. The call will be sent immediately.

The Santa Phone Project: Provide some info and Santa's helper will call at a time that you select. 

Free Calls From Santa With This Free App

Download the free app Santa's Magic Phone and kids will get to call Santa and leave a video of their Christmas wish list. You can also have Santa call or text a naughty or nice message for your child to listen to. This free app is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android.