How To Get Married on the Internet

A bride using a mobile phone
Guo Ping / Contributor

Sometimes folks want to get hitched in cyberspace. Although such a marriage isn't legally binding, they are growing in popularity.

Here's How

  1. Since the Internet isn't a place or a legal entity in itself, people can't be legally married on it.
  2. The ceremony could take place through the Net, but the legal aspects must be fulfilled in a real location.
  3. Decide if the ceremony is for fun or the real thing.
  4. If it's for fun, make sure that both of you understand that it isn't a legal marriage.
  1. If it's for real, then you need to follow the legal requirements of the jurisdiction where you are physically located.
  2. Decide if you want to have guests.
  3. If you are having guests, then using one of the cyber chapels that utilize chat rooms would make it more enjoyable and fun.
  4. Don't confuse people. Let them know up front if this is a ceremony for fun or the real thing.
  5. Make sure you get a certificate!


  1. Remember... a cyber wedding without an official license from a legal entity is not a legal marriage!