Tip to Get Nearly "Instant" Hot Water in Your Home

Woman washing a plate
Thanasis Zovoilis/Moment Open/Getty Images

We want hot water fast!
It's one of those elusive creature comforts that often have people turn to a point of use tankless water heater under the sink or invest thousand of dollars in a whole house tankless water heater. But those options are out of reach for economic or practical reasons for most people. I mean, there's a seemingly endless economic recession going on!

But here is a way to get hot water to your faucet very quickly and still use that little old water heater you have chugging away in the basement.

How?  By using a device called a demand delivery hot water recirculation pump.

Here's the best part. For between $180 to $500 depending on how fancy a unit you want to buy (some have motion sensors built in, simple ones use just a timer), you can attach this unit to your water heating system and have hot water up to 80% faster (that means within seconds in the summer) than you get today from your standard water heating system.

And besides the comfort of hot water faster, you don't waste our precious resource of water! Did you know that the average household wastes between 11,000 to 16,000 gallons of water a year by letting the water run down the drain until it gets hot enough to use? That is a shocking and disturbing statistic.

Well, read How to Get "Instant" Hot Water with a Standard Water Heater and see how easy it is to enjoy hot water faster, while saving money and a precious resource!  The solution isn't "instant" but it's very quick, and a great value for the money, especially in retrofit situations found in existing homes.