4 Ways to Get Rid of Garage Sale Leftovers

Garage sale items
Jamie Grill / Getty Images

One of the best ways to control clutter is to remove it completely from your home. If you've worked to ask yourself the hard questions about clutter and decluttered the areas of your home, the last thing you want to do is put it back. Whether it be garage sale leftovers or clutter cleared from your rooms, get rid of items that don't belong in your home.

Take It to Charity

Local thrift stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army will usually have drop-off points where you can take items. During their operating hours, people are even there to help you unload. Local charities often have designated days to pick up donations, so check with friends and charity organizations in your local area.

Some charities will even write a receipt for your donations and give it to you on the spot. Other charity organizations may have remote drop-off locations that are available at nonstandard times of the day or night. Specific items like toys might be a great addition at a church, school, or daycare. If you are cleaning off bookshelves, magazines and books might be of use at a local clinic or doctor's office. 

Give It Away

Even if you're not giving it away to charity, just giving your unwanted stuff away to someone else who wants it and will use it is a great option. Try Freecycle or an online or social media garage sale site. If you don't want people to pick and choose, you can request that people take all of the items. Or for an even more simple way to give away, just place items on the curb in a box marked "free".

You might be surprised how quickly items you don't want are grabbed up by someone else who is truly grateful to have them. A social media post to your friends with items you are getting rid of may yield some friends or friends of friends who are willing to pick up items.

Sell It

For nicer items that you still think could have a good amount of cash value, consider selling at an online auction site, or listing in an internet classified ad. Many social media sites also have groups that function as online garage sales for your specific area. Try searching your town name and online garage sale on your favorite social media platform.

You'll often have to join the group and be approved by an administrator and follow posting rules. For added safety, instead of divulging your address for transactions, arrange to meet at a more centralized public location.

Trash It or Recycle It

If it's not worth giving away or selling ...? Well, you may need to consider putting your "treasure" in the trash or the recycle bin. Let it go, and live happy in your clutter-free home. One of my good friends arranges her garage sales just before her town's semi-annual cleanup day. All of the leftovers are able to be picked up by the local garbage company during the cleanup day, saving her time trying to take items to the dump or dumpsters herself.