5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Bed Pillows

Rest in Comfort for Years With a Fresh, Clean Pillow

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Bed pillows are very personal items. Some people like firm. Some like squishy. Pillows are so personal that lots of people wouldn't dream of sleeping away from home without their own favorite pillow. Whatever you like, take care of it and it will give you years of relaxing comfort.

Choosing a Bed Pillow
You might need to do some testing before you decide on the pillow that will give you the support and comfort you want. We've put together a lot of information about buying bed pillows, how they're made, what sizes they come in, and what they're made of. Read our tips before you buy a bed pillow then read on to learn how to take care of it.

Bringing Home a New Bed Pillow
It's a good idea to remove the product labels from your bed pillows when you buy a new one. Keep the information in a household file for future reference. 

Protecting your Pillow

When you purchase a pillow always purchase at least two pillow protectors in the correct size to match your pillow. A pillow protector is like a plain white pillowcase with a zipper closing at one end. This cover offers a closed barrier against dirt and oil that might get onto your pillow. If you have two for each pillow, you'll be able to alternate them in and out of the wash.

You can buy a pillow protector in all bed pillow sizes at linen stores, department stores, and home goods stores. They range in price from about $5 to $20, depending on the brand, the high thread count, and the fiber content.

Keep a Supply of Extra Pillowcases
A decorative pillowcase is the outer layer of the pillow. If you can, buy an extra set of pillow cases so that you can change them more frequently. If you buy a sheet set this might not be possible. But you can always buy extra white cases for a fresh change. Pillow cases with a high thread count give you the feeling of satin on your face. What luxury!

Laundering Pillows

If your washer is large enough, you can wash almost any bed pillow in the washing machine at home. Read the laundering instructions on the tag that came with the pillow. First, set your washer on a gentle wash cycle. Set two rinse cycles to get rid of all the soap. Next, use the spin dry feature of your washer at least twice to get as much moisture out of your pillow as possible.

Place the pillow in the dryer. Fluff and turn the pillows periodically during the drying cycle. It will probably take sever drying cycles to get the pillow dry, since the fill at the center of the pillow may still be damp while the outer layers feel dry. To help fluff the pillow in the dryer, place a clean tennis shoe in the dryer. This will bat up against the pillow and keep the filling loose. Finally, you can hang the pillow in a dry place for a day or two to make certain it is completely dry before returning to your bed.

If you take good care of your bed pillow, it will last for years and give you night after night of comfort.