Get the Summer Homework Done!

Don't let summer homework take over your summer. Get it done!

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Summer homework or no summer homework? That is a debate that rages among school systems, parents, teachers and kids. Whether there should be summer homework is one question, but the fact is there very often is summer homework and required reading. The practical approach is to make a summer homework plan so that it won't take over your summer!

As a work-at-home mom, I use summer homework to my advantage, making it part of some of the everyday summer activities that fill our summer days. But I...MORE will admit, it's easy to let summer homework slide, and we have been caught staying up late the day before schools starts. Don't let that happen to you!

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    Let summer homework teach a lesson.


    And I don’t necessarily mean the math or reading lesson it is intended to teach. Let summer homework teach your kids the lesson of managing time effectively and tackling unpleasant tasks without procrastination. Don't lay out a plan for summer homework without consulting them. Work together to come up with goals and a schedule. Read more about home much homework help to give.



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    Keep your opinions to yourself.

    Very few kids favor of summer homework. However, if you’re a fan of summer homework, likely your child has figured that out and doesn’t need a lecture on the danger of the summer brain drain. On the other hand, if you wish the school didn’t give summer homework, keep that to yourself too. You can be sympathetic but don't fan the flame if your child is wallowing in the injustice of it. Simply remain neutral.

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    Start early, be consistent.

    Do not wait until August to pull out the summer homework packet. Look at it soon after school ends and get your child started while the material is still fresh in his mind. Even if your child works on it consistently throughout the summer, there still may be a lot to finish at the end of summer, so don’t make it worse by waiting.

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    Make a plan.

    Summer homework won't be magically completed at the end of the summer unless you plan out the details of exactly when it will be done. Sit down with a calendar and the homework packets and make a plan for getting the summer homework done.

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    Monitor progress.

    You know what they say about good intentions, right? So don’t let your summer homework plan be only good intentions. Every couple weeks assess if your child is moving through the homework at the pace expected. If not, reassess.
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    Supplement summer homework with educational fun.

    If the only thinking kids do over the summer is slogging through rows of division problems then learning can lose its appeal. Find more fun ways to supplement the learning this summer. Encourage summer reading for kids...just for fun. Read your child's required reading and discuss or encourage kids to join a summer reading program. Find educational games online or try some summer crafts. Keep kids thinking and limit TV and you will likely get less resistence whan it's time to do summer homework.