How to Help Your Family Get Ready to Move House

Young girl playing in moving box
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Moving when you're single is hard; moving with a family - a spouse, children, ​and pets - adds another level of stress and difficulty. To prepare for a family move, check out the following articles that will help keep everyone involved and excited about the upcoming change.

Don't Forget About Your Spouse

If one person in your family is giving up an employment position or moving away from family and friends to support the other partner in their career ambitions, special consideration needs to be made to ensure the move is positive for the entire family. You can help your spouse move by understanding what they need and how the move can benefit them.

Breaking the News to Your Family

When told they're moving, small children often feel scared, uncertain and a sense that their world is collapsing. In fact, because a child's home is their world, a world they associate with family, love, and safety, the thought of it no longer existing can be quite frightening.

For older children and teens, the fear of leaving friends, teachers, a school they know and a familiar routine can be equally hard. For both young children and teens who are moving, there are some things you can do to help them adjust to the move a little more smoothly.

Getting Kids Ready for the Move

Moving can be tough for children and teens; it's quite normal for them to feel like they don't have any control and that they were never part of this big decision. So ensure your children and teens feel like they're involved and part of this big life-changing event.

Help Children Understand What They're Feeling

Just like you, your children are also experiencing strong emotions; leaving friends, a home they've grown up in, and a school that's familiar is difficult. I've found that giving children books to read, ones where the characters are often experiencing the same emotions helps. Check out these lists to help your children deal with, and talk about, the emotional roller coaster of moving.

  1. Books to Help Kids Move

The Practical Guide to Moving Children

There are some practical tasks that need to get done when moving with a family; everything from packing their things to finding a good school in your new hometown.

  1. Packing a Child's Room
  2. Moving with a Baby
  3. Finding a Good School 

Helping Older Family Members Move

Those of us with older family members know how difficult it can be for a senior to move. Memories are so often tied to our things, to a house or a room. Find out how to talk about moving, whether it's best for them and how to make the decision together.

  1. How to Talk to Seniors About Moving
  2. 10 Tips to Help Seniors Move
  3. Is it Time for a Senior to Move?

Moving Fluffy and Fido

Moving pets always requires careful planning, especially if you plan to fly them or take them across a state or country border. Find out everything you need to know about moving your best friend, including tips on getting them to their new destination stress-free.

  1. Flying Pets to Their New Home
  2. Moving Pets to a New State

Settling In

After the move is over, it's time to start getting to know your new home, the neighborhood, and your new hometown. Find out how to help all members of your family settle in just a little easier.

  1. Settling Kids Into Their New Home
  2. Get to Know the Neighborhood
  3. Settling in Pets After a Move