10 Ways to Get Your Kids to Love Going to School

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Encourage your kids to love school so they actually look forward to going every day. Cultura / Hybrid Images / Getty Images

Every parent wants their kids to enjoy going to school. For some children, that comes naturally. Others need a little help developing that love of going to school. For either type of child, there are many ways you can boost their outlook toward school and learning. Incorporate some of these easy tips to get your kids to love school even if they say they hate it.

Actively Help with Homework

Homework time is usually when parents cook dinner or enjoy some quiet time for themselves.

Block off some time to actively help your kids with their homework.

Sit down with your children as they do their homework. You don't have to help them with everything, of course. Simply being there in case they have questions not only gives them reassurance as they tackle their homework but it also gives you much-needed insight into what they're learning at school.

Get Creative with Studying

Studying can be boring and repetitive. It's just not fun and we all know it.

Get creative with studying. When learning the week's spelling words, toss a ball back and forth to learn the words. Each person says the next letter in the word when he catches the ball. Studying up for a geography, history or English test? Play learning games that break the habit of sitting in a chair for long periods of time trying to memorize facts over and over again. Make studying fun for your kids and you'll be surprised at how much knowledge they can retain.

Set Up a Rewards System

You've probably heard of parents rewarding their children for good grades. Some companies also reward star students for good report cards.

You can set up a rewards system loosely based on these concepts. Instead of relying on good grades alone, reward for progress. Celebrating a solid effort is just as important to bringing out your children's love of school as actually getting those good grades.

Volunteer at School

Show your children how to love school by showing how much you love their school. Get involved by volunteering.

You don't have to commit a huge chunk of time to be involved with their school either. Whether you're sewing costumes for the school play or heading up a pen pal program, there are plenty of ways to get involved with your child's school without letting it overtake your life.

Create a Homework Space

Create a homework space that kids look forward to using every day. When kids have their own designated homework space, they can buckle down and focus on their schoolwork without distractions of TV, cell phones and tablets.

Work together to create a homework space. Let kids pick out their own colors and design the look of their space. Giving them ownership of the project lets them look forward to completing their homework every day.

Don't Overschedule Your Family

We all want our kids to experience a variety of activities as they grow up. But you simply can't participate in them all or you'll overschedule your entire family.

What this could end up doing is zapping your children's love of school. They're so busy doing everything that they're wiped out. Don't overschedule your family.

Pick one or two activities per semester so that they can fully enjoy those activities and immerse themselves in their schoolwork and school-related activities.

Encourage Their Friendships

Friends can make a world of difference for children who don't particularly like going to school. Having one or two good friends can help kids look forward to going to school.

Encourage your children to make a new friend or two. Ask your kids about their friendships, meet their parents and schedule play dates together. Letting those friendships flourish gives your kids buddies they look forward to seeing every day at school.

Turn a Bad Grade into a Good Learning Experience

Did you ever get into trouble when you got a bad grade? Did you ever get punished for it?

A lot of today's parents remember slinking into the house with a bad test score and hoping Mom or Dad would forget to ask about that important math test.

They knew they would be in big trouble for not bringing home an A.

Don't repeat history and instead turn a bad grade into a good learning experience for your kids. So they didn't do well on a test. Work closely with them so they can learn what they didn't understand. Instead of being disciplined for a bad grade, they know they can come to you as opposed to fearing you. That's when you turn that bad grade into good learning experience, which will bring out their love of school in time.

Attend Regular Meetings with Your Child's Teachers

Do you know what your child struggles with at school? Where does she excel? Find out when you attend regular meetings with your child's teachers.

Helping your child love school will be easier if you can hear from her teachers where she's doing great and where she might need a little work. It's not just an academic meeting. You can find out if she's struggling with social aspects of school, for example. The more information you have about how her school days are going, the more you can help her love school.

Be a Good Role Model

Have you always wanted to go back to school? Take a class or two and show your kids that anytime is a good time to go to school.

Do your homework together. Show your child your school books. Tell them why you're going to school. Whether it's an art class at a local shop or you're going back to college, you can be that role model that shows your kids going to school is fun at any age.