How to Get Started with Home Organization

The 6 Steps to Home Organization & Room-by-Room Guides

Home organization may seem like a daunting task at first, but once you break it down into 5 steps, it is much more manageable. Once you have these 5 steps down, you can apply them to anything you need to organize in your home, office, or any other space that needs a good once-over.

How to Get Started with Home Organization:

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    Commit to home organization.

    Choose a space to get started with home organization
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    The commitment to home organization is a huge motivating factor. Once you've decided to have a more organized home, the delcuttering, sorting, grouping, storing and maintaing your home organization will be easier, because you have a goal in mind: home organization.

    When you're deep into the declutteirng phase, it's hugely motivational to think about how this room or space will look once you're done. Make the commitment.

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    Decide on a plan of action

    Decide on a plan to organize
    Decide on a plan to organize. Photo / Getty

    Will you tackle your whole home in one weekend? That will lead to burn out.  A better plan is to follow a schedule.  Here's how I do it:

    1. First I decide which ares need to be organized (right now as I type this it's my linen closet, pantry and my entryway).  Check out the full list here: 
    2. I decide what to organize in my home.
    3. Then I plan an order to organize the rooms and spaces in my home.
    4. Finally, I figure out how much time I can dedicate.  
    • Is it a weekend morning?
    • Can I do 30 minute after...MORE work at night?
    • Can I commit to working full time on this for an entire week?

    Then I follow How-Tos found in my projects catalog. Each project is organized down by space and by timing (10 minutes, 30 minutes, or weekend projects)

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    Declutter before you organize.

    Home organization starts with decluttering
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    Never organize or store anything you can first get rid of. This includes:

    • Trash and junk, like things you meant to toss, shred or recycle that never made it out of your house;
    • Things you never use but are taking up valuable real estate; and,
    • Items that no longer fit into your lifestyle, like jeans you haven't worn in 5 years or your old treadmill you never run on

    Learn How to Declutter

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    Grouping and sorting for home organization.

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    Now that you've decluttered, it't ime to start organizing your remaining items. This will involve the following:

    • Grouping "like" items together;
    • Sorting clothes, furniture and appliances by season; and,
    • Creating groups based on use: daily / regularly / rarely

    Learn How to Organize

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    Give everything a home.

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    Storing your items will involve:

    • Assessing your storage space;
    • Learning how to store specific items; and then
    • Choosing the right storage solutions.

    This is really the key to keeping up your home organization: if you have a specific place for everything in your home you will successfully cut down on clutter, and know exactly where to find things when you need them.

    Get Started with Home Storage

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    Maintain your home organization.

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    Finally, you've got to maintain your home organization so you don't have to keep starting from scratch. In this guide you will learn how to follow:

    Follow the Home Organization Routines.