Get Started with Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping

Learn Meal Planning Basics

Meal planning is one of the organizing skills that has truly eluded me over the years. I finally decided to simplify using some of the expert tips below, and everything fell into place. I've saved money and time by committing to planning 2-3 dinners per week, and that makes me happy. You too can learn to meal plan more successfully whether you have a household of 1, 2 or 14. Here's how to get started with meal planning and grocery shopping. 
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    Le Creuset Spinach 5Piece Cookware Set from Crate and Barrel
    Le Creuset Spinach 5Piece Cookware Set from Crate and Barrel. Photo / Le Creuset Spinach 5Piece Cookware Set from Crate and Barrel

    This How-To Guide for meal planning helps you take the guesswork out of the question, “What’s for dinner?” I give you step-by-step instructions on how to choose recipes, make a list and grocery shop for your weekly meals.


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    Black and White Kitchen
    Black and White Kitchen. Photo / Delikatissen

    I talked to a nutrition expert on how to keep your meals healthy. Here are her 6 best tips for healthier meal planning.

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    Blackboard in Kitchen
    Blackboard in Kitchen. Photo / Pinterest
    I asked the experts how they plan their weekly meals, and now you can benefit for their tips like shopping online and keeping lists handy.
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    Modern Pink Kitchen
    Modern Pink Kitchen. Photo / Pinterest
    Simplify your grocery shopping in 5 steps, by following the same grocery shopping routine every week. Once you get this down, this painful chore will become much easier.
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    7 Tools for Grocery Shopping & Meal Planning

    Grocery Shopping Tools
    Grocery Shopping Tools. Collage / Elizabeth Larkin
    Grocery shopping and meal planning go hand-in-hand, and these 7 tools will help you move seamlessly from list-making to coupon clipping to meal planning to grocery shopping.
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    Kitchen from Something's Gotta Give. Photo / Architectural Digest
    I’ve put together a weekly shopping list for groceries and household essentials. You can mix and match to create your own.
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    Flowers in the Kitchen
    Flowers in the Kitchen. Photo / La Dolce Vita
    Some of the best kitchen, shopping and meal planning tips I've learned have come from readers. You can peruse other readers' tips and add your own.
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    Working Mom's Weekly Meal Plan

    Raquel Pelzel
    Raquel Pelzel in her kitchen cooking vindaloo. Photo / Raq in the Kitchen
    Food writer and working mom Raquel Pelzel shares her tips for meal planning, including her timeline for planning and shopping and a few of her favorite go-to recipes.
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    Sesame Soba Noodles from Raquel Pelzel
    Sesame Soba Noodles from Raquel Pelzel. Photo / Raquel Pelzel
    I've curated a list of recipes for you to master in order to make weekly meal planning, grocery shopping and kitchen organization go a little more smoothly. Add these 10 go-to meals to your cooking repertoire to simplify your life.
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    DIY Recipe Organizers
    DIY Recipe Organizers. DIY Recipe Organizers by Elizabeth Larkin

    One of the best ways to enhance your meal plan, is to have a very streamlined approach to recipe organization. That means having all of your recipes in one place, and potentially keeping a separate file for your go-to meals. Here are my picks for the best recipe organizers.