Gift for a Baby Around 2 Months of Age

Baby Presents That Focus on Development

At 2 months of age, your baby is becoming more and more alert and active.  A gift for a baby around this age will be geared to what is going on with her physical development.  At two months of age, she smiles at you, starts to coo and hold "conversations" with you. She has greater periods of alertness, and her motor skills are developing.

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    musical baby toys
    musical baby toys. Pooki and Kiko

    At this age, your baby can hear quite well.  She's just on the verge of turning her head to the direction of a sound, and she can clearly pick out what made a sound in front of her. The trick is - she won't be able to distinguish a sound that occurred behind her.

    In light of her hearing development, toys that rattle, squeak, squack or squeal are right on the money. You can find many toys like this in the baby aisle, but if you are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, you might...MORE like Pooki and Co Kiko's Music Box. This toy made in France has an upbeat design accompanied by the charming song, "It's a Small World".

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    Gifts That Encourage Kicking

    Baby Toy Piano
    Baby Toy Piano. PriceGrabber

    At two months, you'll notice your baby is kicking and flailing her little arms about with increased purpose and intent. Though she doesn't have solid control of these movements yet, she is just beginning to connect her actions with outcomes. "Hey, when I kicked that toy, it made a noise!"

    Consider getting a gift that helps reinforce this skill. An attached crib toy, like the Fisher-Price Kick N Play Piano, can be perfect for this. The piano both has music and light response which...MORE will do a great job of keeping your little one entertained.

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    Toys to Get Baby Up and Looking Around

    Baby Bouncers
    Baby Bouncers. PriceGrabber

    Bouncers are the perfect gift that will help your baby better see what is going on around her. What's more, just as the name implies, bouncers encourage your baby to move and may have toys attached.

    The bouncer that we have and I absolutely love is the Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker. I love baby products that have longevity, and this bouncer has just that. My daughters used the seat as a bouncer in the infant stage and it eventually upgraded to their own personal rocking chair- a...MORE popular spot for reading books and quiet time.

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    Toys for Tummy Time

    Baby Play Mats
    Baby Play Mats. PriceGrabber

    Mats and activity spaces that encourage your baby to stretch out, kick, and interact with attached toys are wonderful for this age. One of my favorite styles is the 2010 Oppenheim Award Winner: The Infantino Jumbo Wheel Playspace. There is also the option for play gyms and interactive play quilts as well.